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The Bonus Beans slot machine is not your regular online casino game. Fans of animations and magical themes will find this to be an intriguing and pleasurable game to play. Each game is distinguished by the tales used to accompany it, which may be both unique and relevant. The game has various beneficial features that allow players to get more for their money.Free spins, wild symbols, and multipliers are all included in the game to provide all players with a memorable experience. You may even start today with a Bonus Beans demo game and work your way up to the real thing for a payout as high as $125,000.

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Bonus Beans demo
User Rating: 4/5 (19 votes)


Provider Push Gaming
Category Free Slots Online
Release 05.03.2015
RTP 96.5%
Variance LOW
Max Win 125000
Min bet (Max bet) $, €, £ 0.1( 250 )
Layout 4-5
Game type Video Slots
Paylines 40
FreeSpins, Wild, Multiplier
Theme Magic
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Technology FLASH, JS, HTML5
Updated 26.10.2021

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Bonus Beans Slot Demo Review

Bonus Beans is a game you can play from your home computer. Bonus Beans is based on a dreamlike planetarium theme. It is set in an imaginary land on another planet called Bonus, which is owned by three little girls named Becky, Mae and Beth. Bonus is populated with several friendly little creatures that live on the planet.

Bonus is an ever growing star in the online gambling world. This colourful animated world is full of fun and adventures for everyone to enjoy. Bonus Beans is set on a beautiful, blue-green planetarium landscape. A soft pink and purplish hue illuminate the whole environment, which looks like a place on Mars.

To get started, start by selecting Bonus from the start screen. If you have not yet downloaded the Bonus Beans software onto your computer, the software will not work. Bonus Beans is actually a very simple to play virtual slots machine. Just click on the Bonus tab to start playing. To play bonus beans slot machines at maximum, you need to have at least one to four computers connected to your local area network.

Bonus Beans slot machines feature five unique features not found in other slot games. These unique features are the following:

Bonus Beans has unique features that make it different than other slots. The first and foremost unique feature is the Bonus Beans Online Slot Machine. Online versions of Bonus offer different symbols and colors for the jackpot prize. Some versions have icons while others only display letters or symbols. Bonus's jackpot prize appearance is determined by what the customer wants with their initial bids.

Bonus Beans slot machine also differs from other video slots in that it does not display numbers on the screen. This feature gives Bonus a distinctive look and different feel than other slots. Instead of seeing numbers on the Bonus Beans slot machine, customers see a video showing the winning pattern that Bonus will follow after the customer plays.

Bonus has two versions with different graphics and audio tracks. In the Bonus Beans Online Slot machine, the words’ Bonus’ and’ Bonus Beans’ is displayed above the jackpot prize. Customers can also see the exact amount of money that they will win with one single bet. Bonus has four different play modes with varying odds of winning. Online players can change how they play the Bonus through the online casino's website.

Bonus Beans slot machine has similar features to other video slots. Customers can place bets as they would do in an actual casino with a single bet of real money. Bonus has a maximum of eight coins and a time limit of sixty seconds. Bonus Beans Online Slot machine offers the same types of bonuses offered in the land-based Bonus Beans casinos like special theme-themed candy bars, free spins on the slots, and bonus points for each dollar spent while using the online slots.

Some Bonus Beans online slot machines offer a Magical Beans bonus feature where the jackpot prize is doubled if a player bets the same number of coins that they won during the first three games. Other Bonus Beans online slot machines award players with double the amount of their first wins. The Double Bonus requires players to select the same number of candies as their first win. The second highest number of candies becomes tripled when this Bonus is selected.

Bonus plays a different version of the traditional slots game where a set of cards are laid on the gaming console table. The Bonus shows a cluster of items ranging from a coin to a bean on the left hand side of the card stack. When a guest clicks on the Bonus, a pop up menu appears where they can select from a list of items on the menu and choose a prize from it. The player can switch between pairs of coins, candies, and points by selecting various combinations on the pop up menu. A standard set of one can play at Bonus, which pays out a maximum prize of twice the value of the selected prize in the cluster.

Bonus is a multi-player flash game on several online slot sites. The game can be downloaded for free from several websites. In order to play Bonus, a guest will need to register as a new player. Once the player does so and selects a game, Bonus will automatically start and the player can then select from several different game play options. These include the standard play where one will win a prize upon winning a game, free plays that require a purchase of credits to activate and various other free spins. Players can also select various icons that change the Bonus's payout rate or the number of free spins.

Bonus is available in many variations across several online casinos. There is also a large selection of Bonus Beans games in the online casinos. Some of these are part of the Star Wars Bonus slot games which are themed after the world's most popular movie series of all time. Bonus Beans was one of the first online casinos to offer this type of game online to its players. Today there are more than seventy Bonus Bean games in online casinos. The popularity of Bonus Beans and other Bonus slot games has created an entire genre of online casino games revolving around Bonus.



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