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Paco and the Popping Peppers is an exciting slot game with a wacky theme. You'll find a beautiful animation for the main character, Paco, who's always on the go. The symbols dance on the reels as you play. You'll also find that the bonus game has a fun musical stream. The graphics in this slot are superb, and you'll enjoy the game's high quality animation and sound. Featuring thirty paylines, Paco and the Popping Peppers is a fun game to play with friends. The bonus feature builds on successive wins to boost your winnings. You can also win more than one prize if you manage to match three or more symbols on a payline. The most lucrative feature of Paco and the popping peppers slots is the Pinata, which awards you a massive 2500 credits for matching five of them. If you're looking for a fun slot game with a modern theme, Paco and the Popping Peppers slots are a great choice. It's similar to BetSoft slots, and offers a high hit rate and appealing bonus features. Despite the high volatility, Paco and the popping peppers are a great option for casual slot play. The slot isn't made for huge payouts, but it is a good option for casual gaming sessions.

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Wagering requirements: 53x
Paco and the Popping Peppers demo
User Rating: 5/5 (18 votes)


Provider Betsoft
Category Free Slots Online
Release 24.02.2011
RTP 94.29%
Variance N/A
Max Win 75000
Min bet (Max bet) $, €, £ 0.02( 150 )
Layout 5-3
Game type Video Slots
Paylines 30
Wild, Multiplier, Bonus Game, 3D
Theme N/A
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Technology FLASH
Updated 26.10.2021

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Paco and the Popping Peppers Slot Demo Review

Paco and the Popping Peppers are a fun free slot machine to play online. This Paco and the Popping Peppers free slot machine are programmed by Paco Villa and was one of the earliest Paco games to hit the internet. Paco and the Popping Peppers are programmed in the same way as the regular Paco game with just a few differences. It is a great Paco and the Popping Peppers online slot game is one of the best free slots games to download.

As one of the original set of free slot machines, Paco and the Popping Peppers free slot machine can be played easily on Linux and Mac. You could play it even on your desktop or laptop. It is a pity, though, that it's not available yet for portable devices. Soon hopefully, soon you'll have the chance to play it even while you're commuting. Why?

Paco and the Popping Peppers bonus are a geometric design with a series of Paco symbols superimposed over a scrolling background. The background contains random graphical shapes arranged in a Paco design with dotted black lines between the shapes. On the top of the symbols there are four lights, one each for the vertical, horizontal, and overhead directions. In the center of the wheel there is an X and when you spin the wheel it rotates the vertical columns horizontally, and the horizontal rows vertically.

The popping peppers that Paco and the Popping Peppers bonus come with are a different color than the ones used in regular versions of this game. They're green in color and look more like actual vegetables than actual fruits. These are called the 'hue fruits' and they come in six different varieties, yellow, orange, red, blue, indigo, and purple. The hot dogs that Paco and the Popping Peppers bonus usually came with are red in color and look like little red, hot dogs, or even hot dogs. These are called the 'pring vegetables' and come in three types, white, yellow, and indigo.

As one would expect, the graphics and sound are very well done. The colors are bright and sharp, and there are tons of different icons to look at. I especially liked how all the icons were in one place on the wheel. There are also several different cheat codes for the Paco and the Popping Peppers fiesta bonus round. These codes allow you to get triple credits per coin used and give you double the amount of coins when you do tricks with the machine.

Overall, Paco and the Popping Peppers are a fun slot machine that has nice graphics and good sound effects. Although the first few times that I played with it were a bit difficult, getting the hang of it and winning the maximum amount of coins while making minimal calls did not take long. Once I got the hang of playing it and making a profit, I was able to stay in the winnings' zone and eventually started bringing in lots of money. This fun little slot machine definitely gets my highest rating because of its great graphics, great bonuses, and the nice payout potential.



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Written by: Oliver Taylor