What is 'Pokies'? And how do they differ from slots?

Online casinos are full of offers to play all kinds of virtual slot machines. On the Web, you can test devices from different game developers. The number of available options for the game and the popularity of slot machines are growing every day.

Slot machines are the most popular entertainment in gambling establishments around the world. They bring most of the operators' profits. In the US, slot machines account for 70–80% of casino revenue. They vary in shape, size, and type, from classic mechanical one-armed bandits to advanced 3D graphics video machines.

The prototype of the slot machine was invented in 1887 in England. In 1905, in the United States, engineer Charles Fey invented the first slot machine, which he called the Liberty Bell. Five types of symbols were applied on three spinning reels: card suits, stars, and bells. The maximum winnings were 50 cents.

Today, pokie slot machines are installed worldwide in various places – from casinos to cruise ships, clubs, bars, racetracks, entertainment centers, small shops, or cafes. According to the Australian gambling regulator, the total number of legally installed slot machines globally was 7,700,004. It does not include online slots, which number over a million.

'Pokies' and slot machines. What to choose?

It's no secret that Australia is a gambling country. Slots are the most popular way to win at gambling here. In this country, there are slot machines in every pub, club, and even a cafe. So, what's the difference between 'Pokies' and slot machines?

In the middle of the 20th century, poker machines appeared and became famous overnight. Initially, these gaming machines were called Cardi. But there are many abbreviations in Australian slang. Therefore, local players gave these slot machines the name Pokies. The word quickly gained popularity among players.

Later, such games were called slot machines, but the word 'Pokies' has already stuck. Therefore, today all slot machines are called 'Pokies.' It is slang commonly used by Australian and New Zealand players. There is no difference between these two words.

What is the name of slot machines in different parts of the world?

In most countries of the world, it is customary to use the phrase "slot machine." Nevertheless, in America, you can often hear the name "one-armed bandits." It is the name of the land-based slot machines with three reels. For online slot machines and video slots, this is an entirely inappropriate name. In England, one often hears the term "fruit machines" or simply "fruits." The word "puggy" was coined in Scotland. It used to be the name of ATMs, and later they began to be called slot machines.

Why are slot machines so popular in Australia?

Slot machines are widespread all over the world. But unfortunately, the legislation of different countries prohibits gambling – all gambling in Australia. Pokie games are an enjoyable pastime. Simple rules are typical for slot machines, and the excitement is so exciting that sometimes it is challenging to stop. You don't need any strategies. The main thing is the desire to play and just luck.


In this article, we talked about slot machines and the most common names for them. Every country has slang and particular words. Many titles are even becoming popular all over the world. Slots and Pokies game are the same thing. It doesn't matter what you call this gambling game. You can still win a lot of money here. Choose a reliable pokies casino and start playing. Good luck!