Interview with Nikki Kalehan - PR Manager from Cannonbet

For those who missed our interview section we can say that we're back! And we had a nice interview with Nikki Kalehan - PR Manager at Cannonbet

Liza: Hi Nikki! I'm glad that we've finally met and are making this interview.

Nikki: I'm also glad. Nice to meet you!

Liza: So, tell us a brief history of your brand. We are excited to know more about you:)

Nikki: Our founder is an IT enthusiast and a gamer. After incorporating LeoSoft, our parent company, he launched the CannonBet brand with the vision to add all the P2P games he grew up playing and loved. His vision was to offer a unique gaming experience to those who don’t want to play on just another betting site, but one with stellar customer support and the opportunity to play the games you can’t find anywhere else. Since then, we have focused on delivering reliable services and working on retention. Now we are moving forward with very exciting new projects.

Liza: Well, and who is the ideas generator in your company? Or is it team work?

Nikki:We have learned over the years that two heads are better than one. We have a small team of both pragmatics and visionaries. It helps us dream big but still keeps our feet on the ground. 

Liza: You're doing a great job! I think you need lots of inspiration. Where do you get it normally?

Nikki: The past couple of years have been very tough for everyone, I suppose. We were all working remotely for a while. Coming back to the office, seeing my colleagues and being able to interact in person instead of over video call, has been incredibly motivating. We have a very young team, seeing them get through adversity and difficulties, showing up for themselves and others, it makes it all worth it.

Liza: In your opinion, what is the most popular game from your brand?

Nikki: We find that P2P games designed for gamers, with tournaments that allow users to compete with each other, have been quite popular. That has informed our decision to invest in projects that would allow us to introduce more P2P games, with unique gaming experiences to offer better variety to our users. 

Liza: What are your unique features and why are your games better than competitors' ones?

Nikki:We are a one stop shop for gamblers who like variety. We have a full portfolio from sports betting and casino, to virtual and e-sports, lottery, P2P games, poker. We work with all major game providers and are in the process of adding our own. If you want an assortment of games, on a crypto friendly site that ensures your security and privacy, with stellar customer support 24/7, then we’re it! 

Liza: I see that you're a rather energetic and fast moving brand! It's a good quality for developing reality. Maybe you have any predictions for Gambling sphere in the near future?

Nikki:I believe gambling is becoming more regulated, which in turn helps make it safer for players. Technology in this industry is also advancing quite rapidly. I think over time cryptocurrencies will hold a bigger share of payment systems used on sites, which may pose a challenge for KYC obligations for operators. And of course, hybrid casino experiences, with VR/AR and Metaverse, are going to impact the way users immerse themselves in the experience. Lots of fun things to look forward to! 

Liza: And does your brand already have plans for this 2022 gambling year?

Nikki:We have a visionary leader. We often joke that if it’s all up to him, we have over 100 projects brewing at the same time. 2022 is going to be a year of many new ventures for us and I will be happy to keep you and your readers posted about it all. 

Liza: Is there anything else you'd love to share with our readers?

Nikki: We have been around for a while. Just slowly building a bigger team, and a reliable brand, expanding into new markets and maintaining the quality of service we offer. We want all users to feel like they get a VIP experience with our support staff. We want to offer creative bonuses that gamblers will not be able to find anywhere else. We value the privacy and security of our users above all. You will be hearing a lot more from us in the coming years. 

Liza: For sure! We'll definitely hear more from your brand soon. And here I wish you good luck. I believe in you and your team!

Nikki: Thank you! It was my pleasure to talk to you today. And thanks for your support:)