Interview with affiliate manager Luke Engerer

Liza: We continue our series of interviews with casino experts. Recently it was an Affiliate conference, where I met Luke Engerer. Luke is an affiliate manager at Coinsaga. Hi, Luke!

Luke: Hi, Liza! Thanks for inviting me and nice to meet you.

Liza: Nice to meet you too! Can't wait to ask you all the questions I have.

Luke: So, I'm here to answer all your questions and share them to your readers.

Liza: So, what is Coinsaga exactly about?

Luke: Coinsaga is the first Multi-currency (FIAT & CRYPTO) casino to be launched on the Igaming Platform white label solution. The casino launched in July 2021 and offers some truly unique features such as Multi-play (you can play multiple games at the same time) there is also an easy feature to switch currencies and there are no withdrawal limits!

Liza: Is it you who generate ideas in your company? Or is it team work?

Luke: Actually, most decisions are taken as a team.

Liza: Good job! And what inspires you the most?

Luke: It's all about the players really, we are all passionate about what we do and want to offer the best possible product for the best experience.

Liza: In your opinion, are there any tendencies in games? Why are some more popular than others?>

Luke: All the games are good. (laughing) It is hard to say really, some games just manage to keep a player engaged, maybe bonus features and RTP.

Liza: And are there any unique features at Coinsaga?

Luke: Of course! We have a lot of unique features. But, probably, the most popular ismulti-play (play multiple games simultaneously) and no withdrawal limits.

Liza: As it's already the start of the year, any predictions from you for Gambling the nearest future?

Luke: Hard to say, because everything is changing all the time. For the last few years I have been saying that online Gambling will shift towards crypto and that is the way things seem to be moving in the gaming world.

Liza: Does your company already have plans for the next 2022 gambling year?

Luke: Sure! We always plan the year beforehand. For now we have some super promos lined up for our players and new games lined up.

Liza: What is the most exciting thing about your brand that our readers should know?

Luke: Although we are a relatively new casino we have built this casino to make the experience easier and more enjoyable! There is a great welcome bonus waiting for you ;-)

Liza: Thank you for this interview. I'm glad to finally meet you in our studio. Wish all the best to Coinsaga in the New Year!

Luke: Thank you too. It was nice to finally meet you after the conference. Can't wait for our next interview!