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The top 10 online casinos list will help you find a suitable casino. There are many online gambling platforms these days. Searching them on the Internet and going to each one separately is inconvenient and very time-consuming. We have collected the top 10 best online casinos, the best and most popular gambling platforms. You will see this selection on one site and will immediately be able to compare them based on important criteria.

Also, the list of top 10 online casinos provides the largest database of online gambling entertainment. So that you can evaluate and compare them within one resource and decide, what site suits you best. All of them are checked and have independent expert assessments, so that users will get the most objective opinion on a particular portal. Each casino received an expert commentary, so it will help to get even more useful information.

Our TOP-10 Online Casino Pick

New Players Bonus
100% up to 1650€,$ on Hugo 2!
7112 Games
100% up to $100 + 15 Free Spins
565 Games
100% up to €300
4624 Games
200% up to €2000
350 Games
100% Bonus up to €200 on Starburst! + 20 Free Spins
800 Games
50% up to $750 + 50 Free Spins
1334 Games
100% up to €500
1293 Games
120% up to 200€
2614 Games
120% up to 500$
2614 Games
100% up to €600 + 50 Free Spins
2022 Games

How do We Rank Online Casinos

When choosing a suitable casino, you should understand by what criteria to choose, what nuances to pay attention to. If this is not done, you might miss important points that determine the reliability and quality of the site. If you are looking for new slot machines or big bonuses, these parameters should be a priority. It is best to search among sites that are considered the most top-notch among players. Special aggregator sites help them to see these platforms from all sides.

Here you will find a list of online casinos that users consider to be among the best ones. We have conducted the independent assessment to save your time and help you find a suitable site. Players will find the top casinos and find out how profitable and user-friendly they can be.




The AI checks the main factors. You can find out if a certain casino has a license. This is an important factor, because it determines if the platform operates legally. If the casino is unlicensed, it makes you doubt its honesty. In this case, you run the risk of being caught by scammers who will bring you absolutely no profit.



The top 10 US online casinos include the evaluation of bonuses and special offers, as well as how honest and clear they are. Big rewards attract users, because they are beneficial and make it possible to significantly increase the size of winnings. This criterion also shows the number and variety of games on the site — baccarat, roulette, slot machines, poker, etc. The number of developers of gambling software is also considered here.


Mobile version

The adaptability of sites for mobile devices and the availability of applications. This criterion provides information about the possibility of installing an app on your smartphone. Many popular online casinos are adapted and have a mobile version so that as many players as possible can play without being tied to a desktop computer or a certain place. It allows users to have fun and at the same time make money in any convenient place where they have access to the Internet.

Mobile version

Payment methods

The number of payment methods and the speed of withdrawal of winnings is often a decisive factor when choosing a casino. Some sites offer few payment methods, so the client may refuse to play there. As a rule, casinos allow to withdraw money to a bank card, mobile account or offer other options.

Payment methods

Language versions

The number of language versions in the top 10 us online casinos. If a casino is designed in a language you don’t know, it is clear that it will be difficult to use it. Often platforms offer several language versions to make it easy for foreign clients to navigate. The most popular ones try to expand their audience as much as possible, so they offer to choose the language that a player will understand.

Language versions


The support service on the site is one of the important points when choosing a company. If users have problems or questions, they can contact the specialists who will tell them how to cope with all sorts of situations. If it suddenly turns out that there is no customer support, this is a serious reason to doubt further cooperation with such a platform. Otherwise, no one will help you solve your problems. You should also pay attention to the feedback given by casino operators, i.e. how quickly they answered you and whether the information was useful.



Reviews on various resources. If there are reviews about a casino on various forums and in social media, this provides additional and objective information about it. Remember that if a casino is discussed on different sites, this proves its popularity again. Based on the reviews, you can easily decide how suitable such a platform is for you. You can also ask your question about a specific site and find out about the experience of other players who have already used it. On special forums, all the subtleties of platforms are discussed to the smallest detail. Therefore, if a site is really popular among gamblers, you will learn a lot of information about it from real users.


Technical factors

The technical factors of the site determine how convenient it is. Pay attention to separate tabs, which may help you easily find a required page. If the platform constantly freezes, most likely it will be difficult for you to play here. This indicator is important, since games should make you relax and distract from everything, and with constant lags it will be difficult to do it.

Technical factors

Design of the website

Expert assessment of design will help you get a general idea of ​​the site. This factor doesn’t affect the gameplay and the final result, but it is important when you cannot decide which site to choose. The description of the procedure will allow you to determine how interesting it will be for you to spend time on such a platform. All this can be found in the top 10 US online casinos list, which provides t objective expert assessments of every position.

Design of the website

TOP Casinos FAQ

faq-question ❓Which is the best online casino?❓
 Top online casinos include Vavada Casino, Rox Casino, JoyCasino, Sol Casino, Casino-X, Booi Casino. The popular Riobet Casin and Play Fortuna Casino are also in the top twenty. The rating is compiled on the basis of information gathered from the popularity of casinos, special conditions, user reviews and the institution's compliance with the established norms.
faq-question ❓How to choose a good casino?❓
 A good casino can be easily recognized among others – it is a licensed gambling establishment with a high rating and many positive user reviews. Each good casino takes care of its users, gives bonuses and promotional codes on a regular basis, and develops new and profitable loyalty programs.
faq-question ❓How to avoid rogue casinos?❓
 To do this, you should choose a bookmaker carefully and, first of all, pay attention to the following aspects – existence of documentation and licenses, high-quality page design, little advertising. If any of the above points is suspicious, the organization may be fraudulent. Therefore, it is better to give preference only to well-known and popular online casinos.
faq-question ❓Can I actually win money?❓
 Yes! You can win an amount of the minimum bet and up to 90% of the established amount of the main prize (jackpot) at a time. You can calculate your winnings using a simple formula – take the amount of your bet, divide it by the total winnings and multiply by one hundred. In some cases, there is a slightly different calculation – you can learn about it directly on the platform of the betting company.
faq-question ❓What if I feel I have a gambling problem?❓
 First you need to take a simple test compiled by SOGS (South Oaks Gamblings Screen) by answering questions. Either you can sign up for a consultation at a psychosomatic clinic. There, they will establish the level of your attraction to gambling and choose the best method of treatment. In some cases, if you started to have a gambling problem, you can try to cope with it yourself by abandoning games completely.

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Last updated: 11 04 2021