Gambling Horoscope: will you have luck this year?

Sports betting and gambling have reached their peak in popularity. Take your time to place your bets. Start checking your lucky stars first. Luck is a significant factor in the online gambling industry. Therefore, we have developed a gambling horoscope for you. You will learn important information about each of the twelve signs. So, start skimming through our list today and find some valuable details and characteristics typical of your zodiac sign.

Before starting the game, dozens of questions may arise. Which game is suitable for you? What are my lucky days to gamble? What numbers bring me luck? It is all written by the stars, and our gambling horoscope will help you and guide you through this year! Some of us believe in horoscopes. Some do not. However, there is an assumption that the arrangement of planets and stars influences many events in our life. It matters what day you were born, who is your patron, and so on. You may not have turned to the gods of gambling and patron saints yet, but the chances are that you have checked your game horoscope at least once.

Astrology in the player’s lives 

Astrology plays an essential role in the lives of some people. This science also applies to the realm of casino games. Gambling is the pic of our time. They are more affordable today than ever. Gamblers face risks every day. But is the risk worth the risk? Are you asking yourself, "Is today my lucky day to gamble?" Many speculators believe in lucky numbers and horoscopes. The gambler's horoscope will help you beat the casino.

If you love gambling, we offer you specific recommendations for using this addiction. You can find out your game horoscope right now. Find out which days it is better for you to visit the casino and which days you should stay away from the gambling tables. And as the American banker, Morgan said: "Millionaires do not believe in a horoscope, but billionaires believe in it!"


Aries is a spontaneous enthusiast. They listen to their intuition extremely rarely and very in vain because it rarely lets them down. Aries is gambling, so they behave impulsively and cope with losses rather tricky at the gaming table. It is difficult for representatives of this sign to stop. They can quickly go all-in to challenge fate. However, despite this, they successfully play in the casino.

In general, astrologers do not recommend this zodiac sign to appear in gambling establishments if they suffer from a lack of self-control. Suppose you have trained in yourself a sufficient ability to restrain yourself and not rage about every offensive occasion. In that case, you can visit the casino, but with one condition: strictly within the limit! No "just a little bit more and I'll fight back" or "I know I'll get lucky on the next lap!" If you lose, don't panic. It is a sign that you have to go home.

Lucky numbers: 7, 12, 17.

Aries lucky days to gamble: Tuesday, Sunday.

Bad days to play at the casino: Friday.


Reasonable Taurus trust only facts, so they are one of the zodiac's most careful and attentive signs. Gambling Taurus prefer to use time-tested systems and techniques. Usually, Taurus makes minimum bets or opt for free entertainment available in online casinos. For this zodiac sign, participation is essential, not big wins. They can win easily if they play more deliberately.

For a Taurus, the concept of "lucky – unlucky" is beyond reasonable awareness. Therefore, Taurus does not like to play with fate for money. But from the people of this sign, excellent athletes-poker players turn out. Taurus is slow, calm, able to sit over cards for a long time and play hands one after another. People under this zodiac sign understand that poker has no accidents and excitement. Taurus is advised to get acquainted with the virtual poker room, where you can compete at the same table with real sports stars. It doesn't matter that you are likely to lose in this case, but you will raise your status to the skies.

Lucky numbers: 2, 4, 16.

Taurus lucky days to gamble: Monday, Friday.

Bad days to play at the casino: Tuesday.


Dual, inconsistent, and fickle twins enjoy gambling. Representatives of this sign can easily be found in casinos. As a rule, they sit at roulette or poker tables. Representatives of this sign are a little greedy, so they can start playing chaotically. Gemini should learn to hold back because sometimes they make reckless bets that lead them to lose and possibly win big. They need to place bets on particular strategies and learn how to manage their finances.

Since the twins are gamblers, it is fashionable for them to resist the temptation to hit the jackpot in the casino for longer. But there is one caveat: Gemini is better not to sit down to play cards or throw the dice in a bad mood. When they feel a surge of optimism, everything is straightforward for them, including winning. Gemini should only play in a good mood. The most profitable games are Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Poker. Be vigilant because Gemini can contract gambling addiction.

Lucky numbers: 3, 5, 12, 18.

Gemini gambling luck today: Wednesday, Sunday.

Bad days to play at the casino: Thursday.


Cancers are known to be sensitive and superstitious personalities. They are prudent gamblers and love novelty in everything, while they are incredibly economical, so they will never play unfamiliar gambling games for money, even if they want to. Cancers can become depressed due to the defeat, so they should stay away from the big bets. Cancers are those players who can play for months in an online casino in a trial mode, and only after they thoroughly study the rules of the game, decide on the minimum bet. Most often, crayfish are lucky at roulette.

For some "primitive" slots, Cancer will not sit down. It is uninteresting and too bland. It isn't easy to play poker. There are too many components to remember. Cancers don't like difficulties. But the roulette wheel, in which the most important thing is perfect intuition, will do just fine. Crayfish have a well-developed sense of clairvoyance. Cancer is always ready for losses, misfortunes, disasters. Therefore, this zodiac sign always has money "for a rainy day," which can only be taken with great effort.

Lucky numbers: 2, 4, 5, 8.

Cancers lucky days to gamble: Wednesday.

Bad days to play at the casino: Tuesday.


Most gamblers are people born under the sign of the lion. While playing, the lions are incredibly reckless. There is no such thing as a "golden mean" for them. They prefer to make maximum bets and quickly go all-in, as they are almost always sure of their victory. Lions often leave casinos with a taste of success. Winnings are spinning lions' heads, and losses are challenging for them to bear.

The pretentious lions like the atmosphere of the casino and throwing money, so they are advised to visit establishments only if they have full pockets and are equally confident in their victory. Lions do not know how to lose categorically! Therefore, it is recommended that you take a person with good intuition with you as a partner to sit down at roulette or learn to play sports poker or bridge to control the results accurately. Slots or completely unpredictable games are contraindicated for lions.

Lucky numbers: 1, 5, 9, 11.

Leo gambling luck today: Sunday.

Bad days to play at the casino: Saturday.


Virgos are overly cautious. They always calculate everything in advance and do not take unnecessary risks. They always know when to stop and quit. Virgos are pretty successful in gambling, so we recommend not hesitating to use their skills in online casinos.

Virgos are pedantic, economical, accustomed to perfectionism. In general, they understand why a casino is needed and what a decent person can do there with incredible difficulty. But, if they have already entered, they will come out with a bag of money. Virgos will sit for a long time, staring at the roulette wheel but not placing bets.

Virgos can study a poker site for a long time, honing their game skills and practicing perfection. Only after that will the maiden come to the tournament and silently tear everyone apart. But this sign is strongly discouraged from succumbing to the excitement and falling into a state of tilt – with the same perfectionism, Virgos can lose everything, including their health.

Lucky numbers: 2, 5, 6, 12, 20, 27.

Virgo lucky days to gamble: Wednesday.

Bad days to play at the casino: Friday.


The modest and benevolent scales treat gambling as an enjoyable pastime. For them, gambling is primarily entertainment. Representatives of this sign can play slot machines for hours. They can be both cautious and reckless players. Libras trust their intuition, and often have doubts about the strategies used, so they rarely follow the systems, which is why they risk losing.

The Libra can hesitate for a long time, bet on black or red, and end up giving itself a bunch of reasons why red is better. Reach out and bet on black in the end. Lose and blame yourself for a long time for stupidity. Wards of Venus have a hard time making decisions, preferring to shift responsibility onto others or postpone the moment until circumstances force them to make a choice.

Therefore, Libra is far from the most passionate player in the world. After all, they must constantly choose, and the result depends directly on the willingness to take risks. In addition, the weak point of Libra is the nervous system, and losing can considerably drive them out of themselves. Is it worth the risk?

Lucky numbers: 2, 6, 9, 15.

Libra's lucky days to gamble: Friday, Saturday.

Bad days to play at the casino: Tuesday.


Scorpions have superior intelligence, logic, and discernment, so they often win than lose. They are incredibly superstitious. Representatives of this sign independently develop strategies and often use talismans. Scorpions' favorite games are roulette and poker. Scorpio is a born strategist and tactician.

This player is capable of calculating all moves brilliantly. Moreover, they perfectly read the opponent's thoughts on the face and predict all his movements. Plus, Scorpio is this escort lover. Players under this sign adore solid emotions and look for them in many areas of life. It makes him one of the most dangerous players out there. Gambling helps relieve stress, so the slot machine hall, stock exchange, or horse racing seem to be specially invented. It is essential for them to not only place bets but also to be present at the competition.

Lucky numbers: 4, 8, 11, 21.

Scorpion lucky days to gamble: Tuesday.

Bad days to play at the casino: Monday.


Their optimism and love of life distinguish Sagittarius. They are not afraid to take risks, and in the casino, they can quickly put all their money on the line. Players born under this zodiac sign are reckless and do not lose heart, even if they lose their money. Sagittarius borrows from friends to win back when they lose, but they usually get lucky. However, despite everything, they are fortunate.

This zodiac sign has an extraordinary trait. First, archers say or do, and then think. Sagittarius often says a lot more than he thinks. It spoils the whole game. Sagittarius finds it challenging to watch the game because they are incredibly impulsive people, and sometimes in the heat of battle, they can let go of their hands.

Sagittarians love risk and are avid gamblers by nature who don't care what to play. Few of them will miss the opportunity to try their luck in the lottery, roulette, and even more so at the races. They are saved because they are favorites of fortune, frequently taking them under its wing.

Lucky numbers: 3, 4, 9.

Sagittarian's lucky days to gamble: Tuesday.

Bad days to play at the casino: Monday.


Capricorns are very economical and prudent. They skillfully manage money, so they prefer to play very carefully in the casino. They like to save and save money rather than spend, so representatives of this sign are extremely rare in the halls of casinos. In general, it is not recommended for Capricorns to play. It is permissible only in a purely home company, for example, having mastered a particular application for poker matches with friends. Capricorn will be very upset over losing money in a real casino and gore everyone, literally and figuratively.

Unfortunately, luck is not on the side of this sign. On the other hand, an economic and business-like Capricorn does not need any vague games to get rich. Getting a decent job with an excellent salary is easier for this sign. However, Capricorns can play demo versions of games or place minimal bets. This kind of entertainment is entirely appropriate for thrifty ibex.

Lucky numbers: 3, 5, 7, 8, 14.

Capricorns lucky days to gamble: Tuesday, Saturday.

Bad days to play at the casino: Monday.


Aquarians are endowed with tremendous intuition. They do not like to follow the patterns and strive for variety, so they never use the same strategies. Aquarians are surprisingly lucky and lucky in casinos. They also love to experiment because they are the ones who break the enormous winnings and Jackpots. There are many professional gamblers among the representatives of this sign.

For Aquarius, gambling is a kind of meditation. A game's thoughtful and creative sign does not win or lose but simply relaxes. It is an explosive mixture of eccentricity and skepticism. It costs him nothing to show up in a tuxedo on his bare feet. Furthermore, it's so creative! The sign is relatively calm about losing.

Insight, intuition, the ability to guess thoughts makes him a dangerous opponent. But he is too skeptical about everything to surrender to such base passions. Aquarius is a high-flying bird, a creative person. Therefore, most often, he despises gambling.

Lucky numbers: 2, 4, 9, 11, 13.

Aquarius lucky days to gamble: Wednesday, Saturday.

Unlucky days to play at the casino: Sunday.


Pisces try to control themselves during the game, but sometimes they can forget and put more on the line than planned. Representatives of this zodiac sign easily fall under the lousy influence. Among them, there are many fragile personalities. They are timid when playing for real money. Pisces are weak and lazy. In the casino, they are more watching the game of others, and they rarely make bets. These soft and suspicious people rarely play. Even such popular games as poker, roulette, and solitaire cannot seriously captivate them.

Pisces understands that any gambling is associated with certain financial costs, and once again, they prefer not to risk. They are much more accustomed and more pleasant to live in the world they have created, where everything is transparent, predictable, and known for years to come. In addition, Pisces has a problem with concentration: they cannot keep it on one thing for a long time. In general, the risk is not their element. They prefer the role of an outside observer.

Lucky numbers: 7, 9, 12.

Pisces gambling luck today: Thursday, Friday.

Bad days to play at the casino: Wednesday.


What is the happiest zodiac sign?

Sagittarius is considered the luckiest sign of the zodiac, as it is under the direct patronage of Jupiter. But if there were some kind of measure of luck in the horoscope, it would show several more signs of the zodiac that are considered lucky. We are talking about Virgo, Scorpio, and Leo. 

Pisces and Libra are unlucky in gambling. However, this does not mean that they will necessarily lose. Not at all! Choose the most suitable game, learn the rules and start winning. Not all gambling is a matter of luck. For example, playing poker requires knowledge and skills, subject to any zodiac sign.

What are the lucky gambling days?

There are many superstitions among players, and it is widely believed that most land-based casinos change their payouts on specific days during the week. According to these data, the payments rates in slot machines are increasing during this period. The busiest time of the week is the weekend, starting on Friday evening. So, if you're wondering, will you get lucky today? What do the stars say? We recommend paying attention to the successful dates and days of the week according to the horoscope above.

How to attract luck in gambling?

People think several things bring good luck, including putting on something red and blowing on the dice before throwing it on the table. Many players believe in amulets, so they carry a horseshoe, a rabbit's foot, or a four-leaf clover with them. An essential thing in the game is faith in yourself. You can make anything your talisman. If this talisman is charged with positive emotions, you will undoubtedly be successful.

How can you improve your luck at gambling?

Your luck at gambling can be improved by being more optimistic and trusting your instincts. Many zodiac signs are intuitive, while others are analytical. Pick the game that brings out the best in you. The main thing in the game is concentration and mood. Never gamble when you are sad, angry, or exhausted. Ask out loud, "is today my lucky day at bingo?" Answer yourself – yes! Control your actions and believe in the best outcome of the game. Be vigilant, and if things are not going well, lower your bet or even take a break.

Which zodiac signs will be the luckiest in 2022?

The Year of the Blue Water Tiger will bring good luck to almost all representatives of the zodiac signs. It is due to the movement of Jupiter. Since December 29, 2021, Jupiter, the planet – the benefactor, has been included in the sign of Pisces, where it has the status of the second ruler. A strong position, this transit gives a feeling and manifestation of opportunities, expansion of directions, new ideas, new levels, long distances and volumes of already existing knowledge, optimism.