Interview with Lidia Kosogova - Chief Business Development Officer at Gamzix

Interview with Lidia Kosogova - Chief Business Development Officer at Gamzix

Interview with Lidia Kosogova - Chief Business Development Officer at Gamzix

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We want to present you an interview with Lidia Kosogova - Chief Business Development Officer at Gamzix.

Liza: Hi, Lidia! Thanks that you agreed to have an interview with us. It`s a pleasure to meet you.

Lidia: Thanks for inviting me. I`m glad to answer some questions from you and share it with your readers.

Liza: So, let`s start right away. My first question is about your brand. Give us a small intro of who you are and how did your brand start?

Lidia: Gamzix was established in March 2020 in Estonia and expanded rapidly over Cyprus and Ukraine. In June 2020 we released the first game “Joker Splash” and received an RNG certificate from iTechLabs. Later in September Gamzix went live! Over the last year Gamzix team has expanded from 10 to 40 employees. Now our slots are represented in more than 400 casinos and we have already entered the key markets as CIS and Western Europe.

Liza: And what`s your role at the project?

Lidia: My heart belongs to iGaming, in particular, Gamzix, where I’ve been working for 2 years. I’m responsible for the company`s development within the framework of existing contracts, market analytics (competitors, product, emerging markets) and search for new clients. I also coordinate the work of Account Managers and Sales Manager teams and conduct trainings. Among my responsibilities is interaction with all departments with the aim of working processes optimization and achieving better results.

Liza: And who is the ideas generator in your company? Or is it the team work?

Lidia: I’m happy to saу that it is definitely teamwork! All employees are encouraged to share ideas, because this leads to greater inspiration and productivity. They are close to the processes, products and customers, know them best, that’s why only one person couldn’t be the ideas generator. In Gamzix we appreciate and take into consideration the ideas of every team member.

Liza: What is your greatest inspiration at work?

Lidia: My greatest inspiration is success and creating a great brand together with my team. Everything we do is made with passion, paying attention to each detail. Gamzix is about great people who support and inspire me every day.

Liza: There are lots of gaming companies nowadays. So, What makes you different from the competitor`s?

Lidia: Gamzix is young and flexible. In my view, these are key advantages. The majority of our creative and ambitious specialists are 20-25 years old, who will add a pinch of freshness and originality to the iGaming market. Gamzix team is friendly, proactive and strong. As our company is small and young, we are able to react quickly to any changes: to conquer new markets faster than the biggest ones or even to start everything from the beginning.

Liza: What do you think why some games are more popular than others?

Lidia: In my opinion, many factors influence slots’ popularity, there is no one special key to success. Slots with colorful visuals and enticing audio effects are more enjoyable. Adaptive and user-friendly game design also played a great role in increasing popularity, because players can have access to spin the reels in a few taps on their smartphones or other devices. The gameplay with spins, bonus rounds and big potential wins is more interactive and involving for a player. Slots should be engaging and have easy rules – not only experienced gamblers, but also beginners should get used to a slot quickly and play with pleasure. Games, which are available on every online casino, tend to get popularity quicker than others. I can`t ignore the fact that the popularity of a provider also plays a great role in choice of game. Players are more likely to choose a slot from a world famous provider rather than a newbie. These factors bound all the players to a particular game, but it is just the tip of the iceberg as there are many other things that make slots more popular than others.

Liza: And what is the most popular game from your brand?

Lidia: Gamzix has already launched 27 slots, so it’s rather challenging for me to highlight the one. I will make my TOP-3 list: Rich Granny – one of the latest Gamzix slots with insanely cute main characters: the stylish Granny and her chihuahua. The RTP 96% and maximum win x40000 definitely get interested gamblers. The Robbery Bonus Game is worth playing, there is an additional horizontal reel at the bottom which can give extra spins or increase the current win. Gold Mania is the slot about colorful graphics, gold mining symbols and high payouts with maximum win 40,000x. There are 9 varieties of Free Spins games. It was achieved with 3 levels and 3 types of Free Spins. Such features were very challenging to implement in one game, but we did it. Sunny Coin: Hold the Spin is another great Egyptian-themed slot by Gamzix with 5 reels, 20 paylines, plenty of bonus modes and features. The various jackpots display above the grid and change according to bet staked.

Liza: What are your unique features and why your games are better than competitors` ones?

Lidia: I believe that Gamzix slots have all necessary features in order to compete with others. Gamzix’s portfolio consists of various themed video slots which entertain from the first spin – they have high quality graphics, adaptive design and powerful engine. As for our main advantages, I’d mention a wide choice of in-game features, API free rounds and jackpot and Gamzix’s workshop – our constructor for creating games on the backend.

Liza: Do you have any predictions for Gambling sphere in the nearest future?

Lidia: There’s no doubt Gambling sphere will continue to evolve and increase its revenue, we will witness new tendencies and trends. I’m sure that software developers and game providers will implement new technologies in order to make the players stay.

Liza: In your opinion which casino games were the most popular this 2022 year?

Lidia: I suppose that current trends like Books, Megaways, slots with Buy Bonus option will still be popular. Games with non-typical slot mechanics, like GoGo Spinner by Gamzix, might be in demand in the future. GoGo Spinner is a multiplayer game in which you have to place bets on sectors. The game is very unusual, there have been no games in this genre yet, we can say that this is a novelty. Today there are thousands of popular games to play, everything from old classic fruit machines to new video slots with great graphics – all of them will be desirable among gamblers in 2022.

Liza: And which payment methods were popular in 2022?

Lidia: Online casinos are always trying to make things easier and faster for consumers to play games. The use of electronic payments and digital money is here to stay. As there’s need for anonymity and complete independence for online gambling, an increase of merchants accepting crypto payments is predicted. Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, have the potential to supplement classic currencies. I suppose that digital wallets will also be in demand in the future. Further innovations and developments will continue to be witnessed.

Liza: What were your greatest achievements this 2022 gambling year?

Lidia: This year Gamzix team is planning to get MGA and local European markets licenses. We`re also going to launch 15 new games till the end of the year, including both classic and mini games, crash games with innovative features and slots with new mechanics. Moreover, Gamzix will take part in such great iGaming exhibitions as IGB Amsterdam and Sigma Malta 2022 with a branded stand. About other plans you will find out in the near future.

Liza: Thank you for sharing! It was such a pleasure to talk to you. And my last question is What else our readers should know about your brand?

Lidia: I’d like to emphasize that Gamzix is a young and ambitious team of professionals who are willing to reach great heights. We believe in our success, and we are working hard and persistently to achieve it.

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