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A fun take on the popular BlackJack table game, Zappit BlackJack slot is a 2019 Red7 Mobile offering.The slot offers players a low RTP of 92.6%, a maximum win of 300, and betting limits of $0.1 minimum and $100 maximum which is suitable for new players and high rollers. The challenging Zappit BlackJack card game follows highly simplified Blackjack rules with an exception that lets you swap your initial cards if they are a hard 15 to 18.There are many versions available for free and beginners can test out a Zappit BlackJack play demo before playing for real money.

Zappit Blackjack demo
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Provider Red7 Mobile
Category Free Slots Online
Release 01.09.2019
RTP 92.6%
Variance N/A
Max Win 300
Min bet (Max bet) $, €, £ 0.1( 100 )
Layout NA
Game type Classic Slots
Paylines N/A
Features N/A
Theme Card Game
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Technology JS, HTML5
Last Update 26.10.2021

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Zappit Blackjack Slot Review

Zappit Blackjack is played at most of online casinos. And it should be, because it's a very fun and challenging game. However, with the recent popularity of online gambling, you'll find that there are many Zappit Blackjack games available for free. In fact, you could say they're just waiting there for you to try them out!

What's so great about Zappit Blackjack? There aren't any real special prizes involved. Although, there are typically lots of sweepstakes coins available to those who play online. However, there are no loyalty rewards or exclusive rewards. However, there are lots of fun things to do while you play online, including Zappit Blackjack. There are games with exclusive rewards, but none of that.

So what are Zappit Blackjack games? They are the same as you'd find in live casinos, with the exception that you don't play Zappit Blackjack using real money. You play for fun, for practice and to beat the house edge. This is not hard to do, because there aren't any physical cards used in the game.

In live casinos Zappit Blackjack is a highly competitive card game. That's why it's not offered as a free bonus when you play Zappit Blackjack online. However, the competition isn't nearly as intense in an online casino Zappit Blackjack as it is in a live casino. Zappit Blackjack is a good 'learn to play' type of game, with its highly simplified rules. This means that you can play Zappit Blackjack without having to know any of the complex theories behind the casinos traditional games.

The way Zappit Blackjack works is that you bet the amount of the house edge (which represents your bankroll) on one side of the card table, and wager the same amount on the other side. Zappit Blackjack starts out with the dealer showing all the cards - the high cards first, the low cards second, and the middle card third. Zappit Blackjack players place their bets against the dealer's bet, and if they win they take their winnings, if they lose they must take their bet back out of their Zappit Blackjack account. When the player wins, they take their winnings, if they lose they must take their bet back out of their Zappit Blackjack account.

Zappit Blackjack is played on an online casino's website. Before you start playing, you will need to read the Zappit Blackjack Playing Rules & Regulations. You will then be able to log into the online casino's website, and play blackjack using the casino's secure online gaming platform. Zappit Blackjack is designed for use with credit and debit cards and is free to download. To keep up to date with all the latest Zappit Blackjack news, subscribe to the Zappit Blackjack newsletter.

Zappit Blackjack FAQ


How to win Zappit Blackjack slot?

It is really easy. First, activate the Autoplay. Second, choose a bet amount. Third, click Spin button. Hit Stop button and Stop Autoplay. Fourth, get a free Zappit card. Fifth, collect your coins in coins box.


How volatile is Zappit Blackjack?

In RTP terms, Zappit Blackjack casino slot from NetEnt has RTP percentage of 96.2%.


Can I play Zappit Blackjack for free?

Yes, you can play Zappit Blackjack online for free.


Is there a free spins feature mode in Zappit Blackjack?

No, there isn’t, unfortunately. However, since the Wild symbol is the Zappit, it can replace any other symbol on the reels. Plus, it doubles your payout when it does so!


What is the biggest win possible in Zappit Blackjack?

The biggest possible real money win per spin on Zappit Blackjack is 1,000 credits.


What is the Zappit Blackjack jackpot record?

The Zappit Blackjack slot jackpot record is $1,100,000,000.

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