The Most Popular Categories on Twitch

You are welcome to the most popular streaming platform, Twitch. The service has over 140 million worldwide users and 5,000+ content creators. About hundreds of thousands of Twitch streamers broadcast every day. Because of this, new captivating categories appear on the site. The collection dives deep into the top 5 categories, which have caught massive amounts of viewership throughout 2023 and are worth your attention.

Gaming – The Heartbeat of Twitch

Curious about what gaming content people watch on the platform? We have monitored the situation with the leading games by hours viewed. The best game 2023 was Valorant, according to the statistics. The service audiences watched approximately 25 million weekly hours of this gaming option. Essentially, League of Legends was ranked the second-best game 2023 with 23 million hours viewed in the preceding month. Let`s take a look at other dominating games and streamers dedicating a lot of time to quality streaming:

  • Grand Theft Auto 5. It comes as one of the first non-esports Twitch games on the list. A top streaming personality from Brazil, Coringa, is the best-watched content creator. The star streamed for over 1,500 hours, and over 43,000 fans watched his broadcast.
  • Counter-Strike. This tactical and competitive shooter, developed by world-class Valve, is the fifth most watched and best game 2023. The renowned streamer in this category is Alexandre "gAuLeS, a former Global Offensive pro, averaging 27k+ viewers per stream.
  • Dota 2. The gaming option remained top thanks to the global event with over 2.7 million viewers, The International. Because of this, the category`s watched hours increased. Dendi is a Dota 2 star, gathering tremendous numbers of viewers, and sharing accumulated experience with gaming enthusiasts.

Since the review`s writing in 2023, the year hasn`t concluded yet, making it difficult to differentiate if these Twitch streamers will remain in the top spot of popularity. However, their phrases have turned into memes and become recognizable clips on social media.

Just Chatting – Unscripted Conversations

Just Chatting is one of the surprisingly popular non-gaming categories on Twitch. What do followers like to chat about? Anything and everything, really. According to the recent livestreaming industry report, it is currently the most popular category Twitch. With the site`s superstar Asmongold, the category had 500k+ viewers on a random weekday afternoon.

Under this genre, some streamers may engage with their viewers before switching to an actual gaming session, while others may apply story time, body-doubling streams, co-working, and many more. HasanAbi, Kai Cenat, and xQc are among the most popular category Twitch stars.

When watching one of the most famous personalities, it can feel like you are sitting and engaging there with them. Moreover, streamers appeal to a vast audience because they invite special guests and host exciting events to boost their gaming sessions. Some unexpected and surprising moments have become viral. Once xQc and another influencer, nyyxxii kissed on the livestream and shocked the audience. The clip has received 600,000 views since the live stream.

IRL (In Real Life) – A Peek into Everyday Life

Twitch allows influencers to stream various Twitch games, providing gaming enthusiasts with unique entertainment opportunities and exclusive content. The service launched a new category, IRL, in 2017. It encourages customers to stream themselves while exploring new places, cooking, or just chatting with their audience. This innovative venture allows influencers to run their normal setup in a vlog style.

You can find any engaging content streaming more conventionally, including medicine, design, politics, journeys, and other spheres of life. Check the following popular personalities with their captivating broadcasting themes:

  • HasanAbi. Are you into politics, documentaries, and news? This star personality educates viewers on the current political climate, keeping his content light and captivating.
  • Deadly Uncle Jimmy. The influencer showcases the best vlogs and outstanding food stops. He has enough content to engage every customer.
  • Elesky. She uses the service to show her musical skills and appeals to the audience with her authentic live concerts.

The community has continuously grown and improved to attract fresh and established streamers to the platform. Influencers show their adventures, skills, and PayPal casino gaming experience so that people can overcome challenges and reach more opportunities and real-life success regarding their abilities.

Creative – Unleashing Artistic Talent

Dive into a magic world of arts and crafting. You will find enjoyable videos, clips, and live channels. Select from Art, Software and Game Development, Food and Drink, Beauty and Body Art, and Makers and Crafting. For those not talented at drawing or painting, viewing a prominent artist create a masterpiece live is a fascinating experience. Even if you want to try your hand at broadcasting in this category, you will find a dedicated tutorial on how to get started and create top-notch content.

You can show off your cooking skills in the Food and Drink category, where you can interact with other users and have fun. This category tends to have plenty of customers looking for an alternative to PayPal casino gaming. The Art category is full of artists broadcasting their drawing sessions. It`s a perfect destination for engaging art content, chill people, and handy guides.

Grumbly is famed for his monster-making in sculpture, while ChiyongRira is keen on anime. Be sure to apply Twitch ideas to your advantage and experiment with what works for you the best. There are enough streamers to grant a piece of joy and quality content in a relaxing atmosphere on the leading platform.

Music – The Rhythm of Twitch

The Music category is excellent for musicians who desire to get their names out there and perform live. The live streamer may interact with his/her audience and chat between performances. All music genres are lumped together in the category. Still, you can distinguish your broadcast with specific tags. Sometimes, your most wanted content creators might take song requests, allowing their audience to control the tunes.

Cover artists, DJs, songwriters, rappers, and A&Rs have all recently fought to carve out their niches on Twitch. So, what channels are the best to follow? Whether you are searching for some undiscovered tunes or doing market research for a perfect single, jump to the HELL YES! stream. Before the Data is also a top streaming channel, hosting feedback sessions with pop, rap, and indie R&B. KayvanMD has developed an ever-growing community of artists and producers reviewing fresh music.

"My heart belongs to all types of dance music" is a logo of Dani Dahl`s channel, created for music that makes you move. Find your next music obsession and chat with the best music curators of the platform who join people across the globe and grant unique opportunities.