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Back To The Wild online slot is an interesting and adventurous animal-themed slot machine game with 5 Reels and 40 pay lines. It was developed by WMS Gaming software, one of the most acclaimed and experienced online casino software providers. It has animations and cool sound effects that create an luring and exciting a soothing atmosphere for gamblers. All in all, Back To The Wild online slot is suitable for real money enthusiasts with good gaming skills and a keen eye for details. This gorgeous Slot machine game has bright neon symbols that are visually attractive to the gambler’s eye immediately. It’s exotic theme includes African wildlife, wild animals, crocodiles, tigers, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, cheetahs, lions, rhinos, gorillas and zebras. A standard slot symbols of this WMS slots have a G, Q, K and A. The Bonus Heart symbol is the jackpot symbol. As a whole, Back To The Wild has beautiful animations and environment which make it a very visual and smooth game to play. Wild symbols in this game is represented by plants and animals. New Reels and Split Reels. As Wild icon strikes the reels, the images will merge into one to create a split reel.

Back To The Wild demo
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Provider MikoApps
Category Free Slots Online
Release 20.06.2019
RTP 95.04%
Variance MED
Max Win 10000
Min bet (Max bet) $, €, £ 0.25( 40 )
Layout 5-3
Game type Video Slots
Paylines 25
FreeSpins, Scatter symbols, Wild, Multiplier, Bonus wheel, Bonus symbols, Symbols collection (Energy), Random Wilds / Additional Wilds, BonusGame: Pick Objects
Theme Jungle theme
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Technology JS, HTML5
Last Update 26.10.2021

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Back To The Wild Slot Review

The Back To The Wild series by Microgaming has been one of the most popular games ever on casino websites. In Back To The Wild, players take control of an all terrain vehicle and explore a wide variety of locations littered with dangers and treasures. Hitting the right spot on the virtual slot machines will unlock chests containing random items, but also animals that can prove to be quite a handful. For every chest a player hits, they earn one point. There are ten slots in each area, and while the graphics and sound effects may look pretty good, I have always been unable to escape the reality that the physics and damage that occur are entirely random - which can make Back To The Wild almost as frustrating as it is fun.

It's important to understand that while Back To The Wild is completely free to play on most casino sites, you may find that the maximum payout on Back To The Wild is only around thirty dollars. That being said, many players do still make a considerable amount of money playing Back To The Wild, and the slot machine game itself is a lot of fun. I don't know if it's because of the graphics or the physics, but once you start playing the game, you really don't even notice that it's unrealistic. The same thing goes for the avatar that you control; it's completely impossible to tell if he's going to break down and die on screen, or if he's going to run across the desert to check on an elk that has been sitting there for days.

On top of the graphical issues, Back To The Wild plays extremely fast. During my time testing the game, I found that it typically took around five to ten minutes for each play session to complete. The random events that occur during Back To The Wild also make the game very frustrating because you never know when the next one will pop up. In addition, another reason that the game is so fast-paced is because you basically never have any downtime, which of course can cause you to lose money rapidly if you're not careful.

The controls for Back To The Wild are very basic, but they are very functional. The left and right arrow keys are used to turn your avatar, and the space bar key is used to switch between your two avatars. I also liked how you could decrease your avatar's speed by decreasing its effectiveness, which in turn makes the game more challenging. Finally, the avatar's health bar allows you to see exactly how much energy you have left, which is great for knowing just how long you'll have to play the game without stopping.

The biggest problem I had with Back To The Wild, as far as gaming experience goes, was the fact that I could not connect to the internet. Despite having an IP address, the game would constantly connect to an unknown IP instead of to my actual IP, which would prevent me from playing for several hours at a time. This would make me miss out on a lot of great virtual casino poker tournaments that I would have otherwise won, and it would also cause a lot of frustration because I would have to wait an incredibly long time to get back into the game. Luckily, the developers for Back To The Wild took these issues into consideration, and they worked around the issue by providing a separate connection option for players who do not have an IP address.

Overall, Back To The Wild is an excellent game. It's fun, entertaining, challenging, and offers a lot of excitement for people of all ages. Best of all, it's completely free to download! If you want to try this exciting game, all you need to do is visit a virtual casino, download Back To The Wild and start playing! You won't be disappointed!

Back To The Wild FAQ


How to win Back To The Wild slot?

Back To The Wild is a progressive slot which has 3 reels, 28 paylines and 5 progressive jackpots. The 7 jackpots can be won at any time! The slot has a bonus feature which unlocks when 7 or more diamonds appear anywhere on the reels. The bonus game consists of 12 free spins.


How volatile is Back To The Wild?

Back To The Wild has only been in existence since 2017, however, it is one of the most volatile lotteries out there today.


Can I play Back To The Wild for free?

Yes, yes, and yes. Playing Back To The Wild for free is possible with different sign-up bonus offers.


Is there a free spins feature mode in Back To The Wild?

Yes, there is! The feature is triggered when 7 or more scattered Logo symbols appear anywhere on the reels in the main game.The Free Spins feature consists of 65 free spins. All wins during the feature are tripled.


What is the biggest win possible in Back To The Wild?

Back To The Wild is a -reel 3-row 28-payline video slot with the RTP 76%. The slot belongs to the classic slots category, where 6 reels are spinning with the winning symbol combinations.


What is the Back To The Wild jackpot record?

TA jackpot of €317,667,868.12 was won on 24th October, 2017.

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Author & Guarantor: Liza Yaroslavska