Ideal gifts for gamblers

Have you ever been interested in gifts for gamblers? Gambling has been delighting players with excitement and fun for many decades. The passion for gambling is becoming very popular among modern people. These can be land-based casinos, online casinos, or even live casinos. Do you have friends or family members who are addicted to gambling? You've probably come across the question of how to surprise a gambling fan at least once.

The holiday season is about to begin. In addition, all year round there are many reasons to do something nice. Do you know what to give players? Sometimes it isn't elementary to decide on a gift. But don't worry, we will help you with that. If you don't even know which direction to move in, then read our article. We have prepared for you a selection of universal gambling gifts that will suit fans of roulette, craps, poker, and other gambling games.

Gift options to suit all players

There are a vast number of gifts that casino players will surely enjoy. However, it is essential to present a gift that will not hide in a distant drawer. It must be something valuable and unique. Not sure what type of game your loved one prefers? Not a problem! Here is a list of versatile gamble giftsthat will suit you:

Socks with a funny inscription associated with casinos.

Such socks will allow you to pull luck by the tail. It is the perfect gift for superstitious players. There is no doubt that there is no player in the world today who does not possess some lucky charm, and these socks are a great way to do just that. We recommend choosing high-quality materials so that such an element would last a long time.

Piggy bank with the inscription "Casino Money"

This option will undoubtedly be very symbolic. Even though gambling is primarily entertainment, you can make good money on this entertainment. The piggy bank will be a symbol of an upcoming win for a gambling fan. The piggy bank can even be used to store candy or other small items. Plus, the front panel has an eye-catching "Casino Money" label that sets it apart from other cans in your pantry.

Funny print T-shirt

How to stay original and congratulate the person who has everything? Another great option is a T-shirt with a funny print. It can be an image of playing cards, a roulette wheel, or the inscription "king of gambling houses" and so on. Here you can give free rein to your imagination and make it to your taste. This T-shirt will be a hit wherever it is worn and will look great on everyone.

A mug that changes color

Sometimes the best gift is the one that seems the least obvious. Everyone drinks a hot drink, whether it be tea or coffee. It is a great gift that will be very useful. The mug is entirely black, but the inscription "I believe in gambling" appears when you pour a hot drink into it. Perfect, isn't it?

Playing card-shaped beer bottle opener

These beer bottle openers are like playing cards. By correctly fitting the bottle cap, you can open the bottle without any problems. These unique bottle openers will fit in your pocket or purse. They are durable enough to be used over and over again. The loved one for whom you are preparing this gift will be pleased. They will never again use another beer opener if they try this new product.

Statuette "King of Slot Machines"

This gift is perfect for those who love unusual decor items. Such a visual element will dilute even the dullest workplace. Any casino fan will appreciate this kind of attention from you.

Derby Day board game

This board game reproduces the fun and excitement of live racing! The kit includes a game board, a deck of cards, currency, dice, and an instruction booklet. There are 12 horses on the track, and this game can be played by 2 to 6 players. This classic board game is touted as a fast-paced, high-stakes game of chance. Skillfully lead your horse to the finish line to win!

Master class in a land-based casino

Wherever you are, there is bound to be a giant casino offering affordable entertainment. In New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and beyond, you are sure to find a range of casino activities. Invite your guest to a mixology workshop at the renowned casino bar, or indulge in private poker lessons.

"Casino Night" Board game 

This casino night game allows anyone to turn their living room into a casino for the night with all the classic games. You know them: poker, roulette, and blackjack. It is an excellent way for a group of friends to get to know each other again. The gift includes two decks of cards, 200 poker chips, a roulette mat, two roulette balls, and other accessories. However, the most incredible supplement by far has to be the stickman's bow tie. Maybe you'll get lucky and put it on yourself.

Tickets for a trip to the casino

It is the best gift for any player. We know that it is challenging to plan now. But it won't last forever. Many travel companies offer to travel with Covid-19 coverage, so why not book something to look forward to soon? Players will have access to a variety of offers. It could be a casino cruise or a suite at one of the famous hotels. There are many shopping options available to help create your dream Las Vegas vacation. Surprise someone with a trip to Macau, China, or opt for Europe.

Gifts for poker fans

To please the poker lover, you need to find an exciting and valuable gift. Forget about keychains with themed pictures. A poker player is a purposeful person. Often such people are superstitious. Here is a selection of gifts for poker lovers:

Poker Chipset

Poker players usually play in clubs, online, or casinos. To provide the player with the opportunity to gather with friends at home and play their favorite game, you can present a gift in the form of a poker kit. Such sets usually consist of a case, professional chips of 100 to 1000, one or two playing decks, several dice, and a dealer button.

Collection of chips of all Las Vegas casinos

It is an excellent idea for those who can't please a poker friend. The famous casino city is a dream come true for every poker fan. This set will take your poker friend to Las Vegas with its inimitable lights and vibrant nightlife.

Lucky coin in the game

Poker players are very superstitious people, and such a coin will become a personal talisman that only your loved one will know about. Sometimes such amulets gain incredible power thanks to the player's faith.

A selection of gifts for slot machine lovers

Slot machines are bright and funny gambling games in which players rely on luck. Slot machines with an exciting storyline are widespread. We can assume that slot machine fans are cheerful people with rich imaginations. We have chosen three unexpected slot machine gift options for players: 

Bed linen with a picture of the slot

It is a pretty funny gift idea for a slot machine lover. Let your gambling friend bring some excitement into the bedroom with you. Waking up with such a set of bed linen will be a pleasure. Surely such a gift will bring a smile to the face of your loved one.

Mini slot machine

For fans of slot machines, this is a must-have gift. It is a prototype of a real small-sized slot machine. Push the handle and spin the reels. You can find slot machines with 3 and 5 reels. Match three identical symbols in a row and get a cute prize for your design.

A salt and pepper shaker that looks like a slot machine

Such a gift will become an irreplaceable thing in the kitchen. In addition, there are many variations of these shakers. For example, you can choose a bright slot machine where acute grandmother (or grandfather) sits. Thus, you can play a trick on your player friend.

What to give roulette lovers?

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. Roulette lovers are risky and brilliant people. Nevertheless, each of them would like to have a lot of fun with pleasant company. We have prepared some fantastic gift ideas for someone who loves the game of roulette.

Alcoholic roulette

Playing roulette with booze can turn a dull event into a fun party. Play roulette and drink shots. Just spin the roulette wheel and see what drink you get today. An analogy to such a roulette wheel can be thought of with food or desires.

Rotating roulette glass

This gift is also made with an emphasis on booze. A cool trick with this rotating roulette glass spins on the table like a roulette wheel. This gift is perfect for a friend who loves to play roulette, loves jokes, or is easily addicted. Instead of looking at the fireplace, it allows them to look at something new.

Roulette wheel-shaped wall clock

It is a great themed gift for gambling enthusiasts. Since clocks come in different sizes, this roulette clock can be placed in any room in the house. Roulette fans will be happy because their favorite wheel is now always in sight.

Gifts for Blackjack Fans

Blackjack is a top-rated card game with simple rules. The game became popular due to its easy strategy and big wins. But what to give a blackjack fan? We have tried to highlight several suitable gift options for you.

Beat the Dealer: Winning Strategy in Twenty-One by Edward Thorpe

If your friend is a natural blackjack lover, then he will appreciate this gift. Edward Thorpe is a true legend. He invented the card counter and then wrote a book about it. All the card counting stories are taken from this book, and your friend will love it!

Blackjack game scheme

Organizing a blackjack game at home is much more complicated than playing poker or roulette. However, it can be done. Bring your player blackjack by purchasing a felt table setting. If you are buying a quality table, it should be styled like a semicircular casino table. There should also be a place for a dealer. Often these felt settings are double-sided. Therefore, we can easily please both the blackjack player and the gifts for poker players.

3D lamp with the image of playing cards

This lamp could be one of the best souvenirs on the list. The light has eight changeable color modes, including red, blue, and cyan, and is ideal for a study or living room.

A selection of gifts for dice players

The dice game is considered one of the most ancient games. Now it is an integral part of many gambling entertainments. The game's essence consists of throwing dice and further counting points, the number of which determines the winner. Game variations involve different scoring. It would seem that apart from cubes, there is nothing to give. But this is not the case. See our casino gift ideas for dice lovers.

An accessory with the image of cubes or themed inscription

Whether it's a dice print tie or a personalized mask, we are confident that no player in the world will refuse such a gift. It will be even cooler if it has an emblem that says "The best player in history" or something similar. Times are crazy, so why not try our best. 

Dice Cuff links

Does your loved one introduce himself as James Bond at Casino Royale? These cufflinks are perfect for a tuxedo while you sip your martini at the gaming table. It is a very unusual accessory and is one of the best gifts for casino lovers.

Sports betting dice

Do you know someone who can't decide how to place bets at a bookmaker? This set will be a great solution. Each cube has a unique set of symbols: "More", "Less", "Home", "Away", "Money line", "ATS", "Units". The dice have a sleek, black translucent design and are intricately carved with golden symbols.


When you are looking for a gift idea for gamblers, you always use your imagination. You can experiment and combine ideas. If you are preparing a birthday or Christmas present, you can decorate your house casino style. We have tried to prepare for you a complete list of the most incredible gifts for players. Remember, when you buy something for a player, try to match it to their favorite casino game. This list features several different casino game gift ideas that should inspire you when looking for a unique gift. You have every chance to find a suitable facility and hit the jackpot!