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How to play Live Sic Bo Online

Although there are no significant differences between Live Sic Bo and Sic Bo, there are still few changes you must consider while playing live Sic Bo online. Here are few suggestions for it:

  • You will see the Sic Bo table on your screen, and you will be asked to make a bet. You can make a bet by scrolling on the screen at the point where you want to place it.
  • Once you are done with the bet, the live dealer on the other end will roll all three dice.
  • After the dice roll, you will see the outcome in the form of number sums.
  • If the sum on the dice matches your online bet, you will be considered a winner, and a reward will be given to you. Otherwise, you will lose.

These are some steps by which you can easily play the live casino Sic Bo without going physically to some casino.

About Sic Bo Game

Sic Bo is one of the ancient casino games, and it originated in China centuries ago and spread out in the whole world. Still, millions of people are fans of this game and enjoying the game every day. It is the age of the online world, and the majority of the live operations have been shifted online. The same is the case with the casinos. Now you have thousands of casinos available online, and you can join anyone to play games.

Sic Bo is one of the most played casino games, and it is also available online on many of the casinos. The mechanism is quite simple; you play the Sic Bo online like you used to play in a casino. The significant difference in Live Sic Bo is that you are playing it on the screens of your cellphones. Here on any online platform, you are required to place the bet as you usually do. The dice will be shaken by the live dealer sitting on the other end, or some automatic dialer will do it. You will be shown the numbers and sums, and if your bet is by the aggregate, you will win the game. Another significant difference is that while playing live dealer Sic Bo online, you will be alone, and there would be no disturbance, so you can make the calculations in the best way and have more chances of winning.

Sic Bo Strategies and Tips

Looking simple, but not how much it seems. There are many strategies and tips for maximizing the chances of your winning at Sic Bo live, and we will now tell you a few of them which can help you win more games and earn more money.

Managing your Bets

The first and foremost factor is the management of the bets. Sic Bo live gives you all the betting options, but you do not have to try all of these. Always make a strategy of betting before the game and make bets as per the plan. Do homework on some mathematical calculations, and it will help you in finding the odds. Make all the bets according to the estimates.

Managing your Budget

It is another part where many of the players fail. Before the game, you must have an accurate calculation of your budget and how you will spend it. Try to make different kinds of units of your budget and play as per the units. Always keep this thing in mind that you will never get out of your budget.

Analyzing your expertise

You must know about yourself how adept and lucky you are in the game. If you think you are a new player, you must go with low-risk strategies like betting at small and significant points. It will give you the chance of earning money with less loss in case you lose. It will also help you in understanding the game in a much better way.

And if you believe that you are good enough to take a high-risk strategy, you should go with it and bet in a way where there are high chances of getting handsome money.

Ignoring the Myths

You must understand that Sic Bo is a game of chance, and there is no way that anyone could make an exact prediction about the sequence. So, focus on your betting and make it have higher chances of hitting with the sum of the dice.



What Are the Best Casinos to Play Live Sic-Bo games?

The best online casinos with the popular Sic-Bo game are presented on our website. Thanks to the implemented artificial intelligence, information on gambling establishments and their offers is updated every day so that all players can choose the most suitable way of earning money for them. This is very convenient, because now they don’t need to analyze profitable solutions for a long time, spending hours visiting the sites of different online casinos; instead, they can simply choose the best option from the list compiled on our portal.


Can I Play Live Sic-Bo games in a Free Mode?

There is no demo mode in live section, so that customers can try to play for virtual money without risk. But popular online casinos always provide a similar opportunity for offline games. To play no deposit games, you need to pay attention to bonuses given by gambling venues. For active play and loyalty, online casinos always reward their customers with generous gifts. You can increase the offers even more using unique promo codes that are easy to find on our website, the official casino portal, or affiliate resources.


What are the Odds of Winning in Live Sic-Bo games?

There are always chances to win in Live Sic-Bo games. Usually, the ability to win doesn’t depend on a particular online casino, but it is better to choose proven and reliable gambling platforms that always pay out winnings. Various lists of the most interesting options are presented on our website, which offers only relevant and reliable information thanks to the integrated artificial intelligence. The AI is constantly analyzing available data, so it is very difficult to make a wrong decision when choosing the best solution.

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