7 Star Partners Interview

Q: Tell us your brand story. Why have you chosen the gambling industry?

A: The online gambling industry is a dynamic one, and in our opinion one that has just started to develop. Technology advances fast which also has a huge impact on our industry. Our online casino Cadabrus is an example of the innovations happening not only in our industry but globally. Cadabrus is not just your regular online casino. It is designed with inbuilt gamification which adds to the entertaining atmosphere and customers love it!

Q: Were there any hesitant or skeptical moments when starting the brand?

A: If we say hesitant or skeptical that would be too much! But surely there were some moments of doubt if customers will accept something different from what they are used to seeing in the online sphere.

Q: What was the hardest thing you faced while starting/running your business?

A: Maybe these are the business relationships. At the beginning it is hard to find partners who look at the same direction as you do. But with a little bit more effort, persistence and the experience our team gained, we managed to overcome this obstacle and now we can say that we build strong and Long-lasting relationships with our partners.

Q: What is the message of your brand and what would you like to convey?

A: Cadabrus is all about magic. We didn’t want to develop a regular online casino with just some basic gamification features. We wanted something that grabs the eyes at first sight, something that makes you want to come back and enjoy your time. And who doesn’t love magic tricks? So we thought maybe we can design a brand that offers top-notch casino entertainments from the best industry providers and at the same time “a game in the game” reality.

Q: Why should people choose you over other brands? (3 reasons) What sets you apart from other brands?

A: Cadabrus offers excellent Support in multiple languages and through various means. Cadabrus is so much more than an online casino. Cadabrus is an innovation!

Q: What are your target goals for the next 5/10 years?

A: We are here to write history! We want to be the best in what we do. Thus, we plan to keep up with the industry’s pace and trends, to incorporate new features and update our brands. Surely, we have some new markets and hence new licenses in mind.

Q: Name 2-3 of your main competitors. Why did you highlight them?

A: Competition is actually good. It helps you to evolve and strive for more. Therefore, we respect our competitors and use them as a motivation to push more, to get better and to add more value to the customers’ experience. Our main competitors are Betsson Affiliates, Hero Affiliates and Leo Vegas Affiliates.

Q: What are the TOP Gambling trends in 2021 in your opinion?

A: Online gambling operators are currently discovering the power of entering markets that were very underestimated before - regions like Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Mobile casinos will also become a thing - more online casino apps, more perks for the mobile users.