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The Genie Wild slot machine is based on the famous legend about a Genie who makes wishes come true. NextGen Gaming offers a bright slot machine with a high RTP. With a wide range of bets (from $0.01 to $625), the game is suitable for beginners and high rollers. Play demo Genie Wild on PC, smartphone, and tablet. The game has a very functional interface. You can play it yourself or turn on the autoplay function. You won't come across a progressive jackpot, but a feature called Risk, and free spins will help you double your winnings. Look for Genie Wild at online casinos that partner with NextGen Gaming.

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Wagering requirements: 53x
Genie Wild demo
User Rating: 5/5 (17 votes)


Provider NextGen Gaming
Category Free Slots Online
Release 08.04.2013
RTP 95.4%
Variance N/A
Max Win 10000
Min bet (Max bet) $, €, £ 0.01( 625 )
Layout 5-3
Game type Video Slots
Paylines 25
FreeSpins, Scatter symbols, Wild, Risk/Gamble (Double) game
Theme Magic
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Technology FLASH, JS, HTML5
Updated 26.10.2021

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Genie Wild Slot Demo Review

Genie Wild from Nextgen Gaming isn't at all among the more popular slot games on the market because of its relatively poor reputation. But that certainly can't ever speak much of what players will get from this slot machine. Simply spin the reels for a while and have your feelings about this slot filled up for you.

Genie Wild offers seven different icons in addition to the standard black jack symbol to play with. This slot has icons which represent pay lines, winnings, bottle icons, combo icons, special icons, and jackpot icons. These can make it a little harder to win with as many of the icons compare to other slot machines of this kind. That is why this slot also offers free spins bonus.

How much can you actually win with this machine? On average, players stand a good chance of winning approximately two thousand dollars or more when playing this game with free spins. The exact amount you stand to win entirely depends on how lucky you are. If you're a quick learner and you spend several minutes on each of the five reels spinning, you may just manage to hit the jackpot. There is no sure thing here, so don't expect Genie Wild to pay out millions of dollars on a consistent basis unless there is actually a very big tournament being held right now.

Now, let's talk about the freebie offerings. As mentioned earlier, Genie Wild offers free spins on all symbols except the scattered bottle symbols. With this feature, players stand a good chance of winning a lot of coins. This allows you to buy more icons or even replace lost ones, depending on your luck.

If you take a look at the second reel of the Genie Wild slot machine, you will notice that it has a few bottles scattered around the center. On every fifth symbol, the machine will tell you if you have won already. In the event that the symbols repeat the Genie Wild will tell you if you have picked up a bottle or not.

What else can you expect from this slot machine? Aside from the two bottles on the center, there are actually three bottles and one coin on the left side. It is really rare that you will see the Genie Wild in action during tournaments. This is because most casinos refuse to allow it since it uses cheats. Genie Wild, on the other hand, will only dispense free coins if you play and win for a certain period of time.

Genie Wild reels are different from regular slots, however. It also has five 'sprites' that you can use when playing. These reels do not have any particular pattern but depending on which one you play, they will let out a certain sound that will help you decide what kind of symbols to look for when trying to solve the next clue.

Now that you know more about Genie Wild, you can get some useful tips from its guide. Try to memorize the layout of the casino floor so that you can identify where each of the slots is placed. There are also special icons that indicate which reels have symbols on them. This means that you need to pay extra attention to the way that the reels move as you try to figure out how the genie will reveal its next clue. If you do, then you can easily increase your winnings.

Some people may wonder if there is really any real money at stake in playing the reels. The answer to that is yes, but it is not like you would lose any real money. When you win on Genie Wild, you just earn points that you can use to buy upgrades for your virtual reel. These are called upgrades and they are available for free.

Although you can't actually cash out anything by playing the game, you can earn enough credits to buy some upgrades. Just make sure that you play for at least thirty minutes every day, so that you can build up enough play time. Doing so can help you avoid paying real money, as you don't have to put down any of your own money to play this slot machine game. It is also free to play, so even if you want to play for free, you shouldn't worry about it.

Genie Wild slots are a great way to earn extra cash, as well as experience and leveling up your jackpot prize potential. By winning more paylines, you are increasing your payout and advancing to new symbols as you complete spin on the Genie Wild slots. In addition to earning hundreds of dollars each time you play, you can collect bottles as you play. When you win a bottle, you get the opportunity to trade it in for one of several other bottles that you can win, along with the real money you win.



Commonly Asked Questions About Genie Wild Slot

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How to win Genie Wild slot?

Winning the jackpot in Genie Wild slot is not so difficult. Actually, the biggest win is 1000 coins. And to get the maximum prize, you should collect five genies at once. However, if you have enough patience, you can wait for the biggest prize. Because every fourth spin, you get the opportunity to play in Super Game. The probability of the game becomes higher.

How volatile is Genie Wild?

RTP is 96.5%.

Can I play Genie Wild for free?

Yes,you can.

Is there a free spins feature mode in Genie Wild?

Yes, there are.

What is the biggest win possible in Genie Wild?

Actually, the biggest win is 1000 coins.

What is the Genie Wild jackpot record?

The Genie Wild jackpot record is £2,275,000, which was won on 22nd January 2016 by a British punter from North London. The punter managed to trigger the jackpot after staking just 0.40p on a spin of the reels.

Written by: Oliver Taylor