11 Things to Bring Luck in Gambling

People are superstitious, and you cannot get away from it. The superstitions vary from country to country. Sometimes, the same thing can mean different things. A black cat crossing the street is believed to bring bad luck in some countries, but it’s a sign of good luck in others. The history of superstitions is so old that you need to study each one separately to find out its origins. And gambling is an area of superstition. Not that all gamblers are exactly superstitious, but most of them are. They casino good luck charms, as well as bad luck. 

Bad Omens in Gambling

Some of those superstitions kind of make sense, while others are totally ridiculous. The most popular is that having a failed romance will definitely lead to great winnings. It makes you wonder if people who have loving relationships don’t gamble at all? But that doesn’t seem as weird as the belief that making certain physical moves or using specific banknotes can bring you bad luck. Let’s check out some of the strangest bad luck beliefs in gambling:

Crossing your legs – yes, you shouldn’t get too comfortable at the play table, or you’ll lose focus and lose altogether. 

Counting money – never count cash at the table. You’re bound to lose. 

Itchy hands – if you have itchy hands, it means that you’re going to lose. 

Using $50 banknote – never use $50s in the game, it’s a guarantee to lose. 

Lending money to players – never lend money to other players, you will lose. 

Some of them have actual origins, like with the $50 banknote. Rumor has it that mobs in Las Vegas were burying their victims in the desert with a $50 banknote. Counting money at the table doesn’t have an exact origin, but you can bet – no puns intended – it has to do something with other players knowing how much money you have. This is a strategic mistake that professional gamblers should avoid at all costs. Itchy hands are a bad omen in most European countries, while it is considered a lucky charm for gambling in Serbia. 

And there are other bad omens. You won’t find a lot of gamblers placing their bets on number 13 in Roulette. Most of them will opt for 14 or 15, just to avoid the unlucky 13. At the same time, in China, the unlucky number is considered to be 4. The superstition goes beyond gambling there. You will often find office buildings or hotels that omit the fourth floor. And you should also avoid whistling while gambling. It is believed that whistling while playing any game of chance will bring you bad luck. Or at least strange looks from other players. 

There’s also a belief, quite common in Asian countries, that players shouldn’t leave the casino through the main entrance. The back door is preferred much more. Well, most likely, the superstition originated from the idea that the losers’ envy will bring you bad luck. Well, it’s not a problem in modern casinos. They have numerous entrances, so there’s no main one. Thus, you don’t have to leave the casino through the back door. 

Good Luck Charms

Well, now you know what things you should avoid when you’re gambling. Whether to believe them or not is up to you. Most of them depend solely on how superstitious you are. Still, some of those beliefs are quite logical, and it’s better to follow those rules. But enough of the bad luck superstitions. Those will help you know how not to lose. Now, it’s time to talk about something that can bring you luck. The list of things that can bring you good luck is way longer than the bad omens. 

Before going to some detailed description of the most popular lucky charms for gambling that you might have never heard of, let’s talk about things you are most likely acquainted with. Blowing at the dice before the shooter shoots is quite common when playing craps. It’s believed to bring good luck to your game. Some players hold the dice in a specific way when blowing. Even if you’ve never done it yourself, you surely have seen others doing it, at least in movies. 

There’s also a superstition connected to slot machines. Gamblers believe that using the machine after someone who has failed to win increases their chances to hit the jackpot. The logic of this belief is quite simple. It is believed that the previous player had done all the possible ways to lose to the one-armed bandit, so it will give more chances to win to the next player. So, next time you’re in the casino, look for someone who’s losing to the slot machine. Unfortunately, this rule doesn’t apply to online slots.

There’s also a popular belief that crossing your fingers while the ball is bouncing in Roulette builds you good luck. A thing that can actually work only, even with online slots. Cross your fingers in while the reels are spinning, and maybe you will hit the jackpot. Now, after taking that all from the wall, it’s time to talk about gamblers’ good luck trinkets that are believed to help you both online and offline. Let’s check the most powerful good luck charms in gambling without any further ado. 


Shamrock or the four-leaved clover is one of the most common lucky charms for gambling. This lucky charm is strongly associated with Irish traditions, which makes no surprise, as the three-leaved clover is the official sign of St. Patrick’s Day. It also represents the Holy Trinity. But if the three leaves are The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, what does the fourth leaf represent? It represents the Holy Grace, and if you manage to find one, you are going to get a fortune. 

The chance of finding one is one in five thousand, which kinda reminds all the algorithms of a slot machine. Slowly, a shamrock, be it three- or four-leaved, became a popular symbol in the gambling industry. And it is believed that they can bring good luck to anyone who comes around it. Nowadays, certain gamblers would take a trinket with the symbol whenever they are going to the casino. So, if you want to bring luck to your game – try it. 


A horseshoe is one of the most popular trinkets that bring luck. It originated from the folktale, where a man nailed the horseshoe to Devil’s hoof, after which the Devil agreed not to disturb any places where the horseshoe is nailed. But the horseshoe can work both ways. If you nail it in the U shape, it’s going to attract good luck to your home. But if you nail it in the ∩ shape, bad luck will come to your home. Thus, make sure the way you’re hanging it. 

Nowadays, many gamblers believe that keeping a horseshoe near themselves while gambling will bring good luck to the game. If it brings good luck in general, surely it can attract good luck for gambling. But it is better to have it near you when you’re gambling online. Many land-based casinos, at least Statewise, are starting to implement metal detectors from 2021. 

Khamsa Hand

Khamsa Hand, sometimes referred to as Hamsa Hand, is often regarded as a protective charm. A popular symbol in both Western and Asian cultures, this charm is represented by an open palm with an eye. It is believed to nullify any evil in the area where the Khamsa Hand is located. In Islam, it is believed to represent the hand of Mohamed’s daughter, while in Jewish representation it is believed to be the hand of God himself. 

Regardless of the spiritual interpretations, this charm is believed to bring good luck with games of chance. While it doesn’t bring fortune, at least it protects you from evil and misfortune. In Middle Eastern casinos you can often find Khamsa Hand hanging on the walls. But if you want it to work for you, you can opt to wear jewelry with the symbol. It is believed to be one of the real good luck charms that work, so you might as well give it a try. 

Pu Tai

While the name might not ring the bell at first, the symbol’s appearance will definitely feel familiar. Pu Tai is a Laughing Buddha. Most likely, you’ve seen it several times at someone’s home, as this symbol is believed to bring prosperity to households. The default chubby statue is also believed to grant wishes if you run its belly. So, how can a charm that is designed to bring wealth to home, can bring you good luck in games of chance?

Recently, this good luck charm grew beyond households and is considered to bring fortune in gambling. You can rub its belly before going to the casino or before playing your favorite game of chance online, and your chances to hit the jackpot will increase. It is believed so, at least. But mind that not just any Buddha figure will do. You should have the one with the pot of gold or with gold nuggets in the monk's hands. Those will surely attract good luck to your game. 



Tomi comes all the way from Peru. And it went a long way from being a tool for performing religious sacrifices and ancient surgeries to becoming one of the good luck charms for money. Yes, initially, Tomi was a tool for sacrifices. It was also used for an ancient surgery that involves removing a piece of skull, commonly known as trepanation. This ax originated in Pre-Incan cultures, but survived till today. And now it is the national symbol of Peru. 

It is believed to be a trinket that really works to attract fortune. People often hang the ax on the wall to bring prosperity to the household. Aside from that, you can often find it in the South American casinos. Thus, if South American beliefs appeal to you, hang them on the wall in your room where you play online or make a trip to Peru. Guess playing in the casino where Tumi is hanged on the wall can really increase your chances to win. 

Nazar Boncuğu

If you've ever been to Turkey, you have definitely seen the amulet that looks like a giant blue, white and black eye made of glass. This amulet works in the same way as the Khamsa Hand. It is believed to keep evil and misfortune away. If you hang it in your home, it will also deflect the jealousy and negative thoughts of some of your guests. And if it is strong enough to chase the evil way, it makes sure that nothing stands in the way of your luck. 

Gamblers take the Nazar in the form of trinkets to gambling venues, as they believe that it can block the negative energy of your opponents, who can secretly wish you to lose in the game. While it doesn’t guarantee you a 100% win, at least it will keep you safe from the ill intentions of your fellow players. That alone brings you one step closer to the desired jackpot win. 

Three-Legged Toad

If you practice Feng Shui, you’re most likely familiar with Jin Chan or Chan Chu. The latter is a toad, while the former is a golden toad. There’s a legend that a three-legged toad with red eyes and a coin in its mouth appearing near your house during the full moon - brings good luck. To be fair, while it is quite possible to meet a toad with three legs, it is unlikely that it will carry a gold coin. Thus, you have statues of the Jin Chan that can bring you luck. 

There are several rituals that gamblers indulge tinmaking the three-legged amphibian bring them luck in gambling. Those rituals include putting winning lottery tickets or money under them. It is believed that actions like that lead to increasing your chances in winning any game of chance you’re about to play. Jin Chan or Chan Chu also work in warding you from bad luck. 

Cat’s Eye

One of the most famous gamblers’ good luck charms for winning is the Cat’s Eye. Don’t worry; no taxidermy is involved here. Cat’s Eye is simply a gemstone that resembles the eye of the feline. It is believed to keep the bad luck away, neutralize the ill intentions of another, and help you win a fortune. Just carry the gemstone in your pocket when you’re going to the land-based casino. There’s a strong possibility that luck will be on your side. You may not end up winning millions, but you will be safe from losing all of your money. 


Let’s continue the cat’s theme. There’s a popular Japanese lucky charm. You’ve seen those cats waving paws several times in your life. But Maneki-Neko is not just waving its paw. It is believed to be beckoning good luck to its owner. In Japan, it is believed to be one of the real good luck charms, which can be found in any venue in Japan. The Maneki-Neko figures are in every hotel, in every shop, in every restaurant, and definitely, you will see them in casinos. 

But you should pay attention to which paw the Maneli-Neko is waving with. While both of the paws bring good luck, there’s a difference. The beckoning left paw attracts customers to businesses. If the cat is waving the right paw, it is welcoming money and fortune. So, if you want to win, let’s say, playing an online game of chance from the comfort of your home, you should buy Maneki-Neko, that’s waving with its right paw. 

Rabbit’s Foot

Someone’s luck is another's misfortune. Rabbit’s foot is one of the most popular good luck trinkets. It applies to any aspect of your life, not specifically to gambling. Unfortunately, an innocent animal has to lose its foot, so you can win a fortune. The origins of this belief are disputable. Some claim that it is rooted in paganism, as different animal parts were often used as amulets. Certain experts believe that this belief is connected to the fact that rabbits sleep with their eyes open, so they won’t allow any evil to happen.

Regardless of the origins of this belief, gamblers consider a rabbit’s foot to be one of the strongest good luck charms to win money, so you can often see players with this trinket in casinos. If you don’t have any problems with carrying a dead animal’s foot with you, you can try out this trinket as well. After all, if generations of people believe that this talisman brings good luck, there must be something to it. 

Scarab Beetle

Take any movie about Ancient Egypt or mummies, the scarab beetles are going to show up at some point. They are often portrayed as flesh-eating insects that are often used in ceremonial burials. While it may sound surprising, those beetles were never used for burials of traitors or anything like that. But the symbol of a scarab beetle was quite popular in Ancient Egypt, as it was considered the symbol of good luck and rebirth. Rebirth is probably the only connection to mommies that scarabs have. 

Despite the morbid portrayal of scarab beetles in Hollywood horror and adventure movies, the insects remain quite popular among gamblers. While in no way as popular and famous as shamrocks or horseshoe, scarabs beetle symbols are frequently used by casino players, who believe that the image of the beetle can bring them good luck. Unfortunately, if you play online slots with scarab beetle acting as one of the symbols, it doesn’t guarantee an instant win. 

So, those are eleven good luck charms for gambling, which are quite popular around the world. Whether they actually work or not, no one can say for sure. But gambling relies heavily on luck. Yes, you can use strategies in certain games, while others won’t offer you the same luxury. Luck has an important role in games of chance, and that’s the reason why they bring such a rush. Thus, you might as well use one of the trinkets mentioned here. Who knows, maybe it will make you a millionaire.