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Did you know that texas Hold`em is considered to be the most popular version of poker? It’s absolutely true. Just look at the references to this game in the movies, when a few serious guys gather around the table and make their bets. Besides, Hold’em is one of those so-called “community” poker games. When playing these games, each participant receives a certain number of initial cards, and then they all share several community cards, which are in the middle of the table. 

Specifically, Hold’em poker online, you receive 2 face-down cards, and 5 more cards remain on the board. All you have to do is create the best combination. Betting rounds take place during certain stages of the hand. The gameplay lasts for several rounds. The participant who did not discard his cards and has the best hand at the end – wins money.

The main difference between texas Hold`em poker online and the other “community” games is the different number of cards you get initially. In fact, the rules of the game look straightforward, so you only need a little time to get into the details and learn the basic principles that will help you get closer to winning. We’re here to answer every question related to this game, so read to the end.

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How to play Hold'em poker

You don’t have to spend a lot of time learning how to play this popular card game, although you definitely need practice. We have put together a guide to show you all the secrets.

The Blinds

In this game, a marker called ‘the dealer button’ (or simply ‘button’) does indicate a gambler who is nominally the croupier in the current round. Before the start of the game, that user (immediately clockwise from the button) needs to put the ‘small blind’, also known as the ‘first forced bet’ in the game. The next participant clockwise puts the ‘big blind’. It’s usually twice the forced bet. The size of these blinds may vary. 

When it comes to Limit Games, the big blind is always the same as the small stake, while the small blind is half the size of the big one, though this can vary depending on other bets. Let's take the $2/$4 limit game as an example, in which the small blind will be just $1. The big blind is set at $2. Running a $15/$30 limit game, you find the $10 small and the $15 big blinds. 

There are also Pot Limit and No Limit versions, named for the size of their blinds. So, the $1/$2 game offers a minimum small blind with $1 and $2 for a big blind. 

In some cases, participants need to make an ‘ante’, another variation of the forced bet, which is usually less than any blind players make. 

All gamblers at the table then receive their face-down cards and begin playing with the hope of taking home the cash prize. The action of the bets is clockwise around the table. The gambler ‘under the gun’ is the first. 

Your betting options

As with many versions of the legendary game, you'll find ‘raise’, ‘check’, ‘call’, ‘bet’, and ‘fold’ actions in Hold'em. Which actions are available when it is your turn depends on the actions of your opponents. 

If previous players haven’t bet yet, you can either check or place your bet. If you choose to check, you will refuse the bet, keeping your cards. If there is already a bet, other players can choose fold, call, or raise options.

Choosing a call means confirming the stake size set by the previous player, while raise means you want to increase it. 


After receiving the cards, each participant decides whether he wants to play the hand by calling or raising the big blind. The action starts to the left of the big blind, which is called the ‘live’ stake for this round. The next player can do one of these actions: fold, call or even raise. 

Suppose the big blind is valued at two dollars, so it will cost $2 to call and $4 to raise. Then the action continues clockwise. Play continues until all contestants who have not folded their cards have made an equal bet. 

The Flop

At this point, three face-up cards appear. In this version of poker, these three cards are common, and any player can use them for their hand. Bets start with the first player from the button clockwise. The betting variety is the same as in the Pre-Flop stage, with one exception: if no one has bet yet, you can choose to check to pass the action to the next active opponent.

The Turn

After finishing your bets in the Pre-Flop step, the croupier deals the face-up

‘turn’. As we said before, this is the 4th community card that appears on the playing table. The first user from the button starts a new round.

The River

Once the previous round is completed, the fifth and final community card, known as the River is dealt. Betting will begin again from the first gambler clockwise from the button. From here on, the game is played according to the rules as in the previous rounds. 

The Showdown

The final round of Hold'em poker online starts if there are at least two active players left in the game. One of you, who made/raised the bet, shows his cards. If the last round went without a bet, the first player to open the cards is the player who was clockwise from the button. The participant with the best hand wins. If the value of combinations is the same, the winnings are divided into equal parts.

How to play Hold'em poker for real money

Well, now you know the rules and what algorithms the game follows. This means you are theoretically ready to play for real money. But don't rush and hope for a miracle. Some gambling resources offer Hold'em for free, and it is the best solution if you want to check how your knowledge works.

Once you get at least a little practice, move on to the real game. To do this, find a suitable casino or poker room on the Internet. Sign up and fill up your bankroll. In many cases, you will receive a bonus as a new customer. Then find Hold’em in the list of available games and start playing. The first few bets should be small and if you win, gradually increase them.

Keep an eye on the cards, opponents, and your money.

Hold'em poker online Rules

Beginners wonder about the purpose of the game of Hold’em. Once the game starts, your goal is to use your hole cards in combination with those left on the board to put together the best possible hand. This variation of poker is not much different from the others, although there are a few nuances, particularly the way participants construct their hands.

  1. Each player who bet receives two face-down cards in a new round, also known as ‘hole cards’.
  2. After several rounds, 5 more face-up cards are dealt in the middle of the playing field. 
  3. These five cards are community, so each of you may use them in combination with their two face-down cards to create the most profitable combination and win. 

Although we will cover all the features and phases of the game that form the principles and features of Hold’em, you should know that the community cards always appear in three stages, such as:

  1. The Flop. The first three cards appear on the table.
  2. The Turn. One more card is added.
  3. The River. The croupier deals the final fifth card.

You get two initial cards, and five more are freely available on the table. You will have a total of 7 cards to make up the best hand, which cannot include more than 5 cards. Furthermore, you can use two closed and three open cards, combine one open card with four closed cards or play without two initial cards altogether if five community cards give the best odds. 

In Hold’em poker, you can do anything you want to win, as long as it’s not against the rules, of course. If as a result of the bet, all participants except one fold, that one player wins without revealing his cards. Therefore, you don’t always need the best hand to be a winner. As in most poker games, you can bluff to force your opponents to fold.

If at least two players reach a showdown after all bets are placed, and the fifth community card is dealt, the only way to win is to show a five-card poker hand with a higher rating than your opponent has. 

Now that you know the basic rules and begin to understand how the card game works, it’s time to look at some specifics and figure out how to bet.

Hold'em poker winning strategies

This is a great game, but there are no strategies that can improve your playing style. But that doesn’t mean you can not use something to get more chances in each round. We’ve put together some top tips that will get you closer to winning.


Choose the best position

It’s no secret that the best position in this game is called “on the button”. As long as you stay in this position, you will be the last to act in three out of the four betting rounds. When your turn comes, you know how many other players are still active, and you can make a more informed decision. The small blind is in the worst position. You will act first after the flop, the turn, and the river. Playing aggressively, you can use this to your advantage, but it’s better to play last.


Rivals have to pay to see the flop

Ok, if your poker hand is strong enough to see the flop, do not allow other players to see it for free. Of course, newbies like to open flops as cheaply as possible, but letting them do that is not a good idea. It’s better if you make them fold their cards.


The Turn and the River: play smart

These are two important yet difficult stages, so you need to know how to play. Here are some suitable tips for beginners and advanced gamblers: If after the turn you need another card to create to make a good hand like flush or straight, then get to the river with less cost; If you have a better hand after the turn, make your opponents pay as much as possible to see the river; If three cards of the same suit are on the screen, make sure your opponents don’t have a flush.

Written by: Oliver Taylor