Interview with Robert Harutyunyan - Business Development Manager at Endorphina Games

Here's a new guest in our studio! Welcome Robert Harutyunyan - Business Development Manager at Endorphina Games

Liza: Hi Robert! Glad to see you!

Robert: Glad to see you too! I'm here ready for all your questions:)

Liza: Sounds good. So, let's start! Give us a small introduction to Endorphina. How did it start?

Robert: Endorphina was established in 2012 in the beautiful city of Prague, by a small group of enthusiasts within the gambling business. Slowly but surely, it grew into an internationally recognized Game studio, with more than 1700 partners, 100+ games, and more than a hundred employees not only in Czech Republic, but in our newly opened Maltese office as well. 

Liza: Tell us about your work and your role in the project?

Robert:I tend to say that I am right in the middle of the sales and account management team. My primary role is to ensure that all our existing partners view me as an advocate of theirs in Endorphina. On the other side, I am doing my best to provide as much value as possible for our team in various aspects. 

Liza: Sounds interesting! And who is the idea generator in your company? Or is it teamwork?

Robert:I can say with confidence that Endorphina has successfully created an environment, where not only creativity is welcomed, but very much appreciated. Every department has their own areas of expertise, but without a doubt, at the end of the day, it’s all teamwork.

Liza: You have a great team and you're doing a great job. What is your greatest inspiration? What thing motivates you at work?

Robert: Great question. My motivation is the ability to freely express my ideas and thoughts; not all of them are great, but with no exception, all of them are heard. Even during a short period of time, I have been trusted enough to get access to the resources needed, to bring some of those to life.

Liza: What's the main difference between Endorphina and competitors?

Robert:I truly believe that we are on top of the “food chain” when it comes to our approach and rapport-building abilities with our partners. I am surrounded by a talented, young, and driven team of great people, who provide top-notch support and service to all our customers, and on top of that, we can always back it up with the quality and unique level of entertainment that we bring to the table with our portfolio.

Our strength lies in the diversity of our games and we have more than 100 as of now. You will find your own no matter if you are looking for a slower pace or a little more dynamic environment. No matter what part of the world you are in, you will always find something relatable and exciting for you. With that said, we have a strong foundation of classics, and those are universal. Our in-house development team ensures that the set quality standards for the art, graphics, and audio are always met. Hopefully by now, the iGaming space knows that if there is something that Endorphina never lacks, it’s creativity.

When it comes to unique features, keep an eye on our Bonus Pop and Risk Game feature – not all know, that our Risk Game feature has an average RTP of 84%.

Liza: There's a great variety of games nowadays. What do you think, why are some games more popular than others? 

Robert:That’s very subjective and very much related and tied to region, culture, and demographics in general. Surely, there are some stable ones that every brand can produce and would appear in the top 10 no matter the circumstances, but generally, it’s simply a matter of taste and surroundings. 

Liza: And what is the most popular game from Endorphina?

Robert:Well, I would have to refer to my previous answer, but one thing is certain - we can accommodate any type of player. If you are a fan of classic games, I would suggest any of the Lucky Streak or Hell Hot series. If you are more of a romantic type, go with CUPID or Wild Love. And if you are looking for entertainment, don’t shy away from Taboo or Twerk. 

Liza:Do you have any predictions for the Gambling sphere in the nearest future?

Robert: We can definitely see an immense shift in perceiving the Gambling sphere as a whole. That comes from the general audience or governments themselves. I feel that we are on the right path to healthy expansion and growth, and only the ones with the right intentions and a fair approach will flourish. 

Liza: In your opinion, which casino games will be the most popular this year in 2022?

Robert:I don’t think that 12 months is enough time to see a major shift in player preferences on a bigger scale. It’s always a matter of being able to provide what your target audience asks for, and that itself is part of the homework that needs to be done. Then mixing that up with creative ideas, and not staying behind on current trends and quality requirements.

Liza: And what trends can we expect from the 2022 gambling year?

Robert: I think everyone got a little overexcited about the upcoming Web 3.0 opportunities for gambling, but it’s still too early for mass adoption, and that will take a couple more years. We just recently had an influx of land-based players discovering the digital world due to the situation we all were in. The future holds some unimaginable things, but I do believe there is a lot of work that needs to be done prior to that. 

Liza: What are your plans for this 2022 gambling year?

Robert: We are almost midway through, and the goal was and still is to expand. We are now available in 20 markets and with the majority of those becoming part of our offerings this year. It’s been a very busy and advantageous year for the company, but that’s always a great “problem” to have.

Liza: Good job! To summarize, what else should our readers know about Endorphina?

Robert: It’s our 10th anniversary this year, so you will see us everywhere. We have started and will keep on celebrating this beautiful milestone with our valuable partners, colleagues, and friends throughout this year, and it makes me extremely proud and excited to take part, even though I feel like we are just getting started and we will keep on surprising and bringing more and more excitement to our space.