How to find the best paying slot machines?

A profitable slot machine is an oxymoron. The player has no positive mathematical expectation in any slot. It means that the establishment always takes precedence, no matter what you do. But it wins over the long haul – months, years. In shorter periods, the player may have a strong advantage. You need to understand how to choose the most profitable slots and slot machines with high payouts. 

How to choose the most profitable machine from this variety? Or at least a dozen? Which of the slot machines is “recoil", and which slot machines pay the best? There is no definite answer to these questions, but we can offer our version. Nevertheless, only you make a responsible decision regarding the game. First, let’s go through the main factors that you should pay attention to when choosing an online slot:

  • criteria for selecting a recoil slot machine: RTP, variance, cyclicity;
  • algorithm for choosing the “paying” slot;
  • choosing a safe place to play.

We will analyze each of these points in detail in this article. You will learn how to determine the theoretical payout percentage. Learn about the optimal time to play and much more.

How to choose a slot machine

RTP is a concept that should be familiar to any seasoned gambler. It is the rate of return of the best payout slot machines– Return To Player. It is not the only one or the main one when choosing a slot, but it is of great importance.

Take Blood Suckers, one of the world’s most famous virtual casinos, for example. Its RTP is 98%. It means that when the entire game cycle goes through (all possible combinations are dropped, and there are usually millions of them), the slot will return 98% of all bets made. It is a very theoretical figure. You don’t need to be blindly guided by it, much less ignore all other factors. Let’s figure it out.

Let's play Blood Suckers slot machine and Geisha Wonders slot machine for about a week, yielding 93.4%. We may get completely different results from what we expected in advance. The second slot may turn out to be more profitable than the first. Why? Because the time frame is too short. What are thousands of spins versus millions? Anything can happen over such a short distance, and it all depends on luck.

Another critical factor is slot volatility (variance). It characterizes the frequency and amount of wins in a particular gaming machine. The higher the conflict, the longer you will have to wait for a solid payout. The lower the variance, the more often the car will please the winnings, but they will be much more modest.

A striking example is a Dead or Alive slot. Great machine, but it can take weeks to collect money. But the payoff will be huge if you manage to catch numerous Wilds in Free Spins. It is the principle of high variance. It is an indicator of “riskiness.” And as you know: the higher the risk, the better the reward.

These two factors are, perhaps, decisive. But there is also a third point – the cyclical nature of the slot machine. It is a somewhat temporary phenomenon because many experienced players and specialists will immediately dispute its existence. The length of the cycle theoretically shows the same periods when the slot machine is “on recoil” or when it shamelessly “eats” bets without offering anything in return.

For example, the Arabian Nights cycle length is very long (because it has a progressive jackpot, and after it is issued, the machine accumulates it again). At the same time, in the Evolution slot, on the contrary, it is low. The maximum winnings in it are much lower, and therefore the place quickly “turns” bets.

Choosing the best payout slot machines: algorithm

Let’s move on to more practical things. This algorithm explains in detail what needs to be done to find the most profitable slot machine:

  1. Select ten slots with a high RTP. Well-known suppliers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Novomatic have produced many worthy slot machines, which is a great choice. We recommend taking slots with returns above 96%. Earlier in this article, we talked about why you should not choose the leading indicators. 
  2. Analyze the variance of each of them. The volatility and cycle length of all selected slots. You can choose both machines with high variance and low variance. It all depends on the preferences of each player individually. Let’s say that recently slots with the probability of a vast win have been more popular for obvious reasons. In this case, it is essential to correlate the variance of the slot with the bankroll. Let’s say you only have 50 or even 100 bets – this is not enough to play the same Dead or Alive. It is always better to have 200+ spins or even better 500+.
  3. Carefully study the hidden parameters of slot machines and the recommendations of other players.
  4. Test the slot machine in demo mode. We take the slot machines you have chosen and go to test each of them in an accessible manner, so you will not lose a cent, and you may find a slot machine that is profitable at the moment. Of course, this is a highly controversial method. Each slot machine has a Random Number Generator. For this reason, the provability of the methods mentioned above has not been precisely confirmed. However, no one can say for sure. Therefore, we advise you to try all the options to increase your chances of winning.
  5. Real money game. If you have decided on the choice of a slot machine, then you can spin the reel. If your goal is to make money, not have fun, stick to your bankroll management rules and let your emotions take over. In case no good slots were found, you can try the next day or make another list of 5-10 pieces into circulation.

After you complete all the steps above, you can start playing with great chances of winning. Once again, we want to remind you that gambling requires tremendous responsibility. Don’t make impulsive decisions. We wish you the best of luck.