Play Free Online Live Bingo

Online Bingo is one of the most adored online casino games that is played by both men and women. However, there are 85% of females and only 15% of males who play online bingo.

The major reason for this game to be so popular is because it is easier to comprehend and follow. However, most importantly, it can make you a millionaire overnight. That means you can earn some real money from this.

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How To Play Online Bingo?

Bingo is one of the most popular and easy to play casino games all around the world and now you can also find it online. Although there are some variations of the game (series of numbers to include, available cards, how many cards can you take, etc.). The goal is pretty much the same: completing the bingo pattern. But, how do you do that?

Find a reputable online casino that is licensed and has good reviews. Sign up (look for casinos offering sign up bonuses).

Once you have signed up, click on Online bingo. If it’s a US based casino, you will see a 75 ball game. If it’s a European casino, you’ll see a 90 ball game.

It’s a simple game. You buy BINGO cards with random numbers on the back. The computer then shows random numbers one by one and players have to form a series of number patterns. The player who matches the pattern first and clicks on the “BINGO” button, wins.

Players are required to purchase the bingo cards, however, they are selected randomly by the software. Once you receive the cards and do not like them for some reason, you can opt for the “change cards or get new cards” option as well.

There’s a display board and a caller for bingo numbers. The display board is required to be filled with the bingo game pattern.

In the traditional Bingo modality, there are 75 possible numbers that are represented by a numbered ball in a bin. Each of these balls will be randomly selected and announced by the casino caller or display board. The player should carefully check if the announced number is at any of their cards and mark them in case they are. Although some live bingo websites online will do this for you automatically, there are others in which you will have to do this for yourself , so pay attention and make sure you don’t miss any number called out.

Please, keep in mind that depending on the online casino you are using, if you claim BINGO! Incorrectly you could be sanctioned; while if you take too long to claim it (usually, after the dealer announces the next number), your victory will no longer be valid. Bingo is easy and entertaining, but it also demands concentration.

How To Choose The Best Online Casino To Play Online Bingo?

Before you sign up with any global online casino to play online bingo, make sure that you check out for these factors. These steps will help you to find a safe casino:

  • Reputation: Make sure that the casino you choose is licensed with the jurisdiction commission. You can find about this by visiting the About Us page of an online casino. This will give you peace of mind that the casino is fair and has a good reputation.
  • Check Reviews: Google and check the reviews about various casinos offering online bingo. Pick one that has many players and positive reviews.
  • Features Offered: A good online casino is one that offers 24/7 customer support, live chat, easy deposit and withdrawal options, a good software etc.

Initial Steps To Online Bingo

  • Sign up at an online casino that has good reputation and security when it comes to fund transfer. Preferably, go for one that offers a sign up bonus.
  • Buy the BINGO cards which can be priced between $0.01 to $1 depending upon the online casino you choose. 
  • The first number is shown on the screen. Check out your cards to see if it’s a match. If you choose the autoplay mode, the computer will match your cards automatically. It is recommended to opt for the auto mode if you are new to this game. 
  • As 5 numbers are shown on the screen one after another, check to see if the word BINGO is formed by matching the assigned values from 1-75 or 1-90. If you have all the values that form BINGO then click the bingo button before the next card is shown/called. In case of autoplay, you don’t have to click on Bingo, the computer will do it for you.
  • The player with the winning combination wins. It is also possible to have multiple winners. In this case, the prize is shared among them.

Tips To Win Online Bingo

  • Buy as many cards as you want if you wish to increase the winning odds. The more cards you have, the more chances of forming the word “BINGO” earlier and taking the prize home.
  • Try to pick a game when the number of online players are low. It increases your chance of winning.
  • Play Online bingo at a reputed site so that it can be assured that the game isn’t rigged.
  • Start with only 2 or 3 cards if you’re a novice and run on autoplay. This will help you learn how to play the game as you observe on the screen. When you finally think you’ve learned enough, buy more cards and try your luck again.

Where to play Bingo?

There are many live bingo and casino websites available online that will allow you to earn real money, some of them will require fees and some of them won’t. Please, also keep in mind that although the logic does not change, the winning pattern can also vary from one online casino to other, so make sure to understand the conditions before you start playing.


Playing online does not have to be a risk. Here is a list of suggestions that will help you choose a reliable live bingo and don’t get scammed. Check them out!

  • Check the reviews: Usually, most online gambling and casino websites have users review online. Take a look at them and pay special attention to aspects such as reliability, fairness, online casino’s rank, common complaints, etc.
  • Confirm their payment methods: Every casino has its own conditions in regards to payments, withdrawals and currencies. We strongly suggest you to get informed and make sure these conditions are suitable. For example: Are you willing to receive cryptocurrencies as payment method? Would you like to wait until you earn a specific amount before withdrawing? Is the pending time reasonable?
  • Make sure they offer (good) customer service: It is a bad sign if you find an online casino that doesn’t offer a customer service option or if they are just unreliable or doesn’t reply to your inquiries. In addition to checking the reviews, we suggest you try to contact them and evaluate how long they take to reply, if it is easy to get in touch with them, how many methods of contact they offer, etc.
  • Read the terms and conditions: Most people don’t really pay attention to this section when signing up for most services, but with an online casino this is not the type of thing you can ignore. Read them carefully and I you have any doubt about their rules and conditions, don’t hesitate to ask.
  • Increase your chances of winning: Although bingo is a game of chance you don’t have to depend only on luck to win. There are some things you can do to increase your chances of winning. For example: the more bingo cards you can get, the more chances you will have to win; bigger jackpots will ensure you a better prize, even if there is more than one winner; and lastly, the less competitors you have, the better.

Online Bingo Game Rules

In case of a 90 ball game, you’ll see 9 columns and 3 rows.

If you choose to play a 75 ball game then you will see 5 rows, 5 columns and 5 spaces. These columns appear from left to right so that the word “BINGO” can be formed using the below mentioned values:

  • The word “B” is formed if the card has a value between 1 - 15.
  • The word “I” is formed if the card has a value between 16 - 30.
  • The word “N” is formed if the card has a value between 31 - 45.
  • The word “G” is formed if the card has a value between 46 - 60.
  • The word “0” is formed if the card has a value between 61 - 75.

Similarly, a 90 ball game will have values distributed from 1 to 90 and you have to match to form the word “BINGO”.

Written by: Oliver Taylor