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The Robin in the Woods Arrows Edge slot is a free online video slot game by the developer Arrow's Edge. This game is a good choice for novice and advanced players, because of its simplicity. The reels have five rows and maximum betways of 20. The gameplay is smooth, and the graphics are not overly distracting. The audio, as well, is appropriate for the theme.

The game is designed with the theme of the Robin Hood myth and features both traditional and innovative elements. To trigger the free play features, players must hit all icons and trigger the bonus feature. They also must collect mini chips. These are very rare and only appear during special events, so they don't last long. There are no free spins with these mini chips, but you can win a lot of money playing this game.

This game offers simple gameplay mechanics, allowing players to get a hang of the game quickly. The reels have five rows, which can be used to win up to 5,000 coins. In addition to this, there are two large progressive jackpots available, with one each of them worth up to €14,000 or $5,000. However, before you can activate the bonus features, you must first unlock the bonus round.

Robin in the Woods demo
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Provider Arrows Edge
Category Free Slots Online
Release 02.11.2019
Variance MED-HIGH
Max Win N/A
Min bet (Max bet) $, €, £ 0.8( 240 )
Layout 5-4
Game type Video Slots
Paylines 40
FreeSpins, Scatter symbols, Wild, Sticky Wilds, Bonus Game
Theme N/A
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Technology JS, HTML5
Last Update 26.10.2021

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Robin in the Woods Slot Review

Robin in the Woods is one of the best-known animated kids franchise. It has been aired on Nickelodeon and several other channels over the years. For kids, it is a fun classic that they can play with online slots, including its popular version, Robin in the Woods slot machine. It is a great online slot experience because of its charming story and wonderful animation.

The online slot machines for Robin in the Woods have several different versions. They are all based on the famous serialized adventure story about Robin in the Woods. The different slots include Robin in the Woods Black Jack, Robin in the Woods Bluff, Robin in the Woods Bucktail, Robin in the Woods Curve, Robin in the Woods Express, and Robin in the Woods Zipline. All these different slots feature different characters in the story and provide the player with various challenges as they try to win. In addition to that, each version features a series of free spins where the player can try their luck and skill against the computer-generated characters.

With the free play slot for Robin in the Woods, players are able to explore the forest, search for clues, and confront suspects. In addition to that, they are even allowed to interact with some of the locals in the woods. The casino slots for Robin in the Woods provide some exciting free spins that allow the player to feel as though they are part of the event's Robin is involved in. During these free spins, players have the chance to receive gifts from the resident characters. These gifts can be traded or used at specific times within the duration of the spin.

Each of the different free plays in Robin in the Woods Arrows Edge has its own set of challenges. Players need to hit all of the given icons in order to win and move on to the next icon. Each level also has its own set of mini chips that must be collected in order to advance to the next level. Players need to think fast when they see these chips since these chips are rare and are only available during certain events in the game. However, these chips do not last long and players will eventually run out of them.

Robin in the Woods Arrows Edge offers a few simple and easy-to-play mechanics. The player starts off by selecting a character. Then, the player enters a room where he or she can see three images of possible suspects. The player then has a limited amount of time to choose one of the three images and then press the play button. In order to increase the player's chance of finding the suspect, it would be best if the player does not select an image that is currently being displayed. If the player fails to find the suspect in the current image, the play continues and the player is forced to choose another image.

Unlike some other slots games that require the player to rotate the reels by pressing certain buttons, Robin in the Woods Arrows Edge features a gameplay that relying on the mouse. Therefore, players do not have to focus on and learn complex mouse movements. Instead, players simply need to remember which icons are to be pressed in order to advance to the next icon. Although this feature might seem to require a lot of concentration, it actually makes playing the game much easier because there are fewer things to remember.

Robin in the Woods Arrows Edge has many strong advantages compared to similar slots games. For one, the graphics are very nice and are not cartoon-like in any way. In addition, the game play is exciting and fun. Plus, the graphics are not overwhelming and cause the players to lose concentration because of how bright they are. Lastly, the game offers a lot of play options and therefore, players can play with different skill levels.

Robin in the Woods Arrows Edge is a great game to play because of its colorful graphics, interesting play mechanics, and fun gameplay. This online slot game is recommended for people who want to play fun, fast-paced games. Plus, it allows players to choose between three different playing modes - Story mode, Free Play and Endless. All players should be able to get a good grasp of how to play this game without having to spend too much time or money. Robin in the Woods Arrows Edge is definitely recommended for players who like to play for fun, adventurous online slots games.

Robin in the Woods FAQ


How to win Robin in the Woods Arrows Edge slot?

To win the jackpot, you must play the maximum bet. The arrows are your symbols, they are wild and scatter. To win the bonus, you must reach at least 3 scatters (5 scatters give you 10 free spins).


How volatile is Robin in the Woods Arrows Edge?

The volatility of the Robin in the Woods Arrows Edge slot is medium.


Can I play Robin in the Woods Arrows Edge for free?

Yes, you can play Robin in the Woods Arrows Edge for free.


Is there a free spins feature mode in Robin in the Woods Arrows Edge?

The free spins feature mode is activated when 3 or more Robin in the Woods Arrow symbols appear anywhere on the centre reels.


What is the biggest win possible in Robin in the Woods Arrows Edge?

The biggest win possible in Robin in the Woods Arrows Edge is 50,000 coins.


What is the Robin in the Woods Arrows Edge jackpot record?

The Robin in the Woods Arrows Edge jackpot record stands at a whopping £5.4 million.

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