Ultrapartners interview

Q: Tell us your brand story. Why have you chosen the gambling industry?

A: Established in 2016, Unique Casino is an online casino platform. It is offering a variety of game types including live casino, table games and a multitude of video slots. All games are offered in a range of languages including French, German, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian and of course, English.

First things first. When logging into your account you`ll notice you have two balances, your ‘Cash Money Balance’ and your ‘Bonus Money Balance’. Any cash you deposit will be added to your cash money balance. Any cash rewarded from a promotion will be added to your bonus money balance.

Unique are offering new players a 100% welcome bonus, up to 200.00 EUR. In layman`s terms, if you sign-up and deposit 200.00 EUR, you’ll receive an additional 200.00 EUR credit to play with - not too shabby!

For any deposits made after your initial deposit, you’ll be offered a matching deposit bonus. These bonuses vary from player to player and are based on attributes such as membership status etc. Matching deposit bonuses work as such; if you deposit €100.00 and are offered a 50% match bonus. 100 EUR will be added to your cash money balance and 50 EUR (50% of the 100 EUR deposited) will be added to your bonus money balance.

These bonuses are offered from time to time. You’ll be rewarded with free spins of which you can use at your leisure on any of the video slots on offer.

  • Weekly Bonus Wheel

An exclusive offering from Unique Casino. Each week, those with a bronze level account (and up) are offered a chance to spin the wheel in order to win a tailored deposit bonus. This isn’t a generic feature found on most casino platforms and was a welcome surprise.

Q: Were there any hesitant or skeptical moments when starting the brand?

A: I don`t know we are the Marketing platform exclusive marketing platform , we are not the casino.

Q: What is the message of your brand and what would you like to convey?

A: Unique Casino Bonuses.

Q: Why should people choose you over other brands? (3 reasons) What sets you apart from other brands?

A: Unique Casino Bonuses, games collection considerably big.

Q: What are your target goals for the next 5/10 years?

A: To be the best brand in Europe.

Q: What are the TOP Gambling trends in 2021 in your opinion?

A: A big increase due to the Covid restrictions.