The Biggest Online Casino Wins of All Time - Your Guide On Top 5 Jackpot Winners

The future of biggest online casino wins in gambling is here for all the casino enthusiasts out there, and that means you no longer have to be in Las Vegas to secure wins counting in millions of dollars. Sure, the online casino scene still seems somewhat immature and undeveloped when compared with the marvelous Nevada-based gambling venues, but looks can sometimes be rather deceiving.

That`s why you may not expect online slots to be such rewarding game options, but things are quite different in reality. There are dozens of online casino jackpot winners that earned their way into online gambling history. So, today we`ll break down their wins into the top five hits ever, discuss how they got these wins in the first place, and pick up what`s left by giving you a few tips on how you can get closer to pursuing the same dream one penny bet at a time.

About Online Casinos With Jackpot Prizes

In order to win casino progressive jackpots, it`s not enough to simply go ahead and wager on a random slot in just any online casino. Things are much more complex, and there are a few games that are more likely to pay out jackpots than others.

At least that`s what we can tell by looking at the patterns that led to the impressive jackpot hits of other players, and we`ll get to that in a bit. For now, it`s essential to tell you how the biggest online gambling wins came to be.

Unlike land-based casino jackpots, getting a big win at online casinos greatly depends on the game you are playing. If you venture into a Vegas casino, you`ll see countless slots that are linked in a single jackpot network. In the iGaming world, things are different as every provider offers its jackpot games to the public, and only a handful of these can truly pay out millions of dollars.

It all started with the Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming back in 2006, and the game was way ahead of its time. After a while, progressive wins became a thing and gave providers a way to lower the RTP on a game due to a jackpot-hitting potential. So, it turned out to be equally good for both the players and the providers, and now you can find the "progressive" or "jackpot" slots category in virtually any renowned online casino site with dozens of game options.

The Biggest Winners in Online Casino History

Now that you have a bit more background on the difference between the biggest wins in land-based casinos and online sites, it`s time to get to the bottom of it. We`ll present you with the top 5 biggest online casino jackpot prizes of all time.

We`ll also take a look at how these wins were made possible in terms of the sites that players used and other relevant details. To make it easier to follow, we`ll start from the 5th largest win and move our way up to the number one spot. Plus, building up suspense is simply a must since every casino enthusiast`s heart will race as we go through the biggest online casino jackpots ever won.

#5 - The Wondrous $16.7 Million Hit on Lucky Casino

While we are at jackpot slot games, it`s impossible to leave Mega Moolah, slot by Microgaming out of the equation. It`s a game with the highest amount of jackpots paid out in online slot history, and it`s a good reason that makes it a favorite option for many players.

If there was a Guinness World Record for the best progressive slot ever, it would probably claim to the throne. Still, a Mega Moolah player in 2020 had a special reason to celebrate the total jackpot amount of $1 billion that the provider has paid out to players.

The anonymous hero will always remain written down in history books as one of the best jackpot winners out there by grabbing a whopping $16.7 million prize in the game. This slot game will always remain in his heart for making him a millionaire on a reported $0.2 penny bet, but the casino never came forward with exact details to protect the player, and neither did the lucky winner.

#4 - Heroic Win of the British Soldier

In a civilized society, you don`t have to be a war hero as a soldier to win the battle of your life, and one UK soldier found that out in the best way possible. His favorite game was, as you might have guessed, the Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming, and he holds the record for one of the highest UK jackpots ever won on online slot game releases.

The jackpot game paid out a stellar $17 million hit as the player wagered $0.25 penny bets on the Betway online casino. This jackpot win is unlike the previous one since the winner came forward to speak about the biggest jackpot that the UK gambling scene had seen by that time, and we believe he has a hard time believing it happened to this day.

#3 - Arabian Knights Strike Back

Over the years, the Arabian Knights slot game by NetEnt was considered one of the most, well, uninteresting progressive jackpot slots out there. The reason is simple - the 95% RTP is quite low even for a jackpot game, and a 5x3 slot grid with 10 pay lines is getting outdated in the modern online casino world.

Even the bonus round isn`t that exciting since it only offers the standard 15 free spins with x3 win multiplier mechanics, but a Norwegian lucky player had it his way by hitting a $17.3 million hit on the game. There aren`t many more details about the win, but it surely launched NetEnt`s game into the best progressive slot games with the highest jackpot wins ever. Also, it surely boosted Betsson casino engagement and became a legacy of the site.

#2 - The Overthrown $23 Million Mega Moolah Slot Game Hit

After discussing the largest Betsson online casino jackpot win, it`s time to get back to the Mega Moolah slot by MicroGaming, this time with the jackpot win on the Absolutely Mad Mega Moolah game. It`s a more recent update of the slot, and it surely stands by its name, with a genuinely mad win counting $23.6 million with some pocket change for the lucky winner.

Among all the online casino winners, this one can be considered the luckiest one since the exchange rate is the only thing that kept him from the first spot among the biggest winners ever. Back in 2021, the eur-to-dollar exchange rate was a bit different, and that`s the only reason why this win at Napoleon Sports casino isn`t the #1 hit.

Even so, it still introduced players to the updated version of the Mega Moolah slot developed in partnership with Triple Edge Studios and the slot surely rose to the occasion like its predecessor.

#1 - The Most Shocking Mega Fortune Win Ever

Before we get to the #1 spot, it`s worth noting that the Grand Mondial Casino was also home to one of the largest Mega Moolah hits with a $23.5 million hit back in 2018, and it`s a shame to leave such a win undiscussed.

Still, we have to lay down the red carpet for the absolute winner - the $24 million jackpot by a Finnish player at the Mega Fortune slot by NetEnt. It`s once again a player from nearby the Scandinavian countries, so perhaps the recipe is to simply live in countries like Sweden, Norway, or Finland?

All jokes aside, this impressive hit was won on just a $0.25 bet, so that`s once again an indicator of how little you can bet and still win huge if luck is on your side.

It`s the biggest online casino win of all time and one of the most rewarding jackpots that are still an unprecedented is a win on the Mega Fortune game and in the iGaming world altogether.

Here we collected all wins in the table:

Provider Slot Win $ Bet $   
1 NetEnt Mega Fortune 24M 0.25
2 MicroGaming Mega Moolah 23.6M 0.25
3 NetEnt Arabian Knights           17.3M    0.3
4      MicroGaming        Mega Moolah 17M 0.25
5 MicroGaming Mega Moolah 16.7M 0.2

Improving Your Odds of Winning a Slot Machine Jackpot

As you can see, by these wins, online slot games are not only desirable due to online casino offers and a wide choice of jackpot slots. It`s the mechanics of these games that allow players to grab such immeasurable wins, and we`ll try and share a few tips with you as to how you can do the same.

Please note that it`s impossible to predict the largest progressive jackpot win by using any metrics. Otherwise, all players would be able to win millions. Still, there are a few tips that come in useful, so pay close attention if you wish to have a chance of getting your name on the list.

Knowing The Different Types of Jackpots

Just like you can`t expect to play live casino games and get a jackpot prize, you also can`t play just any jackpot slot. There`s a difference between the terms "progressive jackpot slot games" and "fixed jackpot slots".

Some of the online casino biggest wins were hit on games like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune where you have that progressive factor that boosts the value of the prize over time. On the other hand, you have some games like 9 Masks of Fire or Amazing Link Apollo.

While these are also jackpot games, you can`t expect to win millions since these come with pre-determined jackpot values that can`t go on forever.

Choosing the Right Casino Site

There`s no guarantee that picking one site over the other will result in a jackpot win. However, some sites have a long history of paying out high jackpot wins to players, and these are the most common names you`ll find in the online gambling industry:

  • River Belle Online Casino
  • Betway
  • JackpotCity Casino
  • Unibet Online Casino
  • Zodiac Casino
  • Napoleon Sports

While Mega Moolah continues to be the game of choice for many players, it`s equally important to wisely pick a site. You are most likely to win big on platforms with thousands of registered players, and the biggest online casino wins UK were achieved on these sites.

Most online casino jackpot winners have also played similar games, so let`s take a look at the statistics there.

Picking The Best Progressive Games - A Myth or the Truth?

After going through online casinos with the most paid out jackpots, it`s time to consider the games. While Net Entertainment and Microgaming surely make the best online casino jackpot games, Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune aren`t the only good jackpot games. Here`s a complete list of the releases with the highest record of jackpot prizes:

  1. Absolutely Mad Mega Moolah
  2. Divine Fortune
  3. Arabian Knights
  4. Mega Millions
  5. Imperial Riches
  6. Wild Wild 7s
  7. Aztec Millions

Besides the all-time favorite classic Mega Moolah slot, these games are known to be the most rewarding slots with progressive jackpots. Nearly every jackpot winner has won a massive jackpot on one of these games, and most of these were accomplished while playing the Mega Moolah game. So, there`s probably something in these games that makes them so desirable for players, right?

Patiently Manage Your Bankroll

After finding progressive slots that are most likely to award you with progressive jackpots, it`s time to once again take a look at the best online casino jackpot winners. Besides certain online casinos and games like Mega Moolah that they played, there`s another emerging pattern - the bet size.

So, there`s no need to just go ahead and pick the game you`ll pursue with the highest bets. You may think that only the high-stakes players win jackpots, but now you have absolute proof that`s not the case. So, we suggest you stick with penny bets or at least have a bankroll large enough to support x1000 of your bet level in spins, so you can play for hours and increase your chances.

Our Take and Honorable Mentions

To wrap things up, there`s no better way to summarize things, with a few honorable mentions among $8+ million jackpot winners.

While these are not among the biggest jackpot winners out there, they still deserve to be mentioned for their influence on other players. Games like Hall of the Gods in Unibet casino or Mega Moolah wins on Tipico or Zodiac casinos have proven to us that it pays off to be patient and pursue the wins. After all, the prizes always seem to go to the players that need them the most, so our ultimate piece of advice is to learn a bit more about progressive online casino software providers and their games and, of course, stay tuned for the biggest online casino wins in 2023.

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