What time of day is the most productive in online slots?

Players always associate gambling with a smile of luck, chance, and other reasons. Roughly speaking, fate decides whether you win the next bonus game. Gamblers are always looking for rules and possible algorithms to help them succeed. Even though a random number generator is used in video slots, which excludes the possibility of predicting the game's outcome, every fan of spinning the reels will name many criteria for choosing the best time to play slots.

Most of them are ordinary superstitions and myths, but many objective signs help determine the optimal time for the game and increase the chances of winning. The short answer would be, yes, playing time can affect the return on slots. And in the investigation and the final result of the game session. Why does time affect returns? Modern virtual clubs with games of money receive visitors from different countries with different time zones. Some institutions focus on working with certain countries. The number of players affects the return in the literal sense.

There is a widespread belief among players that certain days of the month and times of day can affect the game's outcome. When is the best time to go to the casino to win? What is the logic of this phenomenon? Which days will bring big payouts? We will deal with this in our article.

In addition, we will talk about the impact of the season on online casino bonus offers. We'll tell you when to register at an online casino to get the most generous welcome bonus package. However, all information in this review is for guidance only. We cannot guarantee you a 100% result of playing online slots. It is due to the use of the Random Number Generator, which saves players from cheating.

Are the days of the month important for the game?

Most online casinos and slot machines operate 24/7. Anyone over the age of 18 can play the slot at any time they want. But why do many players prefer the last days of the month? It is easy to explain.

Most online casinos settle with their partners at the end of the month. It applies to affiliates and software vendors. Ultimately, this leads to zeroing the prize pool. It follows from this that the last days of the month are the best time to go to the casino to win. It is also evidenced by player discussions and feedback on the forums.

It should be noted once again that such a technique does not guarantee large payments. But it's fair to say that high rollers practice this scheme along with other theories.


Which season is suitable for playing slot machines?

If the situation has cleared up a little with the days of the month, then it is not at all clear with the season. What is the difference between playing during summer and wintertime? What does the season of the year affect? Dealing with this is quite simple. Here the emphasis is on online casino traffic.

During the cold season, online casinos receive many more guests than during the sunny season. People are more likely to spend time at home and look for entertainment on the Internet, including gambling. For this reason, online casinos are overcrowded in winter.

What does it mean? It's that simple! When more visitors come to the online casino, the provider does not actively work with bonuses. There are enough players, so less interested in new casino players. Because of this, the prizes are less generous, and the loyalty program is not as active.

What is the situation in the summer? Most potential players go on vacation. People sit at the computer less and spend more time in nature. Because of this, attendance falls, and with it, the company's profitability.

In this regard, online casinos come up with new unique promotions and gifts. As a result, the player will receive a more generous welcome package for registering. In addition, the terms for wagering bonuses are usually longer than in winter.

What do online casinos and players get as a result? This mutually beneficial exchange brings the following changes:

  • new customers appear in online casinos, and old players return;
  • the user receives additional gifts that will help increase his capital in the future;
  • newbies are rewarded for creating a profile, and in some cases, not even depositing the initial amount but playing for gift money.

It follows that summer is the best time to play slot machines. During this period, you receive numerous lucrative bonuses. This season usually lasts from May to November. With the onset of cold weather, everything returns to the same rhythm.

Playing slots on holidays

We found out that promotional offers at online casinos may depend on the season. It also applies to slot machines. The situation is similar with the holiday periods. During the holidays, most players spend their time spinning the reels in slot machines. But this does not mean that during the holidays, you will not receive gifts from the casino.

The situation here is a little different – seasonality matters. Most likely, during the summer holidays, bonuses will be a little more generous, and the number of free spins will be increased. However, during the Christmas period, all sites try to congratulate players with pleasant promotional offers. To a large extent, this is done to retain old customers and not to attract new ones.

However, it should be noted that this rule does not apply to all playgrounds. It is a subjective opinion and observation of many players. All of the above does not use the percentage of payments or the win size in any way. These are exclusively online casino bonus offers.

To summarize, the summer and autumn periods are considered the gaming season, while in the winter, online casinos tend to increase their activity only during significant events.

The best time of the day for online slots

For a successful game, it is not enough to know the time of year and even the day of the month. Experienced players devote a lot of time studying statistics and personal observations of slot machines during the day. Even though the sites are available 24/7, you need to choose the suitable hours to be on top of victory. What is required for this? You need to figure out when to start the reels or place a bet with the dealer to win after winning. How do you determine the best time of day to play slots?

Three fundamental factors influence the return of slot machines in a casino:

  • The current number of users simultaneously on the resource. Without going into technical and software terminology, each slot has its cycle regardless of the developer company. That is, at the beginning of the process, the machine collects money by accumulating a fund. At this time, the return will be minimal, and the successful combinations will be negligible. Further, at the final phase, the distribution of prize combinations is carried out. During this period, the game will be the most profitable: profitable moves become regular, the chance of coincidences of bonus symbols increases. It is the most successful period. Each developer keeps this cyclically in strict confidence, which is quite logical. However, with the effort to test and observe, you can make rough calculations.
  • The most active time of attendance. As a rule, the peak of gamblers' activity falls on the time interval from 20.00 to 2.00. These are not exact figures, but long-term observations fully substantiate them. Of course, this does not mean that it is then that the slots will be incredibly generous since it is not known what cycle they are on at the moment. For example, in the evening, the stage of collecting the prize fund goes faster. If the slot starts to be given away, this process should be kept under control because other online visitors also receive prizes, who at the exact moment start the reels or place bets at the card table.
  • Reset statistics. Every day the servers on which the slots are located reset the indicators to update the cycles. This process, like the reset time, is determined by the developer, not the casino. All emulators are not located on the portal but directly on the servers of the providers. If the site is reliable and licensed, it cannot influence this factor in any way.

So, what is worth considering: before resetting the indicators, each device accelerates the completion of each cycle, which means that if you get into the game promptly, you can disrupt a tangible reward using the upcoming reset. It is because the slot needs to be given everything programmed in the RTP, but it was not given for some reason. During this period, emulators are incredibly generous. It remains only to find out when the zeroing occurs.

Let's give a concrete example: it is known that the servers with video slots from NetEnt make a reset at 4 a.m. in the CET time zone. Using simple calculations, you can quickly determine the time in your region and launch slots in 1-2 hours. It is not a 100% guarantee of success, but the chances increase significantly.


When is not the best time to play slots? What should players avoid?


Of course, this post would not be complete if we hadn't told you when is not the best time to play slots. There are several other vital points you should consider in this regard, and here is a shortlist that can help you in this important endeavor:

  • You shouldn't start a game if you don't have a clear budget.
  • Do not play slot machines for real money if it seems to you that you do not have control over your emotions.
  • Not the best time to play slots when you are passionate about the game.
  • Do not play slot machines when you are in a bad mood.
  • Now is not the best time to play slots if you have problems with the internet.
  • If you are a beginner player, try the free demo versions of slot machines.

Of course, this list is incomplete, and there may be many other specific situations that will prevent you from enjoying the game on your favorite slot machines. It is why we highly recommend postponing your gaming session and waiting a few hours or even a day.


If you visit a licensed site, you should remember that a random number generator powers all slots, and no one, including casinos, can change the return of the machines, their cyclicity, and reset. If you desire to become a professional gambler, realize your passion, and receive a regular income, you should devote enough time to study the entire gameplay.

When is the best time to play slot machines at a casino? There are many options, both valid and not, for profitable gambling. In our article, we have given one of the examples by which you can hit the jackpot in an online casino. We warn those who decide to try illegal actions concerning devices and virtual establishments - play fair, and then you will not lose money and your account.

Some inpatient gambling high rollers resort to buying questionable strategies and paid advice from unknown persons, spending real money on it in pursuit of quick profits. It is worth remembering that fraudsters use your desire for instant enrichment, misleading with non-working technologies.

Remember that there is a significant difference when you play free slot machines online and for real money. Keep track of how much you bet, play for fun, and you will receive your winnings sooner than expected. Good luck!