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Tarzan slots is a flavor of untapped nature, beautiful muscular torsos, the absence of classic stamps about the culture of African tribes, and a worthy realization of the events of the times of the colonialist policy of Great Britain. Express a reaction about the new online slot free spins, Tarzan. He doesn`t know how to handle a jackpot wheel, but you probably have experience with that, do we think so? By the way, winner’s Jane is too represented here – the company has gathered, which is necessary. The return to play demo player percentage is 96.48%. A random bag of play for free in money and casinos bonus wheel are preferable to receive. If this fails, the progressive result cannot be called successful.

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Wagering requirements: 53x
Tarzan demo
User Rating: 5/5 (20 votes)


Provider Microgaming
Category Free Slots Online
Release 01.12.2016
RTP 96%
Variance N/A
Max Win N/A
Min bet (Max bet) $, €, £ 0
Layout 5-4
Game type Video Slots
Paylines 40
FreeSpins, Wild, Multiplier, Bonus wheel, Substitution of wining symbols, 3D, BonusGame: Pick Objects
Theme Jungle theme
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Technology FLASH, JS, HTML5
Updated 14.04.2024

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Tarzan Slot Demo Review

Tarzan multi line slot game is a great game for all ages and skill levels. You can play as the lion-like jungle king, who heads a group of jungle warriors. This fun game provides hours of fun as you try to try your luck. And you will be definitely rewarded with high scores and extra money.

How to play Tarzan slot machine 

This game is simple enough that even toddlers can start playing. Just like other online flash games, Tarzan Slot machine has a tutorial that makes it easy for beginners to get started. When you start, choose your character, choose a card and place it on the game board. Use the directional keys on the keyboard to flip through the cards and choose the one you think will give you the best chance of winning. This game is free and is easy to play, so what are you waiting for?

The first rule of Tarzan Slot machine is to bet only what you can afford to lose. If you win a lot on one bet, then you are up. However, if you are losing, you should fold immediately and wait for more lucky draws. A wise gambler knows that any time he hits a jackpot he will want to get it. But he must also consider whether he will be able to keep on playing. There are times when winning just seems impossible. However, if you play smart you should always have a chance of winning the big jackpots and the small prizes as well. Good news - Tarzan demo is aviliable for you. 

Wait until Tarzan online slot loads (as it has good graphics, loading might take time, as well as the transition between bonus and regular games). If you play Tarzan slot machine online free, you might not care about the credits. They can be refreshed at any time. Otherwise, we suggest you set the bet first. Follow these steps:

  • Tap the menu icon on the left side of the game screen.
  • Choose the Settings option.
  • Set the coins size in the menu (roll it to find more options). The size can be from 0.01 to 0.5 currency units.
  • Then, choose the stake for each line. It is possible to bet from one to ten coins. 
  • Get back to the game. 
  • There, you can tap on the Bet circle situated on the right side. There, you will find ten betting options that increase evenly. 

Now, you can play Tarzan slot machine online by starting a spin with a corresponding button. Otherwise, you can start a new Tarzan slot machine round with a button on the control panel. Remember that you can always enter a paytable and find there how to play Tarzan slot machine. At least, all the bonuses and paylines are explained there. Do not forget about the small blue question mark sign in the upper-left corner. There, you will find the general rules of slot games.

How to win

To increase your chances of winning you need to learn how to play Tarzan slot machine. Some people may say that luck plays a part, but it is really more about strategy and planning. If you are prepared to work for your wins, you have a much better chance at becoming a winner. If not, then just know that you are going to have to put in the work if you want to be successful.

Another strategy that is often overlooked is to know when to stop. Some people are so excited about winning that they continue playing high limit slots. But if you have been keeping track of your winnings lately you should know when to quit. Many slot machines will reward you with more coins if you just let them rack up.

You should also try to stick to only two or three slots no download machines at a time. This allows you to focus on them and become familiar. Doing this will increase your chances of winning. Always remember that while you are waiting for the right combination to come up, there are other slot machines out there that you could be playing with your money. You can try Tarzan demo on our site! 

This issue bothers you even if you launch the Tarzan slot machine free play mode. To win in the online slot games, you need to assemble a winning line. It must consist of similar tiles. Some of them can be substituted with a Wild symbol. In the Tarzan slot machine game, forty variants of a winning line exist:

  • Twenty-six of them require each tile in the line to be adjacent to the next one horizontally or diagonally. 
  • Fourteen lines allow tiles not to “touch” the next symbol. You will find incomplete or partial adjacency requirements. 

In the Tarzan casino slot game free, the number of active lines cannot be changed by a user. All the lines must begin from the leftmost reel. All lines are highlighted from left to right. The only exception to these rules is a line formed by Scatter characters. These lines have counted both ways. What is more, the Tarzan slots online pay for the most valuable winning line only if two or more combinations exist on the game field at the same time. The minimal length of the combination in Tarzan slots online is three tiles. Again, scatters are the only exception with two symbols minimally. 

If you play the Tarzan slots real money mode, you will be awarded the currency converted into coins for each combination. In contrast, the Tarzan slot machine online free mode gives winners virtual coins. The general rules that concern winnings do not differ depending on the mode.

General about Tarzan Slot

Tarzan slot machine is a casino game with relatively modern 3D graphics. It was released by Microgaming in 2016. The last update of the game was in 2020. It is inspired by the series of novels written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, a Disney cartoon and live-action adaptation. The theme of the Tarzan slots can be described as animals, jungles, and adventures. You are to make a trip with the main hero, meet other characters, and win a fortune. 

As for the gameplay, the Tarzan slot suggests playing on five reels and four lines. This grid makes it possible to see twenty symbols at once and assemble forty lines. In the game (at least in the Tarzan slots free play mode), it is possible to bet from 0.40 to 200 credits per one round. The bet size is regulated by two factors: coin size and bet per single line. 

The game is characterized by a good appearance and high-quality graphics. The background of the game is represented with a jungle forest. Near the grid, the main character, Tarzan himself, stands and reacts to everything that happens in the game. He will apply an additional animation during the Tarzan slot machines bonus game. Also, the animations are applied to the Tarzan slot game symbols. They are activated as soon as they take part in a winning combination. 

What Tarzan RTP is? 

The RTP of the Tarzan slot game is 96%. It is slightly higher than the average level of all Microgaming slots (95.6%). The volatility of the Tarzan online slot is medium. It means that a player is not likely to get frequent payouts. However, every Tarzan payout is rewarding, and the price for the minimal combination is higher than other slots usually set. The medium risk of the game makes beginning gamblers prefer the Tarzan demo to the Tarzan real money mode. At the same time, it might not be very interesting to high-rollers. The Tarzan casino slot game does not provide progressive jackpots. However, it has three fixed maximal awards.

Symbols and soundtrack 

As it is expected from all online slots games Tarzan, the main symbols and soundtrack contribute to the atmosphere. The melody of the game is absent in the free Tarzan casino slot games and appears only during a spin or a bonus game. 

The characters are represented with simple fruits (a melon, orange, apple, and plum), animals (bird, monkey, and jaguar), and main franchise characters. The last ones have a pleasant feature to occupy one or two tiles, making more combinations possible in both paid and free Tarzan casino slot games. The biggest combination in the Tarzan online slots can be achieved by combining five Scatter symbols. It costs a hundred bets. The minimal combination is formed by three similar fruits and costs four coins. 

Free Spins & Bonuses 

When you play Tarzan slots online, you can get a prize wheel by gathering three or more Bonus symbols. This wheel gives a choice of different Tarzan slot machine bonus features: a jackpot (1000 bets), a mini-game, cash prizes, and free spins. Tarzan slots free spins include cascading rolling reels and expanding Wilds features. Play Tarzan online mini-game, open hippos, and get more prizes, such as multipliers and instant cash. Money prizes in the Tarzan casino game depend on the bet size. 

The Tarzan online games are not a progressive slot, so the jackpot is static. If you manage to trigger the prize wheel with more than three Bonus symbols, you increase the prizes of the Tarzan casino game online. The main game rules (payline formation and others) in the bonus modes do not change. 

Pros & cons

 The Tarzan casino game is an example of a good slot machine. It is interesting to play, and the main features can provide an excellent gambling experience. However, you should find an opportunity to play the Tarzan slot machine online free game. It is needed to create a winning strategy. Here are some other advantages and disadvantages of the game.


  • The betting range is wide
  • Bonus features are rich
  • The game has good graphics
  • The design of the characters is excellent
  • The maximal wins and a jackpot are significant
  • Free Tarzan casino slot games can be gained easily


  • Forty lines cannot be decreased
  • The soundtrack could have been better
  • There are too many characters

Tarzan slots game will be interesting for those who love animals and the atmosphere of the jungle and adventures. From the perspective of gameplay, the slot machine aims for random users. However, it will be good for medium and experienced users only. Beginning gamblers must find a game with a lower risk ratio. In contrast, experienced gamblers will seek higher risks or progressive jackpots. The game will be a perfect relief from classic slots and tough gambling routines. 

Where to play 

If you want to know, is there a Tarzan slot online to play, we have got some casinos in mind. You can play Tarzan free or try your luck with real money at the following websites: Casino Gods, Kassu, SpinIt, Monster Casino, Cloud Casino, Red Spins, and Videoslots. At the moment, there are no certain bonuses connected with the game. However, these Tarzan casinos have their websites optimized for mobile use, and the Tarzan flash game runs well on any device. The Tarzan slot machine app even has controls that are optimized for tapping. You must not face problems with the opportunity to play Tarzan real money game in your favorite casino, as the vendor is one of the most popular ones. Some casinos on the list provide an option to play the free Tarzan casino game online. Use it to test the game and decide if you like it or not. Also, mind that the medium volatility might not be a good option for you. The game aims at random gamblers first. If you are a novice or professional, you might need something less or more risky, correspondingly. Anyway, the Tarzan Microgaming game can give you lots of entertainment.



Commonly Asked Questions About Tarzan Slot

If you have any specific questions, please message us.

How to win Tarzan slot?

Like all online slot games, you need to land symbols that would complete the right combination to win. As a game of chance, there is no way you can guarantee a win using any method or strategy. You can just go through the main rules of the video slot and learn more about its features to know what to expect.

How volatile is Tarzan deluxe?

The online video slot machine volatility is medium if to compare it with the other options available in the market. This way, you get a balanced number of winning chances and payout. It is a great option for those who enjoy winning more often without minding winning the biggest sums.

Can I play Tarzan deluxe slot for free?

Sure, as one of Microgaming slots, you can enjoy this game for free without any need to deposit real money. The demo version is available here on this page, and you can start playing it instantly on our website.

Is there a free spins feature mode in Tarzan?

Yes, just like most of the video slots provided by Microgaming, this also comes with a free spins feature that may reward you with up to 12 free spins. To unlock this feature, you need to land 3 or more of the free spins scatters in one round.

What is the biggest win possible in Tarzan?

The maximum win you may get playing this game is the jackpot prize. But in the main game, you can win 20x your bet by catching 5 wilds in the spin.so, if you bet the maximum bet size, which is £40, you can easily get £800 in one round.

What is the Tarzan deluxe jackpot record?

The game does not have a progressive jackpot prize, but you can still win up to 1000 times your stake in one spin. By landing 5 scatter symbols in one round, you may get up to a £40,000 jackpot prize. And if you are lucky and unlock the free spins feature, you may get up to 2750 times your stake, and that is the highest record in the game.

Written by: Oliver Taylor