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Dragon Tiger is an Asian gambling club game that was first presented in Cambodia. It may be played at numerous online gambling clubs which are also known as online casinos. Additionally it is a favourite game of streak bettors, who frequently pursue each triumphant hand on a score cushion and wager as needed.

Dragon vs Tiger is played with Standard English decks of 52 cards. No jokers or special cases are utilized, and the game is frequently managed from a blackjack shoe holding six or eight decks. Like most gambling club games, Dragon Tiger players don`t play against the seller. Rather, similar to baccarat, the object of the game is to effectively pick which hand, either the Dragon or the Tiger, will get the most noteworthy card. In contrast to baccarat, where the player or investor draws extra cards, Dragon Tiger is in reality nearer to the round of Casino War, as only a solitary card is arranged to the Dragon spot and afterward one to the Tiger spot. No extra cards are drawn. You have to spend real money on it.

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How to play Dragon Tiger game

The manufacturers did a good job on the design of this exciting game. Gamblers see a real live casino hall with a correctly marked gaming table with an experienced dealer. Gamblers can control the process using the convenient menu keys that appear on the screen. They can enter bets of the desired denomination, as well as activate other important user functions. For example, the resolution and quality of the picture on your screen, the volume of the audio broadcast, etc. For newcomers to Dragon Tiger online, there is a special section dedicated to the rules of the game. You can view the game statistics on a special scoreboard, which allows participants to create their own plan leading to victory. The time between rounds is counted using a special online timer.

Many people wonder how to win the Dragon Tiger game? At the beginning of the game, the dealer will offer you to place a bet. Then a deck of 52 cards without jokers will be shuffled. The dealer deals one card to the player`s hand and to their own. The most significant of them will be considered the King, and the smallest in seniority will be Ace, which is not quite usual. You have to predict the outcome of this round by betting on Dragon, Tiger or a draw. Then the cards will be distributed, and there will be no more than one card in place of the Tiger or the Dragon.

After that, points are calculated. To win, you need to collect the largest number of them: the maximum is 13, and the minimum is 1. Ace is the lowest card and brings only 1 point. The king has the highest score – 13 points.

The winner will be the person with the biggest card. The final stage of any Dragon Tiger slot online, like any other gambling game, is getting your winnings.

If your rate on one of the fairytale characters won, you will become the owner of the payout 1:1. Draw is the most profitable: 8:1. But if a draw occurs at a different rate, the gambling participant will lose exactly half of their money. Then the game starts again. The next round proceeds in a similar way. There, you can apply the same rate or use a different amount.

This online amusement is quite entertaining due to its simplicity, dynamism and realistic, colorful design.

Dragon Tiger main infrormation

The popularity of Dragon Tiger casino online – a simple gambling game with a live dealer – is growing in many countries around the world. This addicting card strategy originated in Southeast Asia. Today, it has a lot of fans who want to play with Dragon Tiger real dealer online.

Many people consider this game to be a kind of two-card Baccarat due to similar principles. The main difference is that you don’t have a direct confrontation with your dealer here. You only need to guess which of their hands holds the winning card. 

The game offers three options of the end:

  • “Tiger”;
  • “Dragon”;
  • Draw.

Dragon Tiger game is suitable for everyone who loves to play at Live Casino. Interaction with the dealer takes place online. A live broadcast from a specially equipped studio appears on the player`s screen, where the game itself takes place. This way of interacting with users makes the game more open and exciting.

Any device, including mobile gadgets, can be used to start playing. The most important thing is a stable Internet connection on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Dragon Tiger slot online 

Online Dragon Tiger is one of the most popular developments in Pragmatic Play. It involves 5 reels. There are 4 rows. There are 1024 winning ways in total. Regular games almost always contain wild symbols. The participant wins when such symbols are multiplied in the prize round. Such an event can lead to a huge money prize exceeding your stake by several tens of thousands of times. This makes the game unforgettable and exciting.

It is quite understandable that Dragon Tiger is created primarily for Asian countries, but great opportunities attract European players too.

How to Place a bet at Dragon Tiger

The most elevated card wins, however there are two significant guidelines to consider. The cards go from low to high, is Ace-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K. It also has to be considered whether the player bets on the Dragon or the Tiger. If the two spots get a similar position card, for example, 8 refrains 8, the hand is a tie, and the house takes ½ of each bet. Generally the high card wins and the low card loses.

The gambling club would have no edge in the event that it didn`t take something from each tie. There are an aggregate of 86,320 potential results for each hand. Of those, 6,448 outcome in a tie, which gives the gambling club an edge on the Dragon and Tiger bet of 3.73%. That edge is higher than Casino War, and a lot higher than baccarat.

Gamblers who prefer fair play are looking for Internet resources where large sums of money await them. In various online casinos, you will find slots that will allow you to get the highest payouts.

At the moment, such well-known online casinos have Dragon Tiger game online slots:

  • 1xBet;
  • Pin-Up Casino;
  • Jackpot City;
  • 22Bet;
  • Empire777;
  • K9WIN;
  • Megaslot;
  • Spin Samurai etc. 

Casino web resources differ from each other in terms and conditions. Many of them offer players various bonuses and additional prizes. Therefore, it is best to learn as much as possible about a specific resource before registering there. Perhaps you are lucky, and you will become the proud owner of huge payouts.

In the live Dragon Tiger slot, the playing field is not much different from a real casino. As a rule, dealers are girls in seductive outfits. The gaming table is decorated with a stylish, bright green tablecloth. The developers did their best to make the participants feel the atmosphere of a real game.

Dragon Tiger game strategy

Players can use any known technique to increase the likelihood of winning. Some of them actively use card counting to determine high and low. This calculation increases the chances of winning, but, of course, it doesn’t guarantee anything. In addition, it will be useful to monitor the suit of cards all the time. First of all, it helps to make a correct bet. You should bear in mind that only 8 decks are involved in the game, which will be shuffled after using the fourth deck.

Be sure to adhere to the established rules. You should remember that the ace is the lowest of the cards in this game. Equally important is the fact that a tie creates some advantages for the casino over the players. Therefore, betting on a draw can be considered as a separate strategy.

A good Dragon Tiger strategy to increase the likelihood of winning is to place side bets. Using all available predictions will be your key to the excitement and big money after participating in the addictive Dragon Tiger game.

Dragon Tiger game tips & winning tricks

To be amused by their game and quickly become owners of the desired winnings, players should adhere to the following Dragon Tiger`s game tips and winning tricks:

  1. Place your bets on either the Tiger or the Dragon. This option is most suitable for those who don’t want to count cards or follow any other complex strategies. As a rule, the advantage of the casino at these bets is insignificant, and amounts to approximately 3-4%. Just make your prediction for the highest card of the Dragon or Tiger and get money if you guess right.
  2. Carry out card counting for live play. The small number of cards in the deal, as well as simple rules, make it possible to easily count the high and low cards that have been dealt. It’s very useful to count sevens, because it almost always means a loss.
  3. Apply the Suit-based strategy actively. It’s obvious that the main thing in dragon tiger game strategy is luck. However, this doesn’t mean at all that no plans or strategies work in this game. It is imperative to keep track of which suit cards were most often seen during the distribution. You should also count the number of used decks. If, for example, you found out that the diamond suit played the least, you should definitely bet on it.
  4. Don`t bet on a tie. You should remember that this is one of the most losing options in Dragon Tiger. At first glance, such a bet is profitable. After all, it has an attractive ratio of 8:1. But as a rule, this bet has too much advantage for the casino – more than 30%. On average, out of 85,000 possible combinations, only 7,000 are tied therefore you can lose 78,000 times. So, it is rather difficult to win by betting on a draw. A bet on a draw in one suit has even less prospects, since there will be no more than 1500 such combinations.
  5. Standard betting laws don’t work on Dragon Tiger. Despite the widespread belief that Dragon and Tiger casino game is a simple game, many principles and strategies related to conventional casinos don’t work here.

Dragon Tiger online is a great game that offers gambling players a lot of chances to win. To get a victory, you should rely not only on your intuition and luck, but also on your ability to calculate and navigate in an ever-changing game situation.

Dragon Tiger Live features

In addition to basic deposits, players can get many extra interesting bets and playlines:

  1. “Big Dragon” and “Big Tiger”. Your bet wins if you show eight or the highest card;
  2. “Little Dragon” and “Little Tiger”. Your bet is considered victorious if the dealer has a six or a lower card left.
  3. Dragon Tiger odd bet – it wins if the hands include cards of all odd numbers, as well as ace, king or jack.
  4. Even bet – it is considered winning if there are any even cards in the box, as well as a queen.

It is very important that, for example, the seven is not included in successful combinations for even or odd predictions, as well as small and large deposits. Getting such a card results in zeroing all the player`s bets.

An additional bonus is played regardless of the main game. For example, any Dragon Tiger member can play Dragon while making an odd bet on Tiger.

How to win in Dragon Tiger

This relatively new online strategy is important, especially for Asian gambling players. The best way to learn how to play Dragon Tiger is to try your luck with the free version of this game. This method allows beginners to get to know the service better before starting to make real bets. 

At the beginning of the game, almost all casinos offer players several free tries. Winning gives the opportunity to continue the rivalry. Many casinos have Dragon Tiger free online trial bet counters installed. When their number exceeds a certain value, players can start betting on real winnings. 

Simple rules make Dragon Tiger a very attractive strategy for those who like fast and tangible results. The chances of winning a big prize are extremely high here. 

Bankroll management is critical when playing for real money. Since obtaining a large amount is a significant incentive for players, it is better for them to approach their bets responsibly. You need to set the limits correctly, calculating the winning and losing options in advance.

Types of Dragon Tiger games

Before running the online Dragon Tiger, you need to know what game variations are available. There really aren’t many, as most developers take a traditional approach to this fascinating game. Nevertheless, there are some interesting options that we think you’ll like.

Dragon Tiger First Person

In Spring 2020, Evolution Gaming introduced Dragon Tiger casino game with a redesigned interface. Instead of facing a dealer, the developers offered players a first-person broadcast that makes it look as if they’re actually standing at the gaming table in an offline casino. The stakes and rules remain unchanged, so you can still play your favorite game, but with a first-person broadcast. 

Classic Dragon Tiger 

Other Dragon Tiger Cambodia tables are classic versions. That means they are played without any differences or innovations. After taking seats at the table, players place their bets and receive cards. What happens next, you already know. The games are played in real-time, however, the size of the bets and payouts vary depending on which game provider you have chosen.

How to play Dragon Tiger for real money

As a rule, casino customers do not have unlimited sources of income. That’s why they should set monetary limits for this and any other game with risks. Players should be responsible for their gambling experience, so a fixed bankroll is part of the Dragon Tiger game strategy.

Losing sometimes happens, and you have to be prepared for it when playing Dragon Tiger real cash game. When making a gambling budget, think about how much of it you can lose without disaster. After that, you will calculate how much you can afford to bet. 

In such games, experts recommend betting while being emotionally calm. So, you can make more intelligent and correct decisions. If you get a bad card or something goes wrong, don’t get upset. You will definitely get a refund. 

If you are new to the Dragon Tiger game, start your way with the lowest stakes. This will give you time to figure out how the game works, and even if you lose, it won’t hurt much. When you feel more confident, start increasing your betting level, which will lead to higher winnings. As already mentioned, the stakes level varies from one game to the next, so you are better off sitting at a table more loyal to beginners.

Now start playing. The dealer will deal you the cards. Many of you are wondering how to win Dragon Tiger game. We have already told you about it, and if you have read carefully, you know that even a beginner can become a winner. The main thing is to collect the best card combination and then take your winnings.

This is what Dragon Tiger real money gameplay looks like. It does not depend on whether you play on a PC/laptop or smartphone/tablet. However, if you decide to bet via mobile device, make sure you have a stable Internet connection to play without interference.

How to choose a casino for playing Dragon Tiger games

Is it available in your country

There is no point in continuing to explore the website if you encounter a warning that players from your country are not allowed to participate when you visit it. Sometimes you will find this at a later stage when you register, for example. The casino you are considering must accept and serve customers from your country. After that, you can move on to the next point.

Is it licensed

If the operator is licensed, it means that its activities are controlled by an international regulator, which could be a country or a gambling commission. On the top-rated websites, you will find licenses issued by: UK Gambling Commission, Curaçao, Gibraltar, Maltese Gaming Authority, The Isle of Man. 

These regulatory bodies are characterized by high requirements for the casinos to which they give licenses. Therefore, they offer players fair and timely payments with a high level of security.

How extensive is the portfolio

If you are going to play dragon tiger online games, obviously, they should be available on the site you choose. But do not forget about the variety because, sooner or later, you will want to try something new. Many casinos offer hundreds of titles from different categories, in particular: Video slots, Table and live dealer games, Lotteries and scratch cards, Progressive jackpots.

This indicates that customers will always find what they need. 

What bonuses and promos are available

As a new customer, you should be interested in getting better bonus offers. It is better to choose several casinos and compare them by the amount of Welcome Bonuses and a variety of regular promos, which will be activated when you make new deposits or fulfill other conditions. Note that many promotions come with wagering requirements. 

How to deposit and withdraw money

Another important criterion to be considered. Depending on what country you’re based and play in, the operator should offer the appropriate payment methods, including debit/credit cards, e-wallets, pre-paid vouchers, and cryptocurrency. Check what fees the casino charges.

What is customer service

If you have a question or problem, check how quickly the casino staff will solve it. Usually, specialists are available via live chat, email, and phone line. At reputable establishments, they respond instantly.

Based on these criteria, you’ll be able to find the best casinos for real stakes on Dragon Tiger and other games. 


If you have any specific questions, please message us.

What is Dragon Tiger game?

Dragon Tiger is an interesting online game with a live dealer. Nowadays, the number of its new participants from all over the world is growing rapidly. Born in Asia, this exciting entertainment is becoming increasingly popular and in demand among fans of fast and large winnings. As in two-card baccarat, either a Dragon or a Tiger can win here, which depends on the seniority of the card assigned by them.

Can I win real money playing Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is one of the best real dealer games for big money. Here, players are offered a favorable RTP rate and substantial prize amounts. The bet amount in Dragon Tiger varies from 0.2 to 100 euros. Besides a large winning amount, players are given a chance to play for free, bonus rounds and other offers. Today, you can find this fascinating baccarat in many online casinos.

How do you beat Dragon Tiger?

There is no sure strategy for 100% winning in Dragon Tiger, since the card selection is based on random numbers generation. After adding funds to the personal account, you can place a bet on either the Dragon or the Tiger. Moreover, the game conditions also make it possible to predict the draw. The game outcome depends on the bet you made and integrity of the online casino.

How to play Dragon Tiger online?

To play this game online, you need to choose a suitable online casino with a live dealer. The game rules may differ on various online platforms. Thus, some casinos provide an opportunity to place additional bets on the card seniority, its parity, etc. The terms of most casinos state that your additional forecast won’t affect the main bet.

How to find the best Dragon Tiger games online?

Nowadays, many fans of card games for money want to find the best online platforms that support the Dragon and Tiger game. To find a reliable casino that provides the best conditions, you should read reviews of similar services compiled by other gamblers. Moreover, you need to thoroughly monitor the game resources ratings published on the Internet.

What Are the Best Casinos to Play Dragon Tiger?

Talking about the best brands which provide the opportunity to start enjoying the game, let’s highlight Gratorama Casino, True Fortune Casino, Play Casino Games, Explosino, ZigZag 777 Casino, Argo Casino. Here the entertainment is available around the clock and is delivered with a quality external design and attractive coefficients.

Can I Play Dragon Tiger in a Free Mode?

Yes, some companies provide this opportunity. This gives you the chance to test all the features of the presented slot and personally understand how it meets your requirements. This will help to receive a reward in the future. Usually you don`t have to pay anything for the demo mode, but it doesn`t last long either.

What are the Odds of Winning in Dragon Tiger?

Chances to win are usually really good. They can often reach the 33%. This means that almost every third game will end for you with a profit. Taking into account that the reward here is very big, it will always be possible to considerably increase personal assets, since the rate of bets is usually not as large.

Written by: Oliver Taylor