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Hot Nudge is a casino game from a No Limit City software vendor. It is characterized by five reels, forty paylines, and a betting range between 0.01 to 100 coins. The main feature of the slot machine is its extra Wilds symbols. If any of these symbols land on middle reels, it covers the whole one to get winners more chances for a valuable combination. The same feature can be done with the characterized symbols. You can see it if you play demo. Also, you can trigger an option to play for free. To ensure yourself free spins, find two Scatter symbols. As for the gameplay, it is a standard video slot without progressive features. However, even without a jackpot wheel, this steampunk-themed and colorful game remains interesting for a try.

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Wagering requirements: 53x
Hot Nudge demo
User Rating: 5/5 (21 votes)


Provider Nolimit City
Category Free Slots Online
Release 26.07.2018
RTP 96.29%
Variance HIGH
Max Win 2413100
Min bet (Max bet) $, €, £ 0.2( 100 )
Layout 5-4
Game type Video Slots
Paylines 40
FreeSpins, Scatter symbols, Wild, Multiplier, Wild Nudge, Substitution Symbols
Theme Steam punk
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Technology JS,HTML5
Updated 26.10.2021

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Hot Nudge Slot Demo Review

Hot Nudge is an all new 5x4 progressive slot machine that promises to allow players to win big money on its spins. Hot Nudge features a unique Hot Nudge code, which is used to activate the machine's random number generator and earn extra payouts. Hot Nudge is not a Hot Potato machine, as many of Hot Potato's fans were led to believe. Hot Nudge plays off the same random number generator technology as Hot Potato and Adderall, and the machines do not share parts. Hot Nudge players will find that they can win substantially more money on Hot Nudge than they could with Hot Potato or other Hot Nudge competitors.

Hot Nudge, as Hot Nudge slot machine customers are frequently aware of, operates in the same way as Hot Potato and other Hot Nudge competitors. The Hot Nudge code, which is a combination of certain symbols that are exclusive to Hot Nudge, allows players to earn as much money as possible by winning selections that come from Hot Nudge's proprietary Hot Nudge code. Hot Nudge offers three different paylines to choose from when playing the Hot Nudge slot machine. Players can bet either ten twenty, or fifty credits on Hot Nudge, but should be careful that they do not spend more than this amount in any given game, as losing more credits while trying to win will decrease their winnings and make their final winnings lower than they would have liked.

Hot Nudge has four wild slots - Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue, and each has ten Hot Nudge paylines. Hot Nudge players must move their cue from one of the Hot Nudge wild slots to the corresponding Hot Nudge slot in order to play Hot Nudge. Each wild slot on each reel corresponds to a Hot Nudge code, so players need to move their cue between all of the Hot Nudge reels in order to win. It is very easy to become addicted to Hot Nudge, and winning ten Hot Nudge pays extremely well, but winning the last two Hot Nudge paylines is what really increases players' winnings and makes them feel good when they win.

Hot Nudge machines work differently than traditional slots in that instead of paying off a specific amount for each spin, Hot Nudge pays a bonus amount for each wild slot played. This means that the machine is able to pay out more if the player plays hot nudge slots, but does not pay off as much if they play regular slots. Because of this, the Hot Nudge Machines wins more consistently and quickly than traditional machines, and many players will play the Hot Nudge slots more than the regular Hot Nudge because they feel more confident that they will be able to win big if they win on the Hot Nudge slot machine. Players who are confident that they can beat the bonus money will play more often and win more money from Hot Nudge than they would from a regular Hot Nudge slot machine.

Hot Nudge features a beautiful design on its reels, and it is colorful. Each Hot Nudge reel symbolizes something that may be associated with steampunk. For example, every spinning Reel symbolizes steam, and every letter of the Hot Nudge reels represents a letter of the alphabet. Hot Nudge slots feature an eagle, a steam train, and a skull. It is difficult to say whether Hot Nudge slots are a perfect example of steampunk, since it is difficult to know if there were any specific criteria that Hot Nudge was trying to achieve with its design.

Hot Nudge slot machines are not the best way to win any slot machine game, however they do tend to be one of the most exciting ones to play. They are fun to play, easy to win, and give the person who plays them a chance to win a lot of money very quickly. Hot Nudge slots are popular at many casinos all around the world and they have won awards for their appearance in the Best Casino prizes of various casinos. Hot Nudge slot machines are also known for the ease with which they are cleaned after every win. Hot Nudge is now available in over 30 different languages, making it just as accessible as Hot Nudge Pro.



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Written by: Oliver Taylor