Helpful tips to win more at scratch cards

Online scratch cards appeared just several years ago, and now they have flooded the casino. Almost nothing is required from the player: he needs to press a button, and the winner will be immediately known. And scratch cards are attracted not only by their simplicity but also by reasonable amounts hiding behind the protective layer.

What are scratch cards?

Scratch cards are a type of instant lottery game. After buying a ticket, the player needs to erase the protective layer and determine what prize he got. The result of the game will be known immediately, and the winnings can be received instantly. Online casinos have slightly modernized this scheme. Instead of one fixed cost, users are offered a price to choose from. The maximum amount of the prize depends on it. As the most enjoyable part of the lottery, the erasure of the protective layer was left almost intact. What are the best lottery tickets to buy? Read further in this article.

How to play them

Providers have hundreds of scratch card options, but the rules of the game are similar:

  1. Buy a ticket. In games, there is most often a choice in terms of cost. They differ from each other in the maximum winnings. For example, a $10 ticket will give a maximum of $1,000 (x100), and a $50 card will give $5,000 (x500).
  2. Erase the protective layers from the pictures. It is done using the mouse cursor. It is enough to click or draw a line along with the protective layer. The image will open immediately.
  3. Get results. There is always a paytable next to the ticket. This way, you can quickly determine how much you have won. Completely losing "zero" tickets come across exceptionally rarely.
  4. Before you start playing scratch cards, be sure to read the rules of the selected slot. Some providers add progressive jackpots, customized bonuses, or extra odds.

By following this step-by-step guide, you can play scratch cards as often as you like. Scratch cards are a game with no complicated rules or strategies. Much depends on your luck and the right approach. For more information on buying a ticket correctly and when to refrain from purchasing, read further in this review.

Return rate and volatility

The recoil rate (RTP) of all scratch cards is different and depends on the manufacturer. There are games with 90% return, and there are games with 98%. But in most cases, the return is about 94–96%.

Volatility is also not so easy. In ordinary scratch cards, the level of risk is medium – the winnings occur frequently, but slightly more or slightly less than the ticket's cost. But in cards with a jackpot, volatility will be high (prizes are less frequent but more significant). If you want to know the exact characteristics of the game, see the description of the slot in the casino or on the provider's provider’s official website.


There are no strategies for winning scratch-off tickets. All game results are determined by the RNG (random number generator), so they cannot be predicted. No action can affect the outcome and the amount of the prize. Do not despair – you can increase the chances of winning. We do not guarantee 100% winnings, but we promise to beat more often if you use our tips.

How to win at scratch cards: tips to improve

Buy responsibly

First of all, pay attention to the ticket price. In most cases, the price for one ticket ranges from $1 to $10. However, there are also more expensive tickets. Your chances of winning depend on the value of the scratch card. This scheme is very popular with slot machines. The larger your bet, the larger the prize.

In addition, we recommend that you study the theoretical chance of winning your lottery and in the selected price category. Indeed other players have already left feedback about this game. Buy a ticket in your price range with the highest odds for any winner. If you are taking multiple tickets, then you can opt for cheap tickets. However, when you buy a single ticket, you should opt for a higher price.

Read information that is written in small print

Be sure to read the information indicated on the back of your lottery ticket or the website. As a rule, there will be shown not only the rules but also the winning odds. For example, 1: 5 means that every fifth ticket will win. Please note that purchasing five tickets does not guarantee you a win. The winning odds are shown to the total weight of the keys. In this case, everything will depend on your luck.

Better to buy in bulk

Of course, no one guarantees that five tickets will be winning. That said, there are certainly a few winning cards in this pack of scratch cards. To increase your chances, make a wholesale purchase right away. Remember that if the winning scratch-offs in this pack have already been drawn, you need to pause. We would recommend returning your access a few days later. In such a situation, you can purchase a ticket at another point of sale or on another website.

Why do we advise buying in bulk? Because scratch cards are sold in packs with guaranteed winners and losers. Usually, this pack consists of 30 or 50 tickets. If you want to win for sure, you can purchase the entire collection. Please note that in this case, the ticket price will most likely exceed the winning amount, and you will be left in the red. The only advantage is that you will feel like a winner and keep the winning ticket as a talisman.

Watch others play and expect failure

It sounds a little strange, but this is a very logical approach. There is an opinion among players that there will be a big prize for a long losing streak. It's good when it's not your fault. You can ask the lottery scratchers seller which one recently had winning tickets and which lotteries did not. Of course, none of this gives you any guarantees, but it can significantly increase your chances of winning.

Pay attention to the prize tiers before buying a ticket

Unfortunately, the sale of lottery scratch tickets continues even after all the main prizes have been drawn. It is entirely legal. Often the supplier places this information on the website or at the points of sale of lottery tickets. However, not all players pay attention to this. If you have decided on the price category of the scratch card, then see if there is a grand prize in this category. This way, you can buy another lottery ticket and not waste your money.

Save losing tickets

Very often, there are additional draws among the losing scratch tickets. Please keep all your tickets and get them when the lottery is announced. Very often, unlucky access can bring you a cash reward. Often in this way, the scratch card manufacturer tries to sell the remaining tickets after the vowel prize has been drawn. We do not recommend buying tickets just for the sake of an additional draw. However, it is a good idea to use your old access if you have one.

Recheck losing tickets

Are you lucky to win at scratch cards? Our congratulations! Instead, take the winning tickets and go to the point of sale for a prize. We recommend taking unlucky tickets with you. Always check the non-winning tickets at the end of the deal by computer to ensure you are not missing anything. After reviewing the additional information, take your tickets home and keep them until the other draw is announced.

Don't buy promo products

When you see cryptic slogans, be sure to look at what kind of lottery it is. By discounting the cost of tickets, the manufacturer often tries to get rid of old stocks. Most likely, all the main prizes have already been drawn, and the additional award is unlikely to please you. Purchase tickets in active raffles, where the probability of winning is much higher.

Sift through the card before starting the game

Probably everyone has heard about how the Canadian professor learned how to calculate winning tickets. It's all about a lack of production. The professor noticed a repeating print on the winning tickets. This method is called "singleton.” You should look at the grid of printed numbers to the left of the block. Analyze the structure of the pattern on each matrix. If one number is repeated more than once, then your chances are very high.

It is a very dubious option. Most states have fixed this defect. In addition, there is no way to view tickets at most ticket pick-up points. The same goes for online shopping. Still, it is worth carefully examining your access to exclude signs of falsification.

Set a budget for buying scratch cards

Gambling is fascinating, but there is always the risk of spending a lot of money. Determine how much you are willing to spend on buying tickets. Don't be discouraged if you've used your budget, but you're out of luck. Better to pause the game. It would help if you did not continue buying in the hope that victory is near. Never spend more than your budget allows. Do not use money that is intended to pay rent or buy groceries. Resist the temptation to recoup.

Play one lottery until the main prize is drawn

Scratch cards are a game that can be successful in the long run. Pick the lottery you like and play it. Continue to play by following the rules above. We recommend playing until the grab prize winner is announced. It helps to manage the psychological factor of winning and losing. Make it a rule: you cannot play another game.

In addition, after the end of the lottery, you will have several tickets that will be able to participate in additional draws. Remember that there are always more chances of losing than winning. So playing consistently is just one way to stay sane.

Stop playing as soon as you win

If you are lucky and you won money, then take it and leave. It is important! Many players see the prize and continue to play. Thus, there is a risk of losing not only winnings but also your money. As you invest more and more money you won, you are likely to lose it again. The numbers are not your long-term friends.

TOP 5 best scratch cards

The essence of all scratch cards is the same: you need to erase the protective layer and find out the win amount. But providers are trying to add zest to games – and they succeed:

  • Bingo bonanza. Instead of a standard playing field, the player will see a lottery reel and several cards. Depending on the number of balls, the user receives a prize - from x2 to x20,000 of the bet amount.
  • Offside and seek. It is a classic example of soccer-themed scratch-offs. The player needs to erase six protective layers to find out what portraits of football players he got. On the right is the paytable. Each athlete has different odds.
  • BeerFest Scratch. This game is dedicated to the Beer Festival in Germany. Three cards appear in front of the user: about drinks, food, and dancing on tables. A mini-game is hidden behind each picture. The user must guess the type of drink, dish, and which table will break. With each round, the options change, but the game's meaning remains the same – coefficients from x2 to x5.
  • Pharaohs Gems. The Egyptian-themed game consists of three mini-rounds. The coefficients are different: x500, x2000 and x5000. On the first level, you need to open the treasure chest. Either jewels with different multipliers can fall out, or nothing. In the second step, the user opens three vessels. A combination of three different symbols will give up to x2000 to the bet. The last round brings up to x5000. The player needs to click on the bust of the pharaoh – it is he who gives the big prizes.
  • Lost Vegas Zombie/Survivors Scratch. Two versions of scratch cards are based on the slot of the same name from the Microgaming provider. The way of playing is simple – you need to erase the protective layer on nine cards and compare the dropped pictures with the paytable. While you can switch the theme from Zombie to Survivors in a slot, you cannot do that in scratch cards. These are two different games, united by the same theme.

Choose one of the above scratch card games and enjoy the process. Fairness and large payments are guaranteed to you.

Three reasons to try scratch cards

Scratch cards are quickly gaining popularity among players. Would you please read our recommendations above carefully? Please note that this does not guarantee you will win. However, scratch cards are an exciting game, and we were able to highlight several reasons why you should try them:

  • Quick wins. The amount will be known immediately after the protective layer is wiped off. One round lasts 5–10 seconds.
  • Different costs. In all scratch cards, you can choose the price of one round: from a penny to a thousand rubles.
  • There are jackpots and remarkable odds. The developers add progressive jackpots and various bonuses to scratch cards to make them more attractive for users to play.

All the above criteria are an excellent reason to purchase a winning ticket. Scratch cards do not require knowledge and skills. Nevertheless, perhaps today is your day, and lady luck will be on your side. Our team wishes you the best of luck, and our tips will be an excellent guide to winning.