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It is a pacesetter for other future slot games, the Free Full Metal Dragon Slot Demo. The strictly female match promotes a healthy sexual lifestyle with some of its features. The high-speed Full Metal Dragon Slot is a high speed virtual online slot game which delivers swift responses to its users.A unique part of this game is each row has four episodes, and each episode is a new spin-off of the main story. Much of the actions, acrobatics and high flying moves are similar to the Bak Mei type of Kungfu. The Full Metal Dragon Slot Play has themed music, and players can play the game on desktop, tablet and mobile. Its distinguishing features include free spins, wild, multiplier, Bonus game, expanding symbols, 3D, and substitution symbols.

Full Metal Dragon demo
User Rating: 5/5 (8 votes)


Provider Games Warehouse
Category Free Slots Online
Release 15.10.2016
RTP 95.49%
Variance MED
Max Win 100000
Min bet (Max bet) $, €, £ 0.2( 200 )
Layout 5-3
Game type Video Slots
Paylines 20
FreeSpins, Wild, Multiplier, Bonus Game, Expanding Symbols, 3D, Substitution Symbols
Theme Music
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Technology HTML5
Last Update 26.10.2021

Full Metal Dragon Slot Demo Review

Full Metal Dragon is the one slot machine that every single person looking for a casino game wants to get their hands on. This game brings it to you and sets the standard for all future slot games. It has everything that a player would ever want, and if you don't like the theme then you will soon overlook it thanks to those huge payouts. A big 4 out of 5. That is Full Metal Dragon review at its best.

So what are the big claims to fame that Full Metal Dragon holds over the rest of the slots? Well, firstly the biggest claim to fame is the fact that Full Metal Dragon runs on pure fun and pleasure, as opposed to the cheap tricks that most of the other slots do. For example, if you land on the 'spinning top' and it does not spin, you have just breezed through half your bankroll. Full Metal Dragon on the other hand, will let you win that one off the bat and then lets you keep spinning, winning more money and more often.

The other big claim to fame is the fact that Full Metal Dragon is a progressive casino game. Now depending on who you believe this can either be a good or bad thing. Some people believe that because Full Metal Dragon is a progressive game it promotes the idea that people should be able to have sex in slots. Now I am no expert on whether or not this is true, but some people believe that Full Metal Dragon actually promotes this, especially since the 'S-type' symbols on the machine look sort of similar to a vagina. Full Metal Dragon review would be better to leave this up to your personal beliefs. Personally I believe Full Metal Dragon promotes a healthy sexual lifestyle, which is ironic considering the fact that it's meant to be a strictly female game.

Now, back to the Full Metal Dragon itself. It is a colorful full-metal body with a skirt, short top and a butt that looks like a female 'brody' costume. It also has two sets of horns that point straight up, resembling a narwhal. The sides are rounded and have spikes sticking out. On the sides of the skirts is a round 'X' symbol, while the inside of the skirts is mostly pink with various colors. The Full Metal Dragon also comes complete with a dildo (the kind you might use to masturbate with if you were a brody) for you to use to do a hand job on.

Now if you don't already know, Full Metal Dragon is a high speed virtual online slot game, meaning that it gets extremely fast response. However the thing that makes this game so unique is that it has four episodes in a row, each episode in a new spin-off of the main story. For example episode one is a story about a princess who gets kidnapped by terrorists and she has to rescue herself while using a dragon to do it. The second episode is about two brothers who accidentally killed their mom and they get buried in the swamps. The third episode is supposed to be about a warrior who went missing while in search for his brother and ended up in a cave with dragons inside.

You might be wondering what I'm talking about, well the Full Metal Dragon is very much like the Chinese Kung Fu, or more specifically the Bak Mei type of Kung Fu. The difference between the two is that the Full Metal Dragon is animated, while the Bak Mei Kung Fu is not. The Full Metal Dragon takes a lot from the kung fu genre, such as the two chi-chi forms, the high-flying acrobatics, and the traditional drape moves. The reason Full Metal Dragon was made into a video game is because it was canceled after one episode, and everybody was so mad that nobody could make a proper game out of it. Well, that all changed when director Tsubasa took the concept of Full Metal Dragon and made it into a full blown action game.


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Commonly Asked Questions About Full Metal Dragon Slot


What is the biggest win possible in Full Metal Dragon?

I have come up with a 2,000,000 point win.


What is the Full Metal Dragon jackpot record?

The Full Metal Dragon jackpot record is 3,283,937. It was won on 26 December 2014 by a player from Luxembourg.


How to win Full Metal Dragon Games slot?

Full Metal Dragon is 5 reel and 25 paylines video slot machine powered by Microgaming.


How volatile is Full Metal Dragon slot?

The RTP is 96.62% and volatility is medium.


Can I play Full Metal Dragon for free?

Yes, you can! Full Metal Dragon can be played for free, though you will be limited to 5 battles per day.


Is there a free spins feature mode in Full Metal Dragon?

Yes, there is a free spins feature.

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