Affalliance interview

Affalliance are real experts and fans of online gambling. They provide their affiliates with the best tools to succeed in a competitive environment. 

Affalliance is managing the promotion of various famous online casino brands. They have put a lot of effort into providing affiliates with the opportunity to succeed with some really amazing brands. Their brands get traffic from all over the world and aim to satisfy their users.

So, we have discussed some points with this brand. Here`s what we have:

Q: Tell us your brand story. Why have you chosen the gambling industry?

A: Gambling industry is very dynamic and requires constant awareness about new trends, player`s preferences, legal changes and much more. This makes casino products an alluring market to grow in. AffAlliance brands are about the symbiosis where experience and creativity meet.

Q: Were there any hesitant or skeptical moments when starting the brand?

A: Nope, we know what we do.

Q: What was the hardest thing you faced while starting/running your business?

A: The toughest thing in any product launch is to build a team of like-minded people who can always stand for each other and share the interest in what they do. We managed to do that and are really proud of each and any teammate. 

Q: What is the message of your brand and what would you like to convey?

A: Daily routine of today`s people is so overwhelmed with duties, stress, responsibility and information that gaming became one of the leading methods to refuel. Our brands help to take a breath and relax with an option even to gain some profit. Each AffAlliance casino is designed in a particular style to make the player plunge into the atmosphere of sparkling Vegas, or dark mafia bars, or even join the space aircraft. 

Q: Why should people choose you over other brands? (3 reasons) What sets you apart from other brands?

A: If we have to point out 3 strongest reasons to stay with our brands here they are:

  1. Catchy design
  2. Frequent bonuses and individual codes
  3. Friendly support 24/7

Q: What are your target goals for the next 5/10 years?

A: For Gambling sphere, 5-10 years is quite a big gap as trends and regulations are changing quite fast. We will keep an eye on the global tendency and as usual analyze what our players require to stay among the leading casino brands. 

Q: Name 2-3 of your main competitors. Why did you highlight them?

A: Each player chooses what is best for them. From our side we try to always be one step ahead of our players` needs and to constantly provide new bonuses and welcome packages.

Q: What are the TOP Gambling trends in 2021 in your opinion?

A: Ongoing tendency for mobile gambling, Popularity of VR casinos, Flexibility of blockchain payments.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

A: Keep calm and try our casinos with sweet bonuses.