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The Keno GamesOS slot game can be played by anyone who enjoys Other-types of slots. The payout percentage of this game is 90%. It also features a five-reel, three-row payout scheme, and N/A symbols throughout. The minimum bet is $0.25. If you are looking for a free version of this game, you can check out the free online version. The latest update of the slot was on 2019-02-25.

The game offers the player a high degree of flexibility. They can aim for larger jackpots or lower payouts. They can choose a smaller number of numbers, which will decrease the jackpot but increase the number of wins per round. They can also choose from a slow-moving or fast-moving game speed. This will help them decide which option they prefer. However, they may find that they don't win as much as they expected, which they may find frustrating.

Players can play Keno gamesOS online for free to get a feel for the game before spending any money. The bonus feature will allow players to test different numbers and group them in various ways. The payout structure and RTP values of the game will be different from site to site. Try playing free versions of the game to see the frequency of payouts. If you like the game, you can try it out for yourself to determine whether it is right for you.

Keno demo
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Provider GamesOSCTXM
Category Free Slots Online
Release N/A
RTP 90%
Variance N/A
Max Win N/A
Min bet (Max bet) $, €, £ N/A
Layout 5-3
Game type Classic Slots
Paylines N/A
Features N/A
Theme Keno
Technology FLASH
Last Update 26.10.2021

Keno Slot Demo Review

Keno is an old game that started in China over 2000 years ago. They got their way into the US in the mid-1800s, having been popularized by Chinese immigrants that had moved to the US. It is a simple game that requires players to pick numbers anywhere between 2-10 out of a possible 80 numbers. Keno GamesOS is the video slot version of the game. It is played on a 5x3 grid layout and provides winnings similar to the original Keno. The minimum and maximum betting sizes are determined by the online casino running this classic slot. 

What Keno GamesOS RTP is

The return to player (RTP) rate is the number of coins that a player gets in every 100 placed on a bet. A higher RTP means that there is a higher chance of winning in the game. Keno GamesOS RTP is 90%, showing that you are likely to get 90 coins back for every 100 placed on a bet. The RTP is lower than what most online pokies have. 

How to play 

The Keno GamesOS slot machine operates similarly to the old Keno game. There are 80 numbers from which a player can choose up to 10 numbers. After picking the numbers, the casino will draw the numbers and 20 will appear. If your number is in the winning line, you win. 

But just like other online pokies, the first thing that you should do when you want to play Keno GamesOS slot is to select your bet size. This is instrumental in defining your winnings because the total will be multiplied against the bet size. 

There is the option of selecting the numbers manually or using the quick-pick tool to select the numbers for you. Either way, the chances are randomized. The casino that you play in will determine the minimum and maximum betting size. 

You should pick a comfortable betting size to enjoy the game. You can also spread your betting amount in different games to have more playtime. 

How to win

Huge winnings are always up for grabs when playing Keno GamesOS casino slot. You first need to decide if you are playing real money or you want a demo play. A demo play won’t let you withdraw the cash and a real money game can be risky. You should know that if you win in a real money game, you can withdraw your earnings immediately, depending on the online casino on which you decide to play the Keno GamesOS slot game. 

The winnings are recorded slightly differently from other online slots. Instead of symbols, here your win is determined by numbers picked. The display board has up to 80 numbers from which you can pick up to 10. When you spin, the numbers will be marked on your screen. If your number is among the winning ones, it will be marked in red. The winning size will then be shown on the right side of the screen. 

It is a random slot game where winning chances are determined by the machine. It presents a good winning opportunity to players who bet more numbers on the reels. Therefore, you should pick more numbers on the reels to maximize your winning potential. But this should also be done responsibly to avoid losing a lot. 

Symbols and soundtrack 

This Chinese slot game is all about numbers. Numbers are the main symbols in this game. Of course, there is a soundtrack in the background that keeps players entertained during the spinning and when hitting wins. 

Understanding the paytable means that players need to know the value of the numbers. The numbers don’t have a specific value attached to them but a group of numbers has values when they are matched. For example, if you match 10 out of the 20 drawn numbers, your winnings are multiplied by 100 dinars. 

Here is a sample paytable:

  • If you have 10 affected numbers, you will win 100 x 100,000
  • If you have 9 affected numbers, you will win 100 x 10,000
  • If you have 8 affected numbers, you will win 100 x 500
  • If you have 7 affected numbers, you will win 100 x 20

You can only use this table for reference. You should get the right one based on the bet size you get when playing Keno GamesOS online. 

Free Spins & Bonuses 

There are no clear Keno GamesOS bonuses like other slot games. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t get a bonus round in this game. 

You can trigger the bonus wheel to make more money in your spin. If you are playing with 10 balls, three lucky numbers will be highlighted in gold. If the highlighted numbers appear in the winning combination, you will trigger the bonus wheel. 

The bonus wheel doesn’t provide free spins but gives players a chance to win more cash. 

Pros & cons

You should play a Keno GamesOS free play to determine the viability of the game. It is a good game that has many winning opportunities that you can maximize. But a quick look at its pros and cons will help you decide. 


  • The slot game is unique
  • It has bigger strakes and bigger wins 
  • The odds of winning are high


  • The RTP is low
  • No free spins 
  • A player has to understand the rules

Where to play 

You can play Keno GamesOS free in many online casinos. You won’t get payouts if you play the free version. If you want to play for money, you should pick a good online casino with admirable features. Some of the good features you should look for include: 

  • Frequent promotions 
  • In-house bonuses 
  • Welcome bonuses 
  • Convenient payment methods

There are top casinos that fit these descriptions. Here are the ones that you should consider:

  1. 24k Casino 
  2. MYB Casino 
  3. Wild Casino
  4. Betway 
  5. Sloto Cash 

The other alternative is to start with a Keno GamesOS demo on our website and then play for money on any website once you understand the rules.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Keno Slot


What is the biggest win possible in Keno GamesOS?

The biggest win possible in Keno GamesOS total is the massive jackpot total of 250,000000 awarded in the Keno game Making Good Cents. To make you more aware of the fact that is possible to win the jackpot, today.


What is the Keno GamesOS jackpot record?

In 2012-2013, the winner of the big jackpot was no less than €1,313,788. Maria Koleva was the lucky winner, who took home this fantastic amount.


How to win Keno GamesOS slot?

Keno GamesOS is an easy casino game to acquire and a great casino game to play. Keno card numbers are played in the spot marked on the game card. The first player to mark the 20 in respective on the card wins the game.


How volatile is Keno GamesOS?

Online Keno is perhaps one of the most volatile games offered by online casinos and game sites and most casinos and keno contest sites are offering excellent jackpots to win.


Can I play Keno GamesOS for free?

No, Oasis Keno GamesOS casino does not currently offer free games in their lobby. They are however offering new players get to enjoy a set of Free Spins when they make their first deposits at the casino.


Is there a free spins feature mode in Keno GamesOS?

No, Keno GamesOS does not contain free spins but you can bet up to $10 for a variety of ways in which the game could result in you having a winning.

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