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Kalamba Games company has released an interesting steampunk-themed slot machine called Sky Hunters. This casino game is characterized by a unique feature called HyperBet. It is a special option that concerns a betting range. We recommend choosing the third level for more options. The Lucky Loops feature triggers mega symbols. It is activated with every 10th spin. The other features include free spins. With the HyperBet level 3, you are getting ten attempts to play for free. The casino game is not a progressive slot, so the jackpot wheel is absent. With an RTP level of 97% and a high risk, winners can get up to 4,020 bets through the bonus rounds. Anyway, it is advisable to play demo. You need to get yourself ready for all risks. You will be amazed by the fine graphics and overall design.

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Sky Hunters demo
User Rating: 5/5 (21 votes)


Provider Kalamba Games
Category Free Slots Online
Release 12.05.2020
RTP 97.19%
Variance HIGH
Max Win N/A
Min bet (Max bet) $, €, £ 0.35( 120 )
Layout 5-3
Game type Video Slots
Paylines 20
FreeSpins, Scatter symbols, Wild, Expanding Symbols, Random multiplier, FreeSpins Mode Choosing, Symbol Swap, Additional Free Spins, Buy Feature, Symbols collection (Energy)
Theme Steam punk
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Technology JS, HTML5
Updated 26.10.2021

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Sky Hunters Slot Demo Review

Sky Hunters is one of the hottest online slot games at the moment. It is one of the top slot games on the Internet, thanks to its great graphics and design. Sky Hunters is a highly addictive game that can be played by everyone, from casual gamers to those with high speed Internet connections. For those people who are unfamiliar with the Sky Hunters website, they are offered a free demo download before you have access to the main site, where you can start earning money instantly.

The Sky Hunters slots machine offers a good amount of winning mechanics on its reels. Not only is the game visually appealing, but it allows players to make some extra money in the single and the multi-spinning slots, as well as the bonus rounds. The list of rewards includes a special 10-spin-erie, acquired hypertext prizes, multipliers, additional jackpots, and a lot more.

One of the coolest features of Sky Hunters online slot machines is the fact that it allows you to use a special feature known as the Sky Hunters Bonus. This feature boosts your chances of winning big jackpots and other progressive jackpots. This is a neat feature that makes winning in Sky Hunters a little bit easier, although it would be nice if the jackpot was larger and more frequently won. Unfortunately, this feature was only available for a limited time, so you better start cashing those Sky Hunters tickets now!

You can find the Sky Hunters online slot machines in many casinos around the world. However, if you want to play it right in your very own home, then you need to find a software download that can allow you to play the Sky Hunters game. The good news is that you do not necessarily need to purchase this download in order to enjoy Sky Hunters casino games. There are numerous websites that offer free download versions of the Sky Hunters game, which you can install onto your computer. In fact, playing the Sky Hunters free online reels can give you a pretty good idea of how the actual casino games work.

As with any other casino games, the Sky Hunters online slot machine will require you to put real money on the line in order to play the game. Although this sounds like it would be easy, it may take you a bit of practice before you can win big. You do not have a lot of time to hone your skills here, so you might want to choose a time limit to bet, so you can learn to play Sky Hunters according to the casino's rules. Another good thing to keep in mind is to bet wisely and avoid playing with fake money. This may seem like common sense, but a lot of people forget this basic rule when they play sky hunter's game.

After you have learned how to play Sky Hunters, you might also want to try your hand at earning extra free spins using a slot machine called Hyper Light. Although this looks like an ordinary slot machine, you will find that it is quite challenging to beat it. Each time you hit the pay button and spin the reels, a hyper symbol will appear on the screen. When you see one of these symbols, you have to choose the number you want to bet on and then place your bet.



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Commonly Asked Questions About Sky Hunters Slot

If you have any specific questions, please message us.

What is the Return to Player percentage of Sky Hunters?

The following graph shows the theoretical expected return for Sky Hunters based on the historical payout data for Sky Hunters: CasinosAnalyzer world every online casino carefully and provides a detailed casino review before adding it to our database. Of course, so far we're not the largest casino database ever, but it's just for now and we're doing our best to grow fast. We work keeping in mind our motto: quality over quantity.

How volatile is this game?

The concept for this slot is a simple one. You're following a little bird around as it leads you to the riches buried in the desert. Unfortunately, you start to run out of water and the bird dies of thirst before it can lead you to the treasure. Good thing they found some bottles though right? The game screen is pretty straightforward and the only thing you need to watch out for is the Scatter symbols.

Does Sky Hunters have a Free Spins feature?

The next time you play this game, make sure you play for free to trigger the free spins bonus round. You'll find a golden coffin in the middle of the screen and you'll need to choose one of the characters that is hiding inside it. If you guess correctly, the character will spin out of the coffin, reveal themselves for a moment and then disappear. You can continue this process until all 5 characters have been revealed or you get a random winner. Once you've made your choice, the game moves on to the bonus round. Here, you'll be shown a cat walking over to a flock of sheep. The cat will then pick out one of the sheep to eat and depending on which sheep the cat chooses, you'll receive a multiplier for that round. In order to win the game during this part, you need to get a combination of 3 identical symbols along a payline.

What is the biggest possible win in Sky Hunters slot?

The biggest win in this game is 10,000 coins. That's the reward for getting the Golden Goose symbol on the first, second or third payline in a single spin. You can also get a lesser, but still substantial win of 500 coins by getting 2, 3 or 4 Scatter symbols anywhere on the screen (including on the same payline as the Golden Goose symbol).

Can I play Sky Hunters slot for free?

Yes, you can play Slots for free and still enjoy most of the feature like expanding your winnings when getting bonus symbols and lines, increasing the coin value for silver coins and so on. Do note that some of the paylines will not expand though, but this is the only cost to play this game.

Written by: Oliver Taylor