Play Free Online Scratch Cards

Debuted in the late 70s, the scratch cards we know today were used primarily for marketing. Their purpose was to promote a certain product on a card with six (or more) grids that were then covered with a dark film. People scratched it off to reveal their prizes.

Customers liked such a trick, and the popularity of scratch cards was growing. Over time, it became more than a marketing tool, and as a result, it turned into a popular individual game with simple rules and algorithms.

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The main rules of scratch cards games

If you have previously bought scratch cards in offline institutions, the game online will not seem difficult. Even if you don’t have that experience, there is nothing to worry about. Just scratch the virtual cards and then follow the rules to see if you win. Each ticket comes with a specific game type and its set of rules. 

When you buy a scratch card, erase its coverage with your computer mouse. You win if you meet all the requirements, as with offline tickets. There are several ways to win:

  • Match 2-3 of the same symbols and get the corresponding rewards. They depend on which symbols are matched. 
  • Find 3 symbols with the same amount of money on one card and win.
  • The found bonus symbol gives an instant cash prize.

Playing scratch cards online, you will find in many cases a ‘scratch all’ function that reveals all the symbols and saves you time. According to the tickets themselves, their principles and rules are constantly changing, so you should study them in the game you chose to bet. It doesn’t take long, but in return, you understand what’s going to happen during the game and which rules you need to follow to be a winner.

How to play scratch cards

Our advice is to choose a game that attracts you with its theme, stakes, and winning potential rather than one that will bore you after the first round. The gameplay in scratch cards online is so fast that you can swap tickets one by one with a pretty significant speed. Here are five steps you need to take when playing:

  1. Visit the theory section, which talks about the rules and prizes. 
  2. Decide how much you’re willing to wager, which often ranges from $1 to $10, and these are fairly loyal limits suitable for most gamblers. Note that there are no bets here, as in the slot machines. Instead, you ‘buy’ a card for a certain value. The more you wager, the bigger the potential winnings.
  3. Using the computer mouse, scratch a designated area on the screen to reveal symbols or monetary values. As already mentioned, some games have a ‘scratch all’ function.
  4. You check the scratched area and look for matching symbols or bonuses which give instant cash prizes. Make sure that you meet the required winning criteria for this game before you receive a reward.
  5. Once you are finished, you can buy a new card and run through the procedure again. 

What cash prizes are available? It depends on the symbols that are matched. Rarer numbers/symbols always mean more valuable rewards. The winnings depend on the game you choose. They can offer small, medium, and massive jackpots of hundreds of thousands of dollars!

About Scratch Cards

These days, they surprise with a wide variety of hidden prizes in various shapes and sizes, and some casinos even offer welcome bonuses and promotions to play scratch cards. Everyone has the opportunity to win not only real money but also cars, gadgets, holidays, and other gifts. Many scratch cards are instant. That is, you buy a card and get an instant prize, although some casinos have different wagering rules.

This type of game is popular among all categories of players. With simple rules and generous rewards, it requires no knowledge or skills, as the only effort is to scratch the card. No strategies are required, and a little luck will help you win big!

How to play scratch cards for real money

Today, the gaming rooms offer many variations of scratch cards that differ in themes, soundtracks, and winnings. It is easy to start playing any of them, and the first thing you need is an online casino where you can bet and get fair winnings. At top-rated gaming rooms, you will find a valid license, a wide range of games, and bonuses for customers who prefer scratch cards as entertainment.

If you intend to win real money, create a gaming account and deposit it by any available method. Once the deposit lands, you can run any game and buy any card. Make sure its value corresponds to your bankroll, and in case you win, you will get a decent reward. 

Well, you know how the gameplay goes and what you need to do. Start by learning the rules and payout odds. Then find a few of the same symbols or a bonus to get an instant payout. Keep in mind that casino scratch cards can use scratch cards for raffling off luxury cars, gadgets, etc. You can always win what you like. The main thing is to choose the right game and remember that the higher the ticket value, the bigger winnings it offers. 

Scratch cards winning strategies

This game is 100% based on luck. This means that there are no strategies or techniques to guarantee your success. However, a few things can still improve your odds over time and help you maintain control of your gaming bankroll.


More cheap cards does not mean more wins

First, you might think that buying many cheap tickets will increase your winnings over time, but that’s not true. Cheap cards offer small rewards, so even when you win, you don’t earn a large amount, and it can upset you. If you are like many players hunting for big prizes and don’t want to waste time on small payouts, research the winning potential of each card you’re about to buy. It seems obvious, but the surprising thing is that many players ignore this step, passing up tickets with really good odds of winning.


Keep your composure

It is important to stay in control in any game of chance, even if it seems like your losing streak will not end. In some cases, a series of losses causes players to go rash and spend more money with each new card in hopes of winning the jackpot. If you find yourself in such a situation, keep your composure and remember that the losing streak will end soon, and you will win again. If you find it difficult to do so, pause and return to the game later. Think about what you can change in your approach. Perhaps you should choose a different card.


Keep an eye on your bankroll

Hardly anyone comes to a casino with the idea of going bankrupt. If you don’t know exactly how much you spend each month on gambling or are just starting to learn scratch cards, it’s time to decide what kind of bankroll you can use. The amount you come to the casino with should always be one that won’t make it a disaster if you lose. It is better to set limits with which you can play every day, week, or month. This will allow you to play longer without losing much.


Practice for free

There are plenty of gaming resources that offer scratch cards online, where participating will not cost you a cent. This is a great advantage for newcomers who want to see how these games work and what they need to do to win. You can practice as much as you want while wagering virtual credits in demo mode. These seemingly simple tips have repeatedly proven to be effective and have saved many gamblers from bankruptcy. Use them and win big!

Written by: Oliver Taylor