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The slot machine named Monster Quest was created by a software company called Ganapati. It is an interesting casino game with many bonus features. To activate them, you need to get three treasure chests on the game table. The bonus will depend on the monster selected. You can get free spins, extra cash awards, and various perks that help with the gameplay. It is advisable to play for free if you want to explore all the opportunities without risk. Speaking of it, the game is considered to be of high volatility and has a pretty high RTP ratio of 96.4%. The main theme of the casino game is a reference to Oriental mythology. You are to hunt different monsters and to get awards for them. Winners can count on a static jackpot (no progressive awards with a jackpot wheel) and a good betting range. To get the understatement of the game, play demo before staking real money.

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Monster Quest demo
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Provider Ganapati
Category Free Slots Online
Release 22.11.2019
RTP 96.4%
Variance N/A
Max Win N/A
Min bet (Max bet) $, €, £ 0.1( 5 )
Layout NA
Game type Video Slots
Paylines N/A
BonusGame: Pick Objects
Theme Anime
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Technology JS, HTML5
Updated 26.10.2021

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Monster Quest Slot Demo Review

Monster Quest slot machine is one unique video slot game. If you are a fan of action video games where you get to fight monsters, then you will definitely enjoy playing this slot game. Monster Quest slot was released in 2019 by the creative team of Ganapati. Unlike other video slot games, this one does not come in reels, rows, or paylines. The game is mainly about fighting monsters, and with every hit, you earn some winnings. 

The gameplay experience is unique and exciting, especially if you enjoy anime and Japanese mythical creatures. Despite the fact that the game is different from the regular video slots style and type, it still offers bonus features that can boost your winnings and double the fun. 

The graphics are just amazing and fit great with the whole anime theme. While the gaming experience is unique and entertaining. 

How to Play

If you are interested in mysteries, action, and adventure, you absolutely must know this Slot Machine. As we mentioned, Monster Quest slot machines are a bit different from the other regular video slot games you can find online. It is highly recommended to play for free before starting betting with real money not to risk any chances. 

Once you launch the casino game, you will see that there are no reels on the screen, just monsters standing waiting for your first move. On the right side, you can see the spin or attack button along with a small bag of gold where you can set the bet size. The betting range starts from 20p up to £100. the bet size determines the damage value per hit and the reward you get for each successful hit. 

Right under the spin button, you can see the autoplay button where you can set the number of rounds and adjust additional settings like when the feature stops. You can set an unlimited number of hits or spins, which we found more effective when it comes to the battle outcome. 

On the left side, you can see a scroll that opens the paytable. In this table, you can learn more about the hit value and kill reward for each monster. Winners in this game use different bets for different monsters to be able to cause more damage to stronger monsters. 

Once you press start, you will start the first attack, and you cannot really know if you will hit or miss the monster as it is totally random. Each monster takes a different number of hits before it dies, but once you kill the monster, you get a greater reward that can be considered as landing a multiplier in a regular slot game. 

You do not need to kill the monsters for them to vanish. After a few hits, the monsters disappear, and different monsters appear. The value of each monster is mentioned in the scroll 'paytable'. 

'The rewards are randomly selected, based on the type of monster and the outcome of the battle'. 

Each round in this games leads to different outcome within the following:

  • The monster escapes
  • You miss
  • You deal damage
  • You deal damage and defeat the monster
  • The Intrusion Battle starts
  • The Rare Monster Battle starts
  • The Boss Battle starts

Symbols and soundtracks

Monster Quest slot comes with thrilling background music that adds suspense to the scene and gives you the feeling that the batter is about to start. The game is displayed in High-definition anime graphics that simulates action video games. With every hit, you hear the sound of your sword cutting the monster or missing it. You can also see different colors that different the power of the dealt damage. 

The game does not have symbols with specific values, but in the paytable, you can find monsters instead. In total, there are 8 different mythical monsters that represent the Japanese culture. The least valuable and the first symbol is the evil monk, and it comes in 3 colors, pink, blue, and green. All three reward you the same value for hit and kill. 

The second symbol is some sort of warrior with a shield and ax. The value of this one is the same as the monk. The third symbol is some sort of dragon with two heads (Taotie), and it has a higher value than the previous ones. Besides those symbols, there are winged tigers (Qiongqi), horned loins (Taowu), and some headless monsters with four wings (Hundun). All these three symbols have the same value when it comes to hits and kills. But the headless monster (Hundun) offers a higher treasure chest value that can reach up to £100. 

Bonus features

Monster quest offers only two special features that you can trigger during the game. The treasure chest feature rewards you with a big amount of money, but the value of the probabilities is controlled by how you triggered the feature. To activate the treasure chest feature, you need to kill any of the monsters, and depending on which monster you killed to trigger the feature, the value of the rewards is determined. 

Boss battle feature is another feature that allows you to fight the Chiyou monster that rarely appears in the game. Each player gets 10 attacks to try to defeat the monster. If you managed to kill it using those 10 hits, you would receive a random reward. 

Pros and Cons

The game is unique and different in all possible ways. Some casino players may think it not worth playing because it is different. But just for that difference, the game is surprisingly worthy. With a 96.4% RTP rate and thrilling gameplay experience, you definitely should give it a try. You can play a demo game here on our website using the Monster Quest demo version for free. 


  • Thrilling experience
  • Bonus features
  • High quality graphics
  • Unique gameplay
  • Mobile friendly


  • No progressive jackpot rewards or jackpot wheel
  • No free spins

Where to play

You can play for fun here using the Monster Quest slot demo version. but if you want to start playing with real money, you can pick one of the top gambling sites where you can find the game like 

  • PlayOJO casino offers 50 free spins for new players;
  • MIAMI Jackpots rewards new users with a 100% match bonus for up to £50 and 50 free spins;
  • PlayToro casino offers new users 100% bonus cash for up to £50 + 25 free spins;
  • Casino RedKings offers a 100% match bonus for up to £50, and 15 free spins welcome bonus;
  • LuckyVegas rewards new players with 100% first deposit matches and 75 free spins.



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Commonly Asked Questions About Monster Quest Slot

If you have any specific questions, please message us.

What is the Payout Percentage of Monster Quest slot?

This slot machine has a 90% payout percentage. A payout percentage of 90% means that out of every $1 wagered, the player will win $0.90. High payout percentages are better. Lower payout percentages require players to win more money before receiving a payout. A lower payout percentage can be beneficial if you like to play for shorter periods of time but don't want to worry about running out of money.

How volatile is Monster Quest?

This game has low volatility. High volatility means that a player's win will be affected by many small factors, making it harder to predict. Low volatility means that a player's win will be affected by few large factors, making it easier to predict.

What is the biggest win possible in Monster Quest slot?

This slot game has no max coin size. Bigger coin sizes mean a player can spend more money on a single play, which can make the game more fun if the player likes to multi-play. No maximum coin size means a player can keep betting as much money as they like, which can also make the game more fun if the player likes to play for long periods of time.

What is the Monster Quest jackpot record?

The biggest win on a 5 reel, 4 row, 1 coin machine was $55,000. That was achieved on March 3, 2012. The biggest win on a 4 reel, 5 row, 1 coin machine was $55,000. That was achieved on March 3, 2012. The biggest win on a 3 reel, 4 row, 1 coin machine was $45,000. That was achieved on March 3, 2012.

How can I win the mega jackpot on Monster Quest?

To win the mega jackpot, you need to get three lucky symbols on the central payline.

Written by: Oliver Taylor