How we rate

We have developed an advanced and high-quality RS and named it True Point Rating System (TPRS). It allows you to evaluate any casino and objectively assess it. Thanks to this approach, you can get comprehensive information about the platform you are interested in and make the right decision. Do you want to start your gambling journey with a successful step? Our platform will tell you everything about dozens and hundreds of casinos worldwide. Moreover, we talk not only about online but also about offline platforms.

Factors considered in our True Points calculations

Our rating system is advanced and considers many parameters, allowing you to give the platform an objective assessment. We consider various factors, including security, convenience, privacy, bonus system, and dozens of other criteria.

We do not reveal all the secrets and parameters that affect the ranking system – this allows us to operate efficiently and eliminate the risk of copying or hacking this ranking system. Also, we value your time and privacy, so we spend many hours analyzing so that you can get the most important information in a few minutes.

Also, on our site, there is a Black List where you can find out about suspicious casinos with which we do not recommend cooperating. Our platform makes sure that your gambling experience is as positive as possible.

Why can you trust us?

We take an objective approach to evaluating each casino and gaming platform. Each aspect has weight and is carefully studied by real experts. Moreover, we have vast experience in this segment because we have analyzed hundreds of sites. We respect our users and want to help them choose the right casino, so our rating system is as correct and unbiased as possible. Our site uses the most modern technologies and rating systems, which allows us to operate efficiently and create objective rating lists.