Slots with Bonus Round Online - No Download, No Registration

Play slots with bonus mini-games and rounds or not play slots at all. This is one of the most popular questions, as some people still argue about the bonuses presented in most slots. All this is pointless because even a beginner knows that every special symbol and an additional round is another opportunity to win real money.

Every modern game comes with at least one bonus, although many developers add an abundance of options. They can cover a wide range of formats from minimal gambler interaction to his crucial role. In some games, he is even offered to demonstrate some skills in order to earn more for his bet. Many of these options are a continuation of the main plot and are carried out on a separate screen where you need to follow certain rules.

What types of slot machines are equipped with bonuses? Almost all slot types, even those with 3 reels are offered with additional features from time to time. In recent years, developers have often used this approach to attract the attention of casino enthusiasts. By the way, in some establishments, you can check how such slots work with a no deposit and welcome bonus.

How to trigger the bonus round slots? This happens every time a certain group of symbols appears on the screen. In some slots, this happens by chance when the player reaches a certain level, accumulates a special scale, or performs another action.

400% up to $10,000 / 0.4 BTC + 300 Free Spins
Minimum deposit: 10 $
Wagering requirements: 40x

Bonus games and rounds

Many slots presented today in virtual casinos are equipped with bonus options that are activated to increase your bankroll and diversify regular spins. However, not all developers use the same set of options. While some slots offer free spins, others trigger Hold n `Spin, Risk-Game, and others. You should know how they work if you are going to play a free slot machine with bonus round slots.

Free Spins

Let’s start with the trend that is most often added to slots with a different number of reels and paylines. Free Spin is a round in which reels rotate without your payment. This happens when you earn a certain amount of coins or land special symbols on the playing field. After that, reels are spun a certain number of times (from 5 to 100+) at the current bet and lines, the casino pays. Sometimes free games can be re-triggered if special characters reappear on the screen.

Hold n’ Spin

This bonus has become popular not so long ago, but its advantages are obvious. By running the Hold n’ Spin feature, you can manipulate the gameplay by holding some reels with certain symbols and spinning others to make a combination.

Gamble feature/Risk game

After each successful round, do not rush to collect your prize. Try to increase it two or four times in the risk game triggered by the Gamble button. On the new screen, you will need to guess the color of the upside-down card to double payout or call its suit to quadruple it. But there is one detail: a wrong answer will void the payout for the last round.


This is one of the best deals when you play online slots. Multilevel bonuses are more interesting because they allow users to win more. After completing all the requirements at the first stage, you move on to the next, and as a result, the slot machine turns into a generous arcade game. The multi-level bonus lasts until you lose.

Pick a Box

Another interesting option that is used in popular games starts when a certain combination of symbols takes its place on one of the active lines. After that, you are offered several boxes with prizes. Some are small, while others are a great booster for your bankroll. The reward you can get depends on the box you choose. Advanced slot machines feature multi-level Pick-a-Box games with more favorable conditions for players.

Scratch Cards

Slots are games of chance, so they often receive corresponding bonuses. In this case, you need to make a combination of 3-5 identical symbols. Once this happens, a pop-up will appear in the game, and you just need to erase the cells to find out the size of your prize.

Bonus Wheel
This bonus round slots is extremely simple and straightforward. You just need to spin the big wheel to get the reward. Please note that the shape and size of the Bonus Wheel depend on the selected slot. It can play progressive jackpots, Wilds, cash prizes, multipliers, and more. But in any case, running the wheel means that you are guaranteed to win something.

Wild and Scatter symbol variations

To give you a better chance of winning, the developers are adding an extra online slot bonus in the form of special symbols. There are two of the most common advanced characters: Wild and Scatter. They come in a variety of forms, performing different functions when you rotate the reels.


This symbol is known for replacing regular icons by landing in a suitable cell somewhere on the playing field. However, this is not the only function as you will find several variations of the Joker.

  • Sticky Wild. Appearing on reels, such a character remains in the cell during the next spin, which increases the likelihood of a combination forming. This Joker is also known as Locked and Frozen.
  • Duplicating/Replicating Wild. The essence of this symbol is extremely simple: appearing on one of the active reels, it is duplicated covering the entire column. This allows you to make multiple combinations in one round. Some slots allocate the reel for Duplicating Wilds before the spin.
  • Random Wild. Many slot machines are equipped with Jokers, the appearance of which is impossible to predict. They are randomly activated, and often this happens when the player lacks a suitable symbol to make a combination and win some money.
  • Expanding Wild. Jokers can indeed come in different shapes and sizes. You will understand what it looks like with this symbol as an example. Some slots boast Expanding Wilds that appear on different reels and expand into multiple cells. For example, such a symbol can go in a long strip covering all cells on the 2nd or any other reel. When this happens, the chances of winning increase dramatically.
  • Colossal Wild. These are symbols that are in the form of 3x3 instead of single pictures, covering many more cells with a high probability of a payout. They can appear at any time, regardless of whether you are playing in the base game or using free spins.
  • Walking Wild. After such a Joker symbol lands, it holds its position on the field for several spins. However, it does not stay in the same cell, moving along different reels in each new round. This continues until it leaves the field.
  • Multiplier Wild. This is one of the most common forms of Wild Symbols. By activating Multiplier Wild in one of the combinations, you can expect an increase in your winnings. The advantage of these Wilds is that they can increase the final payout by two, three, five, and more times.


This is another special character that is usually added to the game along with one of the Wilds. Its value is very high, therefore it appears on the screen less often than other symbols. Here’s what you need to know about the Scatters before you start playing.

  • Like other pictures, it can give payouts, and sometimes these are decent amounts. You will get paid for 2-5 of these symbols.
  • Their position on the screen does not depend on cells and active payments. This means they can appear on any reel, and this will happen at any time.
  • Despite the cash rewards, Scatters are designed to trigger bonus features, most often Free Spins rounds. 2-3 scatters are enough to activate them, but the more you catch, the better the conditions will be. For example, 2 scatters run 5 FS, while 4 scatters offer 15 FS.

Thanks to the Wilds and the Scatters, each player has the opportunity to win thousands of dollars in every round!

How to play bonus round slots

Popular and reputable virtual casinos always offer bonus online slots to their customers. Moreover, the variety is quite extensive since many developers are focused on this type of entertainment. Bonus options and symbols are offered in old-school, 3D, progressive, and other games.

Having launched any of them, study the rules and features of free spins, bonus games, and symbols. Usually, all instructions are available in the theoretical section that complements any modern slot machine.

Returning to the main screen, select the number of active paylines and the size of the bet that matches your bankroll. Please note that these parameters determine the size of your payments. So, free spins are held at the current bet and the number of active lines, so you should probably take care of this in advance.

Finally, start the game with the Play/Start/Spin button or use the Autoplay option for automatic gameplay. The good news is that you can gamble on any mobile device. This is a great opportunity to test slots with bonus round slots, no downloads are required.

The best slots with bonus features

Finding the right slot machine takes a little time, but fortunately, you can skip this step as we have already selected the best slots with lucrative bonus features.

Rocky (Playtech)

Dedicated to the legendary movie, this 5-reel slot has no less than 3 bonus options. The ROCKY feature increases your stake by 5x, and you can always win up to 25 free games. Many payouts are offered with an additional multiplier. Besides, you can trigger the 10-round boxing match and receive payouts every time Rocky wins.

Jurassic Park (Microgaming)

Another slot based on the popular movie. In Jurassic Park, you will find 5 active reels with 5 random free spins bonuses. Each of them has 12 free rounds with additional features of a certain dinosaur. After that, you open the bonus round slots with film footage that draws you right into the action.

Guns’ N Roses (NetEnt)

This video slot is dedicated to the legendary music band. The game is endowed with realistic symbols and 5 reels for combinations. By landing 3 bonus LP symbols you can define your bonus round slots. This can be Encore Free Spins (10 rounds with Stacked Wilds), a cash prize, or a Crowd-Pleaser Bonus in the form of a 3-level pick-and-win game.

You can try these slots with no deposit and other bonuses. If you want to do this via a mobile device, no download is required.

Written by: Oliver Taylor