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Developed by the popular game provider, Play ‘n’ Go in 2012, Jolly Roger is a 15 pay line video slot, with a pirate theme and a 5x3 layout.The Jolly Roger slot offers a low RTP of 94.98%, maximum win topping 50,000, and minimum & maximum betting limits of $0.01 to $75.While there are no free spins in this game of chance, lots of other bonus features like a multiplier, wild card, scatter symbols, and a jackpot payout of about 10,000 are available. Players can try a Jolly Roger play demo or play for real money in several online casinos.

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Wagering requirements: 53x
Jolly Roger demo
User Rating: 5/5 (22 votes)


Provider Playn GO
Category Free Slots Online
Release 29.11.2012
RTP 94.98%
Variance LOW
Max Win 50000
Min bet (Max bet) $, €, £ 0.01( 75 )
Layout 5-3
Game type Video Slots
Paylines 15
Scatter symbols, Wild, Bonus Game, RTP range
Theme N/A
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Technology JS, HTML5
Updated 26.10.2021

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Jolly Roger Slot Demo Review

Jolly Roger Playn Go is a slot machine game that has been created by Jolly Roger, an arcade company located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This particular game has a colorful design and some really cool graphics that will attract all ages and genders. It is very popular especially during Christmas and Thanksgiving, as people try to decide what gift to get their loved ones for the holidays. This unique slot machine game is very colorful, has great sounds and effects and is very exciting.

The concept of this slot machine is not actually too strange. It is a game similar to Roulette where you have a certain number of chances to win. But with Jolly Roger Playn Goes, the number of chances to win is less compared to other slot machines. It is based on luck and hence no strategy or skill is needed in order to win. If you do luck well, then you might be lucky enough to hit the jackpot.

This slot machine has two kinds of icons that are flashing when you push the button that indicates that it is time for you to start playing. The icons are usually green in color. When this icon appears, you can now start up the machine and place your money in the machine. If you want to increase the chances of winning, you should use coins instead of chips. It is a good idea to bet small amounts since you might not know what will happen while you are playing. But if you are determined to make it big in this game, then larger bets are recommended.

There are four icons and you have to make sure that you win all of them. When the icon that indicates that the jackpot has been increased, it is time for you to cash out your winnings. You can now use the key pad that is located on the machine's console to play your next spin of the machine. The Jolly Roger Playn Go is one machine that offers a guaranteed winning game and you do not need to try very hard to cash out your winnings since the jackpot amount is very big. It is possible for you to reach the casino where this machine is located with just a few spins of this slot machine.

One thing that you need to know before playing the slot machine is that it is not advisable to play the machine immediately. You need to wait for the machine to settle down and then you can start playing with it. In this way, you will learn more about the machine and you will also learn when is the right time for you to cash out your winnings. Some slot machines in casinos do not let players to cash out their winnings immediately; they allow you until the next round of games is ready for you to play. If you have already spent most of your time playing with the machine, then you might as well end it there.

Playing slots can really be fun especially when you win big jackpots. However, this is not always the case. There are always things that you need to learn before you can cash out your prizes. Playing a slot machine such as the Jolly Roger Playn Go is a lot of fun especially if you do not have to worry about losing all of your money because there is no limit as to how much you can bet on it. With this machine, you can also experience slot gaming in a fun and exciting way.



Commonly Asked Questions About Jolly Roger Slot

If you have any specific questions, please message us.

How to win Jolly Roger Playn Go slot?

Jolly Roger Playn Go slot is a sea-themed game with a lot of bonus features. To find out what wins are possible, you should read about the bonus features and rules of the slot. Jolly Roger Playn Go slot has a wild symbol and a scatter. The wild symbol can appear anywhere on the reels and substitute for all symbols except the scatter. The scatter can appear anywhere on the reels and activate bonus features.

How volatile is Jolly Roger Playn Go?

The RTP of the Jolly Roger Playn Go slot is 96.2%.

Can I play Jolly Roger Playn Go for free?

Jolly Roger Playn Go slot can be played for free. However, you will not be able to see all the bonus features.

Is there a free spins feature mode in Jolly Roger Playn Go?

Although the game does not have free spins feature.

What is the biggest win possible in Jolly Roger Playn Go?

The jackpot payout is 500 coins.

What is the Jolly Roger Playn Go jackpot record?

Jolly Roger is a 5-reel, 9-line video slot released in January 2017. The game has a set jackpot of $10,000.

Written by: Oliver Taylor