Several ways to cheat slot machines

Slot machines of any casino (be it a gambling house or an online casino) are terminals with a pre-installed "One-armed bandit" game. In this case, the player is allowed to play for real money and cash out the winnings. This fact has gathered a vast army of fans around slot machines. A minority of them play slot machines for fun, while the rest of the players try to beat this ill-fated slot machine filled with a jackpot. In connection with the latter circumstance, historically, two entirely different directions of victory over the "one-armed bandit" have developed. Have you ever wondered how to manipulate a slot machine?

The first method, although not the easiest one, is welcomed in all casinos. It is fair play according to whatever strategy the player chooses. The second method is illegal and involves hacking the gaming system. And if with the first method everything is more or less clear, then the hacking option for many players is shrouded in a veil of secrecy. In this regard, we have prepared for you an article that dispels the myth about the possibility of hacking slot machines and gives an overview of winning strategies in slot machines. How to trick a slot machine to win?

Is it realistic to hack modern slot machines?

So, let's start by hacking slot machines. This method involves bypassing the gaming terminal security and reconfiguring the software according to your terms. Thus, after such a procedure, the slot machine will play according to your rules. In this case, the hacking of the software is carried out by reprogramming the slot machine's software with the adjustment of the win parameters in one's favor.

This procedure only applies to slot machines installed in gambling houses. Hacking online casinos are done in a completely different way. For this, special applications are used, including malicious programs that can disrupt the correct operation of the licensed application. At the same time, even though online casino games are developed by professional gaming companies with a high level of protection, the option of hacking such a system still exists. After all, as hackers say, everything can be hacked. It's just a matter of experience and time.

Note! This method is wholly illegal and carries severe fines. In addition, the attacker is not challenging to identify. There are some compelling arguments for this:

  • Information security professionals develop slot machine software.
  • To reprogram the software of a gaming device in a gambling house, you must first open the lid of the gaming terminal. And how to do this if there are surveillance cameras and security guards around ?!
  • You are most likely not an experienced cracker, and your actions will most likely be tracked.

Nevertheless, despite all the difficulties of hacking slot machines, you can find numerous proposals for this adventure on the Internet. The authors of their proposals recommend purchasing various software, techniques, and life hack at an attractive price. But, most likely, sellers of miracle funds themselves will win in this deal since there are a lot of those who want to use "black" schemes to make money.

Ways to hack online slot machines

Since our article is about hacking slot machines, we will open the topic to the end. Therefore, we will conduct a whole excursion about how a "one-armed bandit" is hacked in practice. In the history of every casino, there have been many attempts to rob slot machines by cunning methods of deception.

Moreover, avid lovers of easy money each time had sophisticated ideas for hacking gaming terminals. Initially, they tried to casino hack using primitive methods, opening the panel with a crowbar. More accurately, scammers used rulers and screwdrivers. Well, ingenious swindlers have attached a powerful magnet to the machine.

Also, in gambling, there are always rumors that it is possible to calculate the random number generator used in any gaming terminal. After that, it is enough to pull the handle of the slot machine once and pick up the Jackpot. Moreover, in practice, such rumors were confirmed by the personal successes of the players. Otherwise, miscalculation is unlikely. Some players even resort to using a fish table cheat device.

Nevertheless, fraudsters who tried to rob the gaming terminal by hacking were always caught and handed over to the police since such actions are regarded as material damage. Concerning online casinos, when hacking licensed software, two articles are involved at once:

  • intentional destruction of someone else's property with causing material harm;
  • violation of the copyrights.

Despite severe punishments, the number of desperate fraudsters is not decreasing, so gambling establishments and developers of gaming applications are introducing more effective anti-hacking algorithms.

How online casinos work

The classic slot machine is a terminal with a gaming display and control buttons. The virtual version of the slot machine completely repeats all the device's functionality from the gambling house, except that the game is accessed via the Internet. Do you want to know casino slot machine secrets?

In turn, the principle of playing "one-armed bandit" is known to almost all players. You need to place a bet and pull the lever of the machine. This action will set in motion the game reels on which the symbols are marked. In this case, the game's outcome depends on which combination of symbols appears when the reels stop. In general, the game's principle is simple, except for the probability of winning the slot machine.

Nevertheless, despite the prevailing stereotype that slot machines are more tuned in to win the casino, believe me, this opinion is an absolute myth. It is essential to consider a nuance here: the higher the rate, the less the player's win rate. For example, if you bet ten coins, you will win more often than 400 coins. In addition, there are other nuances of winning in slot machines, such as the number of lines and the personal settings of the slot machine.

Effective methods of winning at slot machines without cheating

Theoretically, it is impossible to increase the probability of winning since the player cannot change the settings of the gaming terminal. Nevertheless, using basic strategies, you can increase your deposit without cheating, outweighing the total winnings with the lost coins. Experienced players use several popular techniques:

  • martingale method;
  • Fibonacci strategy;
  • best time to go to casino to win;
  • tactic 5 to 1.

The Martingale method is to double the size of the bet after each loss. Thus, in the case of a winning scenario, all minus bets will overlap, plus a profit will be made. True, the strategy is ideal only in theory; in practice, all casinos limit their chances.

The Fibonacci strategy is almost the same as the Martingale strategy, except the bet size increases under the Fibonacci sequence. And if he wins, the player rolls back the bet two periods back. This tactic is much safer than Martingale. However, its capabilities are also limited by casino limits.

The 5 to 1 tactic is based on the static probability of getting a big hand. Thus, the player makes five revolutions of the reel at the minimum bet and makes the sixth bet at the maximum. It should be noted that the 5:1 ratio is relative, and therefore, the ratio can be selected individually for each gaming machine.


In this article, we learned that hacking a slot machine and infecting an online casino with a virus is illegal and punishable. Nevertheless, the algorithms of the slot machine can still be influenced. And then there are the tried and tested one-armed bandit victories that experienced players use. To try one of the proposed methods for free, we recommend running the slot machine on the site in demo mode.