Play Free Online Baccarat

Also known as, Punto Banco, online Baccarat is one of the oldest and most popular games all over the world. It is especially popular among high rollers and Asian gamblers.

Playing the online Baccarat is no different from playing it at a real Casino. In fact, it can be even more exciting especially if you are playing it at a live Casino where you can get the social aspect with great HD camera views of the table and the dealer in real-time streaming.

Since Baccarat is usually a serious and elegant game, originally meant for suited up and well off people, imagine playing it now from the comfort of your home and within your own budget.

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Where to play Baccarat Online

Within minutes, you can join a top-quality baccarat game. You can easily find the online version of baccarat at your usual online casino. If not, here is a list of websites where to find it:

  • Jackpot City 
  • Unibet Casino
  • SpinCasino
  • PartyCasino
  • Mr Green Casino

How To Play Baccarat

The cards are dealt on the large player and Banker boxes set in the middle of the table with 12 to 14 player seats, two dealers, and one banker. Sometimes, in smaller rooms or online you can play at smaller tables, like the ones used in blackjack or mini-baccarat based on the number of people available to play.

Baccarat is played with six decks of cards and sometimes eight or nine decks depending on the casino, which are re-shuffled with each new round.

The dealer handles all the card action: shuffling, cutting, and dealing. The payouts are the standard 1:1 for Player, 1:0.95 for Banker, and 1:9 for Tie. What is great about online Baccarat is that you can always customize the game to suit your aesthetics and bankroll.

Make sure that your virtual bankroll is ready to be spent and doubled or even tripled with this game because online baccarat is no joke. Unlike blackjack, it is actually impossible to bust in baccarat. The game continues until one player gets close enough to win it all.

Baccarat online rules

Baccarat is first and foremost a card game, and as such, nothing can guarantee your success. To increase your odds and not to leave the gaming hall empty-handed, learn the rules below: 

  1. Bets are accepted on three options: the Banker’s hand, a Tie, and the Player’s hand.
  2. You will be the winner if your bet matches the result of a hand.
  3. If there is no match, the winner is whose hand value is as close to 9 as possible. 
  4. At the beginning of the game, Banker and Player get two cards each. However, in some situations, you or a banker (or both of you) get an extra third card, as determined by the rules of the game. Often the baccarat online game will automatically deal a card to a participant. 
  5. Face cards, as well as Tens are counted as ‘0’, Aces are counted as ‘1’, and other cards come with their actual face value. 
  6. When the card values are added up in hand, consider only the final digit. So, 14 counts as a 4, 17 counts as a 7, and so on. 

Once the Banker and Player have received their cards, an extra 3rd card comes into play. Take your time to make any decisions. When both players have hands that are the same in total number, then the round ends in a tie. 

If you have a hand with a total of between 0 and 5, you get an extra card. However, this does not work if the total is at least 6. Both hands will stand if you get 8 or 9. The third card rule plays a big role in this game, and you need to know how it works. 

As for the banker, he gets another card if his hand has a total anywhere between 0 and 2. If a total is anywhere between 3-6, then your third hand decides whether or not the banker will draw or stand. 

These are all the rules you need to learn before placing bets in Baccarat casino games.

Baccarat winning strategies

While luck plays a big part in the game, there are a few tricks that can increase your chances of winning. All the strategies below are effective tools for players of all levels.


Martingale System

This is a system of incremental betting adjustments in casino games and is particularly suitable for baccarat. Its philosophy is simple: you are sure to win eventually, and this reward should cover all your losses. For this reason, users playing with the Martingale system need to increase their stakes after every loss. If you bet $10 on the Banker’s hand and lose, you need to wager $20 on the same hand. It doesn’t matter how many bets you lose, as long as the winnings, which will happen sooner or later, restore your balance. But the strategy is not perfect for gamblers who will play baccarat with a modest bankroll or those who don’t like the risk.


Fibonacci Strategy

This strategy is used in many card games, including this one. According to its principles, the amount bet after losing is determined by the Fibonacci sequence (the sum of two adjacent numbers determines the next one). Although this approach requires some math skills, you can easily master it. Having lost a bet, increase it to one wager. Do this until you are a winner and return to your original wager. You are probably wondering what the point of increasing a bet is if you have already lost. Well, if you keep increasing the wager, at some point, you will win and pay off your last two losing bets.


Paroli System

This plays in the opposite direction from the popular Martingale strategy. The Paroli says that gamblers should double their stakes every time they win because the main goal is to be a winner three times in a row. Here’s how it works: wager $10 on Player’s hand and when you win the first time, increase your bet to $20. If your new bet loses, go back to step one and bet $10 again. This will continue until you manage to win three rounds in a row and then return to the initial stake.


D’Alembert Strategy

It has similar principles to Martingale, but it is designed to keep players from losing quickly and extensively, but it will not prevent you from getting a refund. First, choose a base unit, which is usually the minimum bet. Each time you lose, your stake must be increased by one wager, so if you bet $5 then the new round wager is $6. When you win, remove one wager from the bet. In this way, losses and wins will eventually equalize.


Bankroll management

This remains the simplest yet most effective strategy. Do not start playing if you don’t know how to manage your bankroll, or if you have not set a limit on the amount you can afford to lose. Also, decide after which winning amount you will leave the game. Following these limits will allow you to extend your betting streak and avoid problems in case you have a bad day.

How to play baccarat for real money

Playing for real money seems very attractive. Of course, you can try baccarat in the demo version and strengthen your skills with every bet, but you will become skilled enough to win the real prize in time. When that time comes, go to a top-rated virtual casino and sign up. The procedure usually lasts no more than five minutes and once it is completed, make a deposit to wager real money for stakes. Make sure it’s safe to play on that site.

Reputable casino baccarat will offer you several variations of the game, including the live dealer. They will differ in stakes, payouts, and some rules. Beginners are advised to start with classic Baccarat to practice their skills and strategies described above. Once a suitable game has been chosen, place your bet. Be aware of the money limits and do not wager more than you can afford to keep the balance and play longer. 

Now you and the banker are dealt cards. If there is a need, you, the croupier, or both of you get a third card. You know what happens next: win or lose. We have described the rules and principles of the game to make it easier for you to start playing. Besides, there are some great strategies in your arsenal that will give you a better chance!

faq-question ❓What are the advantages of real money baccarat?❓
The main advantage of playing the paid version of baccarat game is an opportunity to win real money. Moreover, users can also participate in promotional campaigns by placing bets with real money. At the same time, the rules of playing baccarat with real money is not different from the free version.
faq-question ❓What is the best online casino for baccarat?❓
Many companies are actively dealing with baccarat, so it is difficult to highlight a particular company. Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages over the others. Many casinos offer high chances of winning baccarat, with some of them being characterized by unique bonuses. For example, Luxury Casino brand offers several free bets in baccarat after a new user has completed the registration procedure.
faq-question ❓What is the maximum bet at the baccarat casino?❓
The amount of maximum and minimum bets entirely depends on the casino you have chosen. For example, most companies set the upper limit of $100, with the minimum bet amounting to $1. Some parlors offer unique conditions and bet amount from 0.1 to 10,000 dollars or more. You should choose a brand depending on your personal preferences.
faq-question ❓Can I try playing baccarat for free?❓
Almost every online version of any game has a free mode, which is applicable to baccarat as well. That makes it possible for users to get acquainted with the rules of the game, probable outcomes, and chances to win. To start a free game, proceed to the page where it is located and click on the “Play for free” button. Special game points that cannot be cashed out are used as a betting means.
faq-question ❓Is there a live baccarat game with real bets?❓
Yes, of course. Participants can play the live version of baccarat using their real money. For that, you should select the corresponding gambling option. In this mode, a client will fight against a real dealer, whose actions are streamlined on the user’s screen using special equipment. Real-time baccarat is available both on personal computers and smartphones.
faq-question ❓Can online baccarat games be rigged?❓
Nowadays, there are many fraudsters who are widely dealing in production of unauthorized copies of original games. Not to give them your money, it is recommended using special online casino top-rankings. They will make it possible for a participant to find real casinos with the required packed of licenses and real chances to win.
faq-question ❓Is there a point in trying out strategies for baccarat?❓
The game outcome entirely depends on clients’ luck, but some of them use special tactics that allegedly increase the number of victories. In most cases such strategies turn out to be working. The most efficient of them is betting and doubling the funds in case of a loss. Users note that they managed to get a profit from baccarat by active application of this strategy.
faq-question ❓Is there a difference in the type of real money baccarat I choose?❓
The main difference between various types of baccarat played with real money is this game’s design. Tables with cards can differ not only in design color, but in the main topic as well. Over the Internet, you can find football baccarat, as well as the one dedicated to other sports disciplines. It should be mentioned that the rules of the game remain the same regardless of the table design.
faq-question ❓What payment methods would be best for playing baccarat in a casino?❓
There are no special ways of adding fund to the personal account developed exclusively for baccarat. Users should use a variety of online wallets, as well as credit cards, since they are subject to the lowest fee. Moreover, many e-wallets make it possible to add funds to your personal account almost instantly.
faq-question ❓Why is online baccarat worth a try?❓
Online baccarat, like any other game is an excellent opportunity to try your luck by placing a few bets with real money. If a user is lucky, he or she can double or even triple the bet or hit the jackpot. Many users claim that baccarat is an amusing entertainment that often generates significant profit.