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The Lucky Koi slots from Microgaming is an interesting Asian-themed slot machine. It is not difficult to understand that the casino game refers to the famous Asian ponds with big fish. In the culture, Koi is considered to be a sign of wealth, so it is a good addition to the gambling game. This Microgaming slot allows you to get free spins with additional multipliers. There are ten attempts to play for free. The session can be reactivated with additional Scatter tiles. The second bonus feature you need to find if you play demo is called Koi bonus. It allows winners to pick from a set of fishes to get more bonuses. In other aspects, the game is not exceptional: there are no mini-games (gamble round or jackpot wheel). It is not a progressive jackpot slot as well. You can play the game if you like Asian slots. Others will look for more complicated games.

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Wagering requirements: 40x
Lucky Koi demo
User Rating: 5/5 (16 votes)


Provider Microgaming
Category Free Slots Online
Release 06.01.2014
RTP 96.47%
Variance MED
Max Win 125000
Min bet (Max bet) $, €, £ 0.01( 0.1 )
Layout 5-3
Game type Video Slots
Paylines 25
FreeSpins, Scatter symbols, Wild, Multiplier, Bonus Game
Theme Oriental, Asian
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Technology JS, HTML5
Updated 26.10.2021

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Lucky Koi Slot Demo Review

Lucky Koi Microgaming is a leading Microgaming outlet located in Australia. Lucky Koi Microgaming offers numerous Microgaming websites which can be easily found through any search engine. Lucky Koi Microgaming offers many Microgaming websites where players have the ability to play online free of charge. The Microgaming websites are an important part of Lucky Koi Microgaming's customer and developer community. Lucky Koi Microgaming provides many Microgaming websites where you can play for free.

Microgaming machines are primarily programmed to dispense winnings from multiple coins. This enables the player to experience the thrill of winning numerous times while only losing a single coin. Lucky Koi Microgaming slot machines also feature a random number generator or an engine that randomly creates numbers for each game that can result in an outcome. This type of technology allows players to win hundreds if not thousands of dollars while never leaving the casino. Microgaming machines also give the option to choose between multiple paylines for each game. Each line gives the Microgaming player the option to play on either a positive or negative outcome.

Lucky Koi Microgaming machines are available in most cities throughout Australia including Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne. Players may visit one of the Microgaming outlets to test out their slot machine or simply play their own slot machine while learning how to manipulate the software. Lucky Koi Microgaming machines are available for rent or purchase. If you are looking to find out more about Microgaming, you can visit their website at Lucky Koi Microgaming.

Lucky Koi Microgaming machines are refurbished and re-manufactured to ensure that they offer as much playing convenience and enjoyment as possible for their customers. Each time a new batch of Microgaming machines is released, it becomes more likely that customers will be able to play these slot machines in public before purchasing them. The company is continually updating its lineup of slot machines with new features that ensure that gamers can increase their bankrolls as well as have more fun during their visit to the Lucky Koi Microgaming outlet. Microgaming offers a wide variety of machine features including speed variations, coin/dime change percentages, payout percentages, and bonus games that can be added onto any machine to create the ultimate experience for players of all ages.

Lucky Koi Microgaming machines are available in both fixed and mobile positions. Some of the fixed positions have separate payouts while others can be combined into one unit. Fixed positions include Lucky Koi Microgaming Poker, Lucky Koi Microgaming Slots, Lucky Koi Microgaming Combos, Lucky Koi Microgamingrollers, and Lucky Koi Microgaming Multi-player. Mobile positions can consist of Lucky Koi Microgaming Jammers, Lucky Koi Microgaming Turrets, Lucky Koi Microgaming Flashlights, Lucky Koi Microgaming Cushions, and Lucky Koi Microgaming Coins. There are also Lucky Koi Microgaming Bonus Machines available at certain locations that offer players free drinks or food when they play a certain number of spins on a machine.

Lucky Koi Microgaming machines are designed so that all of the players can enjoy playing on the same machine. This is beneficial to the machine owners because it helps to control costs and it also allows the machine to pay out money even if some of the machines in the complex aren't being used by the customer base. Lucky Koi Microgaming machines have proven to be very successful over time, and the company continues to increase the payout rates of its machines in an effort to provide its customers with the highest winning payouts possible.



Commonly Asked Questions About Lucky Koi Slot

If you have any specific questions, please message us.

What is the Return to Player percentage of Lucky Koi Microgaming?

This game has a relatively high Return to Player of 96.16%. This means that for every 1 unit of money that is put into the game, the player will receive 0.9616 units of money in return. This is fairly high compared to most other online games. Lucky Koi Microgaming also features a range of wagers that allow for players to personalise their bets and play strategies as well as a range of casino games.

How volatile is this game?

This game is fairly stable and has not had any jackpot wins of over $100,000 in recent memory. Although it is fairly stable when compared to most online games, it still has a low rate of volatility. Average Jackpot: $5500

Does Lucky Koi Microgaming have a Free Spins feature?

No, there are no free spins in this game. Lucky Koi Microgaming features a large range of different online slots as well as other casino games including table games and live casino. The graphics used in the game are bright and colourful and the interface is simple but attractive. Lucky Koi is part of the Lucky Koi gaming group which also operates titles including casino games such as Black Jack, Roulette, Baccarat and more.

What is the biggest possible win in Lucky Koi Microgaming slot?

The biggest possible win that can be achieved in this slot is $100,000. This is how the prize money is awarded. Jackpot Prize: 100,000 Minimum Jackpot Prize: $1000 Number of Jackpot Prizes: 0 Every spin that the player makes in this slot has the potential to win a jackpot prize. There are different jackpot prizes available depending on the size and type of bet that has been made.

Can I play Lucky Koi Microgaming for free?

Yes, you can play Lucky Koi online for free, however, certain features are locked until you stake your virtual money. Staking can be done in a number of different ways. One option is to simply place your winnings into the game, this can easily be done by withdrawing cash from an ATM and then staking it to play with. Another option is to place a bet with real money, withdraw your winnings and then stake it to play with again.

Written by: Oliver Taylor