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Free Secrets of Alchemy (DLV) Slot Demo Play

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Secrets of Alchemy (DLV) demo


Provider DLV
Release 01.11.2018
Variance N/A
Max Win 100000
Min bet (Max bet) $, €, £ 0.01( 20 )
Layout 5-3
Game type Video Slots
Paylines 20
FreeSpins, Scatter symbols, Multiplier, Gamble, Substitution Symbols
Theme Alchemy
Technology JS, HTML5
Last Update 09.07.2021

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Secrets of Alchemy (DLV) gallery

Secrets of Alchemy (DLV) Slot Review

Secrets of Alchemy DLV is a game based on popular alchemy series. This time, the franchise was converted to a video game and was localized in Spain, Germany, Russia, UK, Australia and US. Secrets of Alchemy DLV is one of three Secrets of Alchemy games available for play demos or download, the other two are Secrets of Alchemy DS and Secrets of Alchemy Wii.

Secrets of Alchemy is a role playing video game that follows the story of Dr. Isaac Farley who is an alchemist researching for a serum that can add the missing ingredients of certain meals. When he finds out that his latest experiment with this serum resulted in failure, he decides to have it reversed and make another attempt. During his failed attempt, however, the entire town discovered that the serum was a fake and the townspeople were now locked inside the fortress controlling the food supply. They had no choice but to eat whatever food they could get their hands on until they could find help. That is where you come in and help Farley save the town.

Secrets of Alchemy DLV is an online slot game that allows players to play as Dr. Isaac Farley and try his luck against the other characters in the game in order to get the needed items to complete their experiments. You can choose from two main types of game modes: Story and Endless. The storyline mode runs for about seven to ten hours and players will get to see the different stages of the game as you progress through the game. The Endless mode will continue to present new challenges as you try to complete the levels without dying. In addition to that, there are also several unlockable items which can be used during your play session and several power ups also included. Secrets of Alchemy DLV has a score mode that allows you to compare your performance against the other players online as well as to provide you with hints and tips.

Secrets of Alchemy DLV is available for free and you can play the game from the link below. Secrets of Alchemy DLV is also available for purchase on the Nintendo DSi Shop online. This version offers many exciting features such as online leaderboards and online stats. Secrets of Alchemy is also compatible with the Nintendo DSi Shop if you buy the downloadable version of the game.

Secrets of Alchemy DLV is a fun and challenging action-adventure game. It takes players on an adventure as they try to save their loved ones while searching for the legendary item, the Alchemical Scepter. Secrets of Alchemy utilizes many of the classic elements of a turn-based RPG. As you play your character, you'll gain experience points (ORPG points) which you can use to purchase weapons, armor, and magic spells for your character. You can also use these points to purchase items and abilities for your character to enhance your gameplay experience. When you're playing in solo or multiplayer modes, you'll find that the game offers plenty of replay value as you're able to select your own personal playing style and learn the ins and outs of the different characters.

Secrets of Alchemy is very charming visuals make this game one of the best to play with your family. The overall concept is truly ingenious, and the game play is great. Secrets of Alchemy DLV will most definitely add some much-needed excitement to the world of Nintendo DSiWare when it launches later this year.