How To Become a Profitable Gambler

About 99.9% of gamblers using online casinos playing plackjack, roulette, slot machines, poker, baccarat or any other game are pretty much guaranteed to lose all their money – manipulated casino software is built to take away any possibilities for you to earn money, not even talking about official casino comission rates. If you are really into gambling and would like to earn some profit with it, then sports betting is your only choice. In sports betting, casino cannot have such an advantage because game results are always up to the soccer teams and players instead of casino software and algoritms (which are, of course, easily manipulated). Following article gives you a good starting point in becoming a profitable gambler.


SOCCER BETTING | Betting on the possible outcomes of real life soccer events.

Odds and Bet – Odds are the numbers set by the casino. Odds indicate the possible return if the game ends with the chosen result and you win the bet. For example – with odds 1.9 (EU odd type, US odds -125 and UK 4/5) and your bet being 100EUR, if you win your return will be 190 EUR (90 EUR of it is direct profit).

OUR RECCOMENDED SYSTEM | Step-by-step instructions on how to begin

With our system, league and type of match are not important when selecting your bets. When searching for games at your casino´s “sports betting” sections, notice that each game has extra lines (usually you can find them when clicking on something like “+15 Bets” or just “+” or similar right after the game line). From the extra selection, find and select bet type – Under 2.5 Goals (casinos tend to forget that each games starts from 0-0 and this here is our biggest advantage!)


Selected Under 2.5 Goals bet MUST have odd ranging from 1.85-2.05 (US odd type -117.65 to +105 and UK 17/20 to 21/20. Each day there are tens and tens of such bets in the selections). Why always such Odd range and Under 2.5 Goals bet? It is the common sense and long term statistical analysis that makes this bet type the most valuable one.


Check the start and finishing times for the game – AVOID having 2 games at the same time as it makes it more difficult for you to follow the next steps. It’s also cool to watch your games live online – for example gives you real time scores.


Choose a fixed bet size and stick to it (exept system addons/takeoffs). You can increase your bet size when you advance to a new level. Bet size depends on your bankroll and you can read more about it in our next topic.


When you WIN, stick to your fixed bet size! Next bet must be the same as the previous one.


When you lose, increase your next bet by 10% from your standard fixed betsize. If you lose multiple times, keep adding the 20%. Example: first bet 100 EUR LOST, next bet 120EUR LOST, next bet 164 EUR LOST, next bet 198 EUR until you win and make up for the losses.


You should be able to make 3-10 bets each day depending on how much time you have and how many suitable bets there are in the selection.


BANKROLL MANAGEMENT | Managing your money for maximum profit and minimal losses

You can choose your bankroll and bet type depending on your own circumstances – you can skip level 1 and 2 and start with level 3 if your overall bank balance enables it. Always keep your betting bankroll separated from your own money – deposit all the starting balance to the casino. This enables you to keep the discipline and avoid unneccesary mistakes related with the gamblers fallacy.

Starting balance 300 EUR 750 EUR 1500 EUR 3000 EUR 9000 EUR 30000 EUR
Bet Size (1/30 of balance) 10 EUR 25 EUR 50 EUR 100 EUR 300 EUR 1000 EUR
Total money BET (5 bets daily/month) 1500 EUR 3750 EUR 7500 EUR 15000 EUR 45000 EUR 150000 EUR
Monthly Profit Projections (~10%) 150 EUR 375 EUR 750 EUR 1500 EUR 4500 EUR 15000 EUR

CHOOSE THE RIGHT CASINO | Not every casino accepts winners and systematic betting!

No Limits Bookmaker – Most bookmakers have limits for bet size and winnings – you cannot increase your bets when you want to advance to the new level.

Casino Who Accepts Winners – Most casinos ban or limit your account if it shows constant profits. You must find a FAIR casino who allows winning customers.

Trusted and Big Casinos – Big casinos are much more reliable than local and small ones. They are too big to notice you and your winnings do not affect them as they have thousands of losing players paying for it. Moreover, with trusted casinos you don’t have any problems withdrawing your money later on!

Allows Systematic Betting – Notice that not all casinos accept system bets. As our method includes system bets (one bet type and systemically increasing/decreasing bet size) you must be very careful when selection a casino where to play.

So far, we have found only two casinos (among hundereds of checked ones) which in practice enable us to use our methods and make consistent profits. One is Bet365 (They also have signup bonus of 200 EUR. For example if you deposit 300 you are getting and extra 200 which makes your bankroll 500. Gives you a lot more fluctation) and the other is 10Bet (they also offer huge signup bonuses). Both are among the world’s biggest casinos and also part of a huge stock-market company. You can expect both to provide professional and fair service to you.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride…