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In the Shamrockers Eire to Rock slot game, you have the chance to win huge amounts with its features. For starters, you can play for free or demo versions, which can be played on all devices, including personal computers and mobile phones. Most new slots are now designed with scalable technology, which means that they look the same on any device. This feature is especially helpful if you're playing on a mobile device, as it allows you to view all the features on your phone.

Another unique feature of Shamrockers Eire to Rock is the fact that it is a video slot, with a theme that pays homage to the traditional Irish folk music. During gameplay, you'll see the famous leprechaun band performing in a pub, and the band members are animated and feature high-quality sound. This slot game also offers numerous benefits, including free spins and rotation, which will give you more chances to win.

The game features a number of fun features, including a free-spins feature where you can win prizes. The graphics in Shamrockers Eire to Rock slot are very impressive, and the soundtrack is a solid choice. You can access the game by signing up for a free account with IGT. You can then play the game on the World Wide Web. Aside from that, the game also has an extensive FAQ section, which is helpful when choosing the right slot machine for your needs.

Shamrockers Eire to Rock demo
User Rating: 5/5 (11 votes)


Provider IGT
Category Free Slots Online
Release 17.03.2016
RTP 94.2%
Variance MED-HIGH
Max Win 25000000
Min bet (Max bet) $, €, £ 20( 400 )
Layout 5-3
Game type Video Slots
Paylines 20
FreeSpins, Wild, Multiplier, RTP range
Theme Music
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Technology FLASH, JS, HTML5
Last Update 26.10.2021

Shamrockers Eire to Rock Slot Demo Review

Shamrockers Eire to Rock slot machine has some pretty good graphics and fun sounds too. It's a good old fashion fun little virtual casino that still manages to get lots of hits. The game is part of the IGT World Wide Web site and you must log in to play. You can also play it if you're lucky enough to have an account with IGT. I'm pretty sure though that you'll be playing on Shamrockers Eire to Rock slot machine in only a matter of minutes.

Shamrockers Eire to Rock slot machine is a mid-line 5-reel virtual casino slot machine, presenting a contemporary take on the classic St. Patrick's Day motif. Instead of taking players down to the usual gold panning adventure, IGT's Lepreches are actual musicians known as Shamrockers Eire, who plays on their own instruments in lieu of drinking from chalices. The music sounds excellent and some of the sounds are very reminiscent of reggae. There are also several graphical displays, such as a spinning rainbow, a music counter and a bank symbol to help keep track of the spins on the reel.

When playing Shamrockers Eire to Rock, you'll need to place your bids using virtual money that you'll collect in 'bribe' mode from Shamrockers Eire to Rock bonus game tickets. The catch, however, is that this bonus game ticket collection activity costs real money! So be careful not to spend too much. The catch, however, is that you can only collect up to a maximum of two bonus game tickets each day, on which you'll be allowed to use them on the two machines provided. There's a stash of these games on the web which will offer you a better chance at earning more money.

If you want to play Shamrockers Eire to Rock for real money, you can purchase the 'retail' version that comes with two identical circular icons as the basic pattern. You can also purchase an additional 'bonus' icon that has four identical symbols on it. You then put these icons in your circular reels and start the spin cycle. When it starts spinning, it will randomly give you one of the four symbols displayed on the bonus reel, regardless of which symbol it is based on.

As you can see, Shamrockers Eire to Rock slot machine is just like any other video slot machine. The only difference is that you are playing a real band, and you get to be part of their legendary band. If you happen to win, you will receive a prize, which includes a t-shirt for you to wear. In fact, you will likely get into contact with some former Shamrockers members as well! Now, that's something that you won't find on the slots, where all that glitters is honey!

Shamrockers Eire to Rock slot machine is also available for download from various online casinos, and it is easy to transfer funds between online casinos with the use of an electronic cash transfer system. Some people may not like to play free slots with payouts that are small. That said, this slot machine offers just about every type of payout that you can imagine, including multiple symbols, and so long as you have patience, you should have no problem coming away with money!


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Commonly Asked Questions About Shamrockers Eire to Rock Slot


How volatile is Shamrockers Eire to Rock?

Shamrockers Eire to Rock slot has a RTP of 96.00% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £96.00.


Can I play Shamrockers Eire to Rock for free?

Yes, you can. Shamrockers Eire to Rock is 100% free to play.


How to win Shamrockers Eire to Rock slot?

Shamrockers Eire to Rock slot is a 5-reel, 3-row and 20-payline video slot.

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